We Were Here, is a regular column that appears in The Logan Daily News written by Konrad Stump. In it, he not only explores his ancestors' lives, but takes the reader on an incredible journey into the past of Hocking County, Ohio. Mr. Stump is a genealogist living in Southeastern Ohio, and his writing can be invaluable to the researcher tracing their roots in this county.
He has graciously given me permission to share his writings with you. I'm sure that you will find them as interesting and informative as I do. I am very pleased to be able to post his columns here on the Hocking County, Ohio, Genealogy Trails website.
He can be contacted at the following email address: Konrad.M.Stump@gmail.com.

Martha KelchIssac EdwardsConrad Reichley
George KelchTina KitchenElzie Tolbert
Stacey SchoonoverWilliam KanodeBigham Benway
Joy J.J. Snider Mead Bowen
William Terrell

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