Hocking County Ohio

  Benton Local High School

South Bloomingville, Ohio 


Benton Scenic Local High School, 1950

First Row: Larry Shaw, Claude Weaver, Leo Culp, George Culp, Ralph McCloud, Delbert Lindsey

Second Row:  Leonard Latimer, Darryl Johnson, Pearl Berry, Charles Ebert, Raymond Mills, Joe Pollum, Jessie Harper, Lloyd McNichols, Raymond Amerine, Robert Shesky


Betty Shaw, Jean Unger, Donna Hampshire, Marilyn Bainter, Maxine Johnson,  Bonnie Unger


First Row:  Sharon Bainter, Betty Shaw, Marilyn Unger, Franklin Isles, Maxine Johnson, Virginia McCloud

Second Row:  Damon Shaw, Leonard Shaw, Kay Pollum, Jean Unger, Chester Eveland, Leland Johnson, June Unger, Larry Shaw, Melvin Brown


Home Economic Girls

Charlotte Brown, Edith Garrett, Norma Warehime, Marilyn Unger,  Helen Disbennett

Grades 9 - 10 - 11

Row One:  Charles Ebert, Pearl Berry, Norman Wheatcraft, Jessie Harper, David Wiggins, Lloyd McNichols, Leonard Latimer

Row Two:  Leo Culp, Edith Garrett, Helen Disbennett, Charlotte Brown, Marilyn Unger, Betty Shaw, Betty Warehime, Darrel Johnson

Row Three: Raymond Amerine, Larry Shaw, Ray Mills, Joe Pollum, Wayne Vorhees, James Hart, Lois Keck, Bonnie Unger, Delbert Lindsey, Ralph McCloud

Row Four:  Claude Weaver, Junita Rheinscheld, Jean Unger, Elsie Wine, Marilyn Bainter, Donna Hampshire, Martha Hoy, Alice Kneece, Maxine Hartley.

Home Economic Girls

Lois Keck, Bonnie Unger, Betty Shaw


Maxine Johnson

Anas Wine

Nora Hart

George Culp

Yvonne Amerine

June Unger


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