Carbon Hill Cemetery, Hocking County Ohio
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Rybinski, Ethel 12/15/1906 04/11/1967 Detroit MI Sank Dane Mattie McManaway
Kurtz, Eunice P. 07/19/1895 08/14/1970 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Scott Cusick -
Lanning, Blanch 03/08/1891 03/04/1968 Nelsonville/Athens Co. William Wilson Della Beckler
Lanning, Chester Meryl 06/22/1913 05/16/1938 Murray City/Hocking Co. John T. Lanning Mabel Briley
Lanning, John T. 4/01/1876 12/07/1955 Nelsonville/Athens Co. - -
Lanning, Mabel 10/02/1879 03/10/1970 Willoughby Benjamin Baily Emma Devol
Lanning, Mahlon 10/13/1868 10/27/1943 Floodwood/Athens Co. Silas Lanning Betty Robinson
Lanning, Russell 02/21/1916 03/26/1958 Huntington WV John T. Lanning Mabel Briley
Lax, Charles Donley 01/26/1874 06/18/1941 Carbon Hill/Hocking Co. Thomas Lax Florence Packard
Lax, Howard John 09/28/1913 03/11/1961 Galion Charles Lax Carrie Morrow
Lax, John W. 07/01/1935 07/09/1965 Carbon Hill/Hocking Co. Charles Lax Tillie Johnson
Lax, Tillie 11/29/1893 01/24/1969 Kimes Nursing Home Arch Johnson -
Lehman, Clarence W. 08/21/1878 06/04/1955 Carbon Hill/Hocking Co. John Lehman Sarah Ginger
Lehman, John W. 03/29/1909 12/04/1968 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Clarence Lehman Priscilla Groves
Lehman, Richard Lee stillborn 01/03/1951 Columbus/Franklin Co. Robert Lehman Annabelle Blake
Lowery, Lulu M. 02/15/1873 3/13/1960 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Cornelius Lowery Mary Roberts
Lowes, Anna 05/11/1883 3/22/1958 Nelsonville/Athens Co. John Mitchell Catherine Harper
Lowes, Headley 04/02/1873 5/4/1940 Columbus/Franklin Co. John Lowes          -
Sanborn, Addis H. 08/09/1887 01/23/1959 Nelsonville/Athens Co. John Sanborn Henrietta Hall
Sanborn, Nora M. 12/19/1900 02/09/1969 Nelsonville/Athens Co. James Ritchason Mary Baker
Seals, Billy Wayne 06/27/1958 01/20/1968 Nelsonville/Athens Co. William Seals Charlotte Harold
Seals, Infant Daughter stillborn 05/10/1957 Nelsonville/Athens Co. William Seals Charlotte Harlold
Seals, Mark Adam stillborn 10/13/1967 Nelsonville/Athens Co. John Seals Carla Hopstetter
Seals, William 01/23/1919 07/12/1970 Nelsonville/Athens Co. Adam Seals Bessie Craig
Shannon, Oliver 05/29/1901 10/20/1953 Logan/Hocking Co. Levi Shannon Ida Call
Shaw, Ernest 03/23/1879 03/08/1960 Carbon Hill/Hocking Co. Ephriam Shaw Mary Griffiths
Shaw, Quinton T. 07/27/1886 12/20/1961 Carbon Hill/Hocking Co. Ephriam Shaw Mary Griffin
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