Community News

The Democrat-Sentinel
March 4 1909
Homer Joy, of Union Furnace, took charge of the company store at Coonville, last Thursday. We all wish Mr. Joy much success in making the change. We are shocked to hear ot the death of Mrs. Albert Simms, which occured Tuesday the 23rd. Mrs Simms will be sadly missed by all the people of this vicinity. The funeral took pluco at Asbury, Friday at one o'clock. Allen McCue, from Kansas, is visiting friends and relatives at this place. He is a brother of Robert McCue. Walter Mason is engaged in cleaning up the brush along the road, known as the Arnold road, for James Morse. Homer Cruise is plowing sod for corn this week. Walter O'Neill is on the sick list this week with tonsilitis. Hard rains hist week caused old Raccoon Creek to overflow and do some damnge to the R. R. at Hope station and vicinity. C. C. Carter says he has ordered some seed corn that grows 15 feet tall and produces from 5 to 7 ears to the stalk. We had better speak for seed corn in time, ha ha. Mrs. Wm. Carter is on the sick list at this writing with neuralgia. Andy Kisor is wearing his hat on the side of his head. It's a girl. John Carter, of Union Furnace, was the over Sunday guest of his parents. H. Cruise and wife called on Seth Morse and wife, Sunday afternoon. Harley Morse and Levi Mason called on Si Largent, Sunday.
The Democrat-Sentinel
March 4 1909
John Reber, wife and daughter visited Abel Moury and family, Sunday evening. Alice Elick, of Rockbridge, is visiting with Catharine Moury. Charlos Icerman is on the sick list at this writing. Joe Morris and wife, of BunkerHill, will soon move to their new home on Albert Baunian's place. Rebecca Fisher is visiting her sister, Mrs. Edward Stalder, of near Bremen. Emma Reber called on Catharine Moury, Saturday night. Sherman Moury, of Lancaster spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents, Abel Moury and wife. The debate at Blue Valley was very delightful and interesting. Sidney Carpenter, of this vicinity visited Amos Elick and family, one day last week. Mrs, David Clark visited her daughter's school at Brushy Fork, last Friday. Mrs Agnes Fouter, of Lancaster, is visiting her aunt, Josephine Shonk at this writing. James Morgan is the champion pedro player of this hollow. Chloe Clark did not have school Monday. Daniel Martin called on Frank Conrad one night last week. Joseph Matheny was at Brushy Fork School last Friday.
The Democrat-Sentinel
March 4 1909
Tom O'Hara of Nebraska is visiting relatives at this place. Floyd Mann was the guest of T. W. Lewis, last Sunday. D. C. Walker and wife had for their guests last Sunday, Clyde Rose and wife, Albert Hamilton, Zulu Zimmerman and Tom Edwards. Mrs. Chas. Pleukharp and Mrs. Chas. Lyons called on Mrs. Chas, Dilts, last Sunday. Tom Taylor visited relatives at So. Bloomingville last week. Andy Woodgeard went to Columbus, last Saturday to see his little son. Mrs. Ben O'Hara, who his been on the sick list for some time, is some better. Ben O'Hnra will not move to the Slatzer farm. Mrs. George Schaal and daughter, of Hue, Mrs. Mamie Hoy and Mrs. Anna. Walker, of this place, were the guests of Mrs. Charles Dilts, last Monday. Mrs. Dilts, who has been sick for some time was taken to Columbus, last Wednesday. Mrs. John Starkey, who has been staying with Mrs. John Woodard for sometime, was the guest of Mrs. George Lanmon, last Sunday and Monday. Mart Goss and John Kline took dinner with A. A. Ward, Sunday. D. C. Wulker and wife entertained at their pleasant home for dinner, Sunday: John Woolever, Jake Bainter, J. S. Cain and son, H. A. Gordon, T. W. Lewis, Tom Taylor and Chas. Lyons and wife. George Hutton, who died at his home near Black Jack, was brought to Wesley Chupel for burial, Sunday H. W. Lyons was in Logan, Saturday. Henry Williams and wife, of Ewing, were the guests of Arch Williams.
The Democrat-Sentinel
March 4 1909
Mud seems to be the order of the day at this place. Mr. Fred Bowers and daughter, Ruth, of Cantwell Cliff, was seen on this ridge Monday. Mr. George Vorhees called on Thurman Becker, of Mt. Vernon, one day last week. Several of the people from this place attended the funeral of Miss Hulda Baintor at Pine Grove Monday. Mr. Will Bensonhaver and sister, Mrs. Henry Klinker, of Brehm, were seen on this ridge one day last week. Mrs. Margaret Gordon and Mrs. Clara Cheshire called on Jacob Bainter and family Saturday afternoon. Miss Bertha Huffines called on Mrs Ira Bainter and family one day last week. Mrs. Hannah Emert was the guest of Mr. J. C. Gordon one day last week. Ferdie Huffman has been real sick with a bad cold for the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Conkle entertained the following guests Sunday: Misses May Sparron, Alice and Joanna Vorhees and Thomas Vorhees. Mrs. Clara Cheshire returned to her home in Logan, Monday, after a few week's visit with friends at this place. Mr. Henry Huffines, of Button Ridge, was seen here one day last week. Robert Gordon was a Gibisonville visitor one day last week. Mrs. Lizzie Vorhees and daughter returned home Thursday after several days' visit with friends in Fairfield county. Mrs. Sarah Lama is quite poorly at this writing. Mr. Miles Willard was calling on friends near Gibisonville one day last week. The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bainter and left them a bouncing baby boy.
The Democrat-Sentinel
August 30 1906
There has been some of the old fashioned hot weather in the past week, the kind the old inhabitants speaks about. Notwithstanding all this things have been lively on the ridge, weddings and reunions have come off in great shape. On Wednesday evening, August 22, at 8 o'clock Mr. Homer Griffin, of Logan, and Miss Ethel May Shultz, of this ridge, were united in marriage by Rev. Powers, of the U. B. Church. The following are a few of the many very useful presents received : Mr. and Mrs. Eph Shultz, set of plates, Mr. and Mrs. John Griffin, glass pitcher, Mr. Melvin Griffin and Miss Blanche Harden, set of silver spoons, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reasoner, water set, Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Mauk, cream pitcher and sugar bowl, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shultz, table cloth, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Shultz, glass dish and pair of towels, Mr. Philip Hansel, parlor lamp, Miss Dicie Griffin, rocker, Miss Blanche Griffin, glass dish, Mr. Roy Shultz, glass dish, and Miss Mildred Shultz, pair of towels. On Sunday, August 26, the Rodman family held a reunion at the home of Mr. Lewis Rodman, who lives on the old home place. There was present on this occasion 80 of the Rodman connection besides a number of neighbors. All enjoyed the grand lay out of eatables the ladies spread before the hungry ones. Mr. J. C. Feathers, the photographer, was on hand with his camera and took a snap shot of the crowd also of the Rodman brothers and sisters. The Funk brothers entertained the crowd with music on the violin. After which all departed for home hoping that they might enjoy rnuny more occasions as happy as this one was.
The Democrat-Sentinel
August 30 1906
Rev. Evans preached his last sermon for this conference year at this place Sunday, Aug. 20. May success go with him. James Scott and family made a flying trip to the fair, Friday. Mrs. Blanche Carrick and brother Dallas Armstrong, of Chicago, Ill. are visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Armstrong. Mr. Monroe Jackson, of Van Wert County, and sister, Mrs. Duffy, of Union Furnace, visited at the home of Lafayette O'Neal one day last week. Mrs. D. C. Walker is visiting friends in the vicinity of her former home a part of this week Mr. James Chidister and Miss Goldie Mowery attended preaching at Center Chapel last Sunday. Mr. Leslie Cruz and family visited Mrs. Cruz's parents, of Two Mile, Sunday. G. W. Clark and family attended the fair, Saturday. Wm. Rauber and brother Andrew of near Ewing, attended preaching at Center, Sunday. Messrs. Frank and Guy McLain, of the North West, are circulating among friends of this place. Mr. Fred Scott suffered a slight attacked of sun stroke, Thursday. Lafayette Williams is nursing a bruised hand at this writing.
The Democrat-Sentinel
December 26 1907
Bert Lentz, Wes Asbel, Ray Vancuren and Chas. Ziegler are rivals in the rabbit hunting business. Bert seeming to be in the lead. Albert Bell, of Logan, passed through our valley, one day last week. Andrew Prior had the misfortune to got one of the legs of a valuable young horse broken, by falling through a bridge near Mr. Prior's home. Miss Hazel Prior was a shopper at Logan, one day last week. Quite an enjoyable event was had at Mr. Augustine Blackston's, Friday night, that being his birthday anniversary. Over a score of his young friends gathered in and completely surprised him. The evening was spent in the playing of indoor and outdoor games so prevalent in this yalley. A dainty lunch was served, after that the guests wished Augustine many more such birthdays. Among those present were, Misses Emma Ball, Mayme Murphy, Mae Nihiser, Agnes and Nellie Vancuren, Myrtle Evans and Messrs. Frank Nihiser, Bert and Sam Lutz, Ray Vancuren, Chas.. Ziegler, Irvie Ball, Homer and Lewis Evans, Dan Blackston, and Ed., Boyd and Fred Conkel. Solomon Lutz was at Marion Ohio, one day last week, the guest of his son, John who resides there Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Vancuren were Logan shoppers, Wednesday. Mrs. Israel Cotterman and daughter, Mary, of Corn Cob ridge, were in the valley one day this week, the guests of Mr. Jake Cotterman. Daniel Ringhiser broke bread with John Dennison's, Sunday. Among those who were in Logan, from this place, Saturday were, George Conkel and wife, Otto Shaw and wife and Mr. A. Blackston and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Blackston and littlo son, Kenneth, were the guests of Mr. 0. A. Shaw and family, Sunday, Mr. and Mrs, Chas. Boling took dinner with Mr. I. Vancuren and family, Sunday. William Vancuren, of Salt Creek, was the guest of his brother, Isaac Vancuren and family, Sunday.
The Democrat-Sentinel
December 26 1907
Protracted meeting closed at the M. E. Church after a continuance of almost two weeks, with five conversions. Rov. Goodrich, the pastor, is at Huntington this week visiting relatives. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Karr was dangerously ill a few days last week, but is at this writing some better. Grover Whito returned home from Deleware, Friday, to spend the holiday vacation. Rev. Boyd is expected to begin revival meeting at tho U. B. church this week. Jas Hilliard accompanied by Miss Dora Fetherolf, of Laurelville, have gone to Magnetic Springs to spend Christmas with the former's parents. Rollie GIaze arrived here last week and has temporarily taken charge of the mail route between this place and Logan, while his father goes to Grover Hill for tho purpose of moving his family and household effects to this place. Thoy will occupy the Sheesholtz property. Wesley Poling was the victim of a serious accident on Tuesday of last week and he surely has reasons to be thankful that he is allve today. On the day mentioned he and his family and married son, Chas, Poling, were engaged in butchering and a 32 calebre revolver was asked to shoot the hogs. After the butchering was completed and evening arrived, Charley was making preparations to go home, and while he and his father were in consultation in the house young Poling drew the revolver from his pocket and from somo cause, yet unexplained, the gun was discharged, the ball passing just over the head of a little brother and took effect in the body of his father, entering the lower part of the abdomen and passing in a downward course around the cavity of the bowels and is supposed to have lodged in the groin, or possibly in the hip. Dr. Hemmyer was at once called and after a thorough examination did not locate the ball, but discovered that the bowels were not penetrated as was first supposed. He is still confined to his bed but indications are now that no serious results will follow.
The Ohio Democrat
May 7, 1892
Middlefork Fork Ohio.
Mrs.Katie Plank, (nee Kreider) closed a six month's term of school in District No two Perry twp Hocking Co, on Friday April 22nd. Mrs. Plank, is a very successful teacher having taught several terms in Pickaway and Hocking County. Her pupils have great re spect and love for her, every little one seemed anxious to please her and the good order which prevailed on the last day of school showd-ed the harmony that existed between teacher and pupils. The forenoon was devoted to recitations of the different classes By noon there had gathered quite a crowd, most of the parents in the district turned out with well filled baskets and a bountiful dinner was spread. After every one had eaten there was still plenty left, in the afternoon they had literary exercises consisting of dialogues and singing. Nearly every scholar had something to say. Before dismissing, the teacher presented the prizes to those who had earned and she also gave to each scholar a large "Reward of merit card." Just then a middle aged lady rose up and said she believed the scholars wished to make their teacher a present, so the children marched up and each one handed her a block of patchwork (with their name worked in the center) for a friendship quilt. This was so unexpected to her that for the first time that day their lively teacher lost her speach, emotion having choked her utterance But she afterward found voice to ex press her thanks and surprise at this token of their love and after bidding all a kind good bye school was dismissed and all who were prsent felt that they had spent a pleasant day.
The Ohio Democrat
May 7, 1892
Cedar Grove O.
Sunday School in progress at St John's. Elmer Kitchen is Superintendent. Success to Elmer. Preaching at St John's, Sunday evening by Rev Jones. Mrs. John Oldfield, was the guest of Mrs H. A. Gordon Tuesday, Dr. Miller called on Mr. Sims last Sunday. Lue Conkle is putting up a fine Sleigh for Sam Sims, this week. Mr. Addison Satyre, made a flying trip to Kingston Sunday. Mrs. Dan Engle, is visiting friends in Vinton Co, this week. Mr. Isaac Straun made a business trip to Salt Creek last week. Miss Dell Chilcoat of Logan visited her parents last Sunday. Lew Conkle called on Mazy Lynn, Sunday eve. Mr. Sam Sims, and Lizzie O'Brine were out riding Sunday. Ionia Sims called on Anna Taylor, Sunday eve. H. A. Gordon made a business trip to Logan last Monday. Andy Devore says tho girls are all right at Wesley Chapel. Mr. Allen Sheik of Gibisonville visited our city Monday. Mrs. Elisabeth Shaw, who purchased thu Thornton property at Bloomingville has moved, she seems to appreciate her home.
The Ohio Democrat
May 7, 1892
Starr Ohio.
Owing to so much wet weather the farmers of this section are behind with their spring work. Mr. C. R. Walker, of Straitsville spent several days of last week with friends of this section. Mr. John Backus, of this place spent Sunday with relatives of Union Furnace. Miss Sarah Stedem, commenced a spring term of school at the Jones school last Monday. Miss Martha Cagg of Toledo, is visiting her parents at this place. While C. E. Goodwin and family were attending church last Sunday, his house was entered by thieves and a considerable amount of jewelry and money taken. James Tomblinson,of Stella, Vinton Co, spent Sunday with relatives of Harmony Grove.
The Ohio Democrat
May 7, 1892
Farmers aro busily engaged preparing ground for their Spring crops, causing less news and better health. The wheat crope looks very promising at present. Fruit was injured by the late freeze. Old dr. McUne is in feeble health this Spring. James Graflis is very low with lung disease. Levi Rode , says the engine fires easier Since that 10 lb. boy came to bless their home on the 24th. Challenge debate at No. 3 evening of the 27th, question resolved, that has caused more suffering and misery than intemperance by intoxicants, Contestants, Aff. J. Switzer and others, Neg. F. martin Esq. and others. A. S. Henry sold his chattle property on tho 19 and left on tho 23 for Covington O. where he expects to locate, we wish him success.
The Ohio Democrat
May 7, 1892
Mr. Parm Pennel of Perry Co. Ohio, is at the bedside of his brother Mr. Wm. Pennel. Mr. and Mrs. David Karshner visited in Logan from Saturday until Sunday. Exhibition at the Opera Hall Saturday evening. Miss Lacy Brumage is convalescing. T. A. Steel returned from Cincinnati, Sunday. Miss Myrta M. Sayler visited in Tarlton, Saturday. Will Dawson was "Berry" hunting Sunday evening. Miss Rosa Burgoon, of Columbus visited Mrs. Geo. Williamson Saturday and Sunday. Quarterly meeting at the U. B. church, May 7 & 8. G. D. Mowery was in Circleville, Friday. Miss Tressa Martin visited in Circleville Friday. W. T. Dawson and B.'W. Friend, attended the circus at Circleville, Tuesday. Teachers meeting at the C. F. church Friday evening. Joseph Poling was in Circleville, Saturday. Mrs. Wm. Pennel met with a very serious accident Monday evening. She fell down the stairs. J. T. Albin is in Logan this week. J. R. Wilkins, and family visited in South Perry Saturday. Mrs. Elizabeth Engle, visited in Circleville, Tuesday. Mrs. Henry Jones after a very pleaant visit with her daughter Mrs. Brown, has returned home. BIRDIES, TWO.
The Hocking Sentinel
January 03, 1884
Ilesboro Items.
Editor Sentinel:
We thought to write you a few lines from this part the country that may interest some of your readers. The health of our village is good and business in a prosperous con dition. Henry West is teaching our school, and universal satisfaction prevails. Mrs. Malinda Sturts, of Ostego, Ohio, returned home on last Saturday from visiting relatives and friends this vicinity. On last Saturday, Mr. John Walker, of Vinton County, and Miss Clara Baiuter, of this vicinity were married at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. James H. Million, We profler to the young couple our sincere congratulations, and bespeak for them many happy years, while calmly gliding on the sea of matrimony, not soon to be overtaken by squalls. More anon. Abe.
The Sunday Messenger
October 1, 1944
Gore Social And Personal
GORE. Mrs Mina Howdyshell and Mrs Frank Summers visited recently in Crooksille, the former with a grandson and his family and Mrs Summers with her brother, Pearl Hood.
Mrs Rose Hite, old Gore, and Mr and Mrs Drew Summers spent an evening recently with Mr and Mrs Frank Summers.
Mr and Mrs Ray Terrel of Washington C.H., visited last week with Mr and Mrs Starling Donaldson.
Mr and Mrs Glen Brown of Mississippi and Miss Cora Brown of Logan spent Saturday evening with mr and Mrs W.O. Tucker and family.
Dean Hood recently spent a furlough with his parents, Mr and Mrs James Hood.
Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs James Hood were Mr and Mrs Jack Powell of Columbus, Mr and Mrs Wash Young of Crooksville; and Dean Hood and Mr and Mrs James Barnes and family.
Mr Grant Dicken visited his niece, Mrs Rose Williams, Wednesday.
Mr and Mrs George Hoy, Logan R.F.D., and Cpl. Basil Hoy of Aberdeen, Md., spent Wednesday with Mr and Mrs Oddest Thompson and son Roy.
Mr and Mrs Rudd Summers and daughter, Rosemary and Carol spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Drew Summers.
The Ohio Democrat
August 28 1886
Gibisonville, August 20th, 1886
Miss Myrta Dollison, who has been living in Logan this Summer, has returned to her home in this place.
Mrs. breining, of Circleville, is the guest of Mrs Keller, this week.
Mrs John Krinn is rapidly declinging in health.
A circuit convention will be held at the M E Church, Sept. 3d and 4th. Presiding Elder Kelley will preach on Friday, Sept 3d. Rev. Ricketts will conduct communion services on Sunday. All are invited.
Miss Schooley, of Vinton county, has been engaged to teach the winter term of school in our district.
The Normal is making rapid progress.
Wishing the Democrat success, we will say goodbye.
The Ohio Democrat
August 28 1886
Millville Items
Millville, O. Aug 23rd, 1886
Mr Jacob Kimble, supervisor of Millville district, has been making some decided improvements on the roads the past week.
On Sunday, the 22nd, we were visited by one of the heaviest rains of the season. The small streams were hank full, and some of the larger ones got their backs up and walked out on the lowlands. About half of the Pinegrove dam gave away and washed away, which will stop the "old mill" for some time.
Mrs Eliza Huls, who has been in very poor health for some time, is daily growing worse. She has lung trouble.
Mr Charley Bowers, the proprietor of the water mill at the place, is raising his dam and otherwise improving his mill, and will be able to accommodate all who favor him with a call.
Mrs Catherine Baird, who has been in bad health for about two years, is rapidly improving, and her friends are very hopeful that she will entirely recover her health.
The school teachers of this neighborhood are very anxious that the Democrat should publish the examination tests, as they are about all subcribers, and the questions would be very interesting to many who are not teachers.
The question is often asked in the neighborhood, "how do you like The Ohio Democrat?" The answer is invariably is, "Splendid; it is the best county paper I ever read."
The Ohio Democrat
August 28 1886
South Perry August 25, 1886 South Perry remains quite lively. Blackberries are over, and peaches seem to absorb the attention of the people. As there is a large crop of this lucious fruit, we hope that all will be fully supplied.
Mr John Lindsay, of Smoky Hollow, was a visitor here last Sunday. Magnetic power of the fair sex is said to be the cause. May many kind acts of providence be bestowed upon you, and may success be your lot.
Mr Wm Black and lasy were the guests of relatives in our village last Sunday and Monday.
Mr Simon Steele and lady are visiting friends and relatives in Darbyville this week.
Miss Mattie B Wheeler left for Kingston last week, and expects to be absent for a few weeks.
There were several of our citizens repairing roads last week. Let the good work continue, until our roads shall have reached the standard.
Mr James Weaver, one of our most enterprising citizens, is erecting, in excellent style, a residence that is really a credit to our village.
Mr Nelson Fetherolf was in Logan on business a few days ago.
There is a good crop of candidates this fall, and their voices are frequently heard among us.
Several of the young people of this vicinity went to the Adelphi Colored Camp Meeting on last Saturday evening.
Miss Lovey McDowell has returned home to Darbyville, where her parents reside.
Mr John Lindsay, one of our respected young men, has returned home from Darbyville, where he has been staying for some time.
Cecil and Allen are frequent visitors to our little village. Somebody please tell us what there is here to attract their attention so often.
Bon Ami.
The Ohio Democrat
August 28 1886
Carbonhill, Ohio
August 24th, 1886
Carbonhill mine worked three days last week. Hipple's mine, four days, and Morris Coal Co., full time. Longstreth's mine is working about half time.
Mr George Jacoby arrived home today from Philadelphia, at which place he has been visiting his uncle, who has been sick for some time.
Miss Anna Jacoby and Miss Ada Giffin, the young ladies who are competing for the gold watch, to be awarded to the most popular lady, by the G.A.R. Post, at their reunion next month, are now making a canvass of all the mines, and report fair success.
Billy Yates was arrested and taken to Logan, by constable Williams, for assulting a small boy in Mitchell Furnace.
Mrs Dan Sherrard, of Haydenville, was visiting friends here last Sunday.
The Sons of Veterans will attend the reunion at Portsmouth, in September.
The Ohio Democrat
September 11, 1886
Goodhope Items.
Rock Bridge, O., Sept 8 '86
Ed. Democrat:-if you will allow me space in your most welcome paper, I will pen a dew items from this vicinity.
The farmers are all busy turning over the soil, and making preparations for sowing their wheat.
The people of this community are blessed with an abundance of fruit of all kinds, but a very poor market, peaches being as low as twenty cents per bushel.
Joseph Kost and Henry Otney, both of Hooker, O., are visiting friends in Goodhope and Laurel.
A number of young folks attending a party at Philip Saters' Sat. night and reported a good time; we are led to believe thay had as some of the boys got home next morning in good time for breakfast.
Rosy Huber and Josephine Breighter, of Lancaster, O., are visiting their many friends who are always pleased to see them come, especially the boys.
Many of our church brethern attended the M E quarterly meeting Sunday 5, at Gibisonville.
A W Tidd, artist, of Lancaster, has been taking a number of scenes of family residences, rocks, groups etc. He gives general satisfaction.
Howard Huls, Clint Jackson, Chas. and Boyd troxel, all of Millville, took a pleasant trip last Sunday to see the Cantwell Rocks. I guess the boys thought they would get their visages in the group picture that was taken under the rock, or to see some of the fair sex. Which was it boys?
Rev Wm Mitchell preached at Pisgah Sunday night.
The S S at Pleasant Hill id grogressing, but think if better order prevailed it would be more of a success.
Dan Faubel one of Goodhope's teachers has accepted the principalship of the Clarksburg school, Fairfield county, and is now weilding the birch; we need not predict success, as Dan always gets to the front.
The Combination Base Ball nine of Pine Grove and Brushy Fork, played the Sugar Grove Base Ball team Saturday; result 20 to 22 in favor of Sugar Grove.
The Pisgah Sunday school will hold a celebration Saturday, Sept. 18th, in Frank Beaver's grove. Come all, and bring well-filled baskets and have a good time.
A fire originated in John Weltner's kitchen Sunday morning, last, but was extinguished before much damage was done.
Rev Rosenburg, of the Evangelical church at Lancaster, O., who has been preaching at Millville, will hold services again Thursday night 9th.
The Ohio Democrat
July 15 1893
The 4th of July is over and everybody reports a good time. I guess it is because it didn't rain.
mr and Mrs John Price spent the 4th in Columbus visiting there two sons Sam and Robert.
Mr Ed Lehman spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Columbus.
Mr Will Smith and Master Charley spent the 4th visiting her husband in Columbus.
Miss Sadie Smith has returned back to Branfort after a few days visit in this place.
Mr Fred Krietz was cutting wheat Friday.
Little Dave Lehman has got him a new suit of clothes since his law suit with an innocent man.
Harmon Geysic has a young man at his house; came the 17th.
The Democrat Sentinel
December 30, 1909
Mt. Zion
We are sorry to learn that Rev Wilson Massie, our former pastor, was obliged to send in his resignation on account of his health.
J H Atkinson. of Blairstown, NY., is visiting his parents and friends through the holidays.
F L Groves, who has been in business in Utah, is at his old home in Hocking Co.
mrs henry White, of this ridge, went to Starr this morning to meet her daughter mrs. Rodgers, of Logan, who will spend the holidays there.
George McDaniel is out once more. George thinks it is not fair to be kept at home when there is nothing the matter with a fellow but quarentine.
We learn that the diphtheria on the ridge at the peach farm is a thing of the past. Flo Woolery who is teaching in that vicinity, says her school is gaining again.
Syndicate Wilson is at Carbondale at the present time; everybody seems glad to have him back.
The Democrat Sentinel
December 30, 1909
Noah Blosser and wife visited at Nelsonville, for a few days.
John Murray and wife and Mrs C. Dooley, of Rockbridge, visited Chas. Iles and family, Christmas.
Jesse Dupler, wife and daughter, Mae visited relatives over Christmas.
F E Comstock, of Rockbridge, called on J A Kline, Sunday.
John Blosser, wife and daughter Sylvia, of Logan, visited this place, Sunday.
Rev O M Martin and wife called on James Blosser, Saturday evening.
lien Hansley and wife took dinner with Charles Iles and family, Christmas.
Daniel Carpenter, wife and Henry, of Rockbridge, spent Christmas with V A Carpenter.
Mrs Ed Miller, of Haydenville, was the guest of her sister, Mrs frank Frasure. Several from this place attended the Christmas entertainment at Fairview, Christmas evening.
A E Loomis, wife and children, Maud, Agusta John and Clarence, all of Columbus, spent Christmas with their parents.
Isaac frasure, wife and family, of Nelsonville, visited Henry Ringhiser and wife, over Christmas.
Mrs Frank Blosser and children attended Christmas exercise at Logan, Christmas evening.
Fred Woods visited his parents, Sunday.
Lawrence Brown is not much better at this writing.
Maggie Blum, of Rockbridge, visited her brother Luther, Saturday.
Alfred Brown was seen on our streets, Sunday.
Tillie Blosser and Master Lowell visited at Rockbridge, the past week.
Lizzie Mathias made a business trip to logan, Friday.
As J A Mathias, of Florida, was wondering what had become of the Enterprise Scribe, we thought we had better scribble a few lines or he would begin to think that we were all moved to a warmer climate. No doubt we were thinking we would like to for the past week or two when the weather was so cold. This writing leaves us in the midst of a deep snow. We, as a friend of Mr. Mathias and family wish them success in their new home and country.
The Ohio Democrat
January 4 1900
Calico Ridge
Cold, you bet; fine weather, and so on to the end of the chapter is the expressions you hear on meeting a neighbor.
Christmas passed quiet on the ridge as usual.
Fred Hengst is visiting on the ridge during the holidays.
Mrs Wilda Wyskiver and children are visiting her mother, Mrs Jane Snider.
Cyrus Shultz is on the sick list.
Mr J J Shaw and wife spent Christmas with Squire Shultz and family.
The fur buyers are out looking up the catch now and paying fair prices.
The village blacksmith at the foot of the ridge is kept busy shoeing horses since the cold weather has set in.
The show at school house No. 12 was very well patronized by the ridge people but it was not up to expectations, and therefore not very satisfactory to the show going people.
Soloman the old ragman and also old Iron man made his regular trip across the ridge last week.
Thos. Craig and wife at Shawnee were Christmas visitors at Cecil Shulrz's the past week.
The Ohio Democrat
June 14 1890
Our farmers are nearly all done planting corn, and some have commenced shearing their sheep. A large party of ladies and gentlemen from Circleville spent last Friday at the Rock House. Also parties from Logan and Circleville Sundayed here. Every lover of nature should visit the Rocks during this month as he scenery is certainly beautiful. Mr W A Dern of Thatcher O. was a visitor here last Wednesday. Miss Mary Carson of Lithopolis was visiting her mother Mrs Maria Tobin last week. Mr Will Tobin is home from Saltcreek. Miss Jennie McBroom returned home last week from a visit with her Aunt Mrs Matt Moore of Hallsville, and her cousin Miss Lulu Rouse of Adelphia. She reports having a good time.
The Ohio Democrat
October 4 1890
Green Township
Business in Green is now in a thriving condition. Farmers are busy sowing wheat. Greendale Furnace is in full blast and doing good work. Chas Nunemaker is teaching the Greendale School, W T Poling, the Donaldson School; Joseph Nunemaker will teach at Wright's; E Chutes, at the Guess School; W S Stone, at Patton's, Bruce Dollison, at Smith's Chapel, and Mr Leonard at Greenland; school is in progress at Wallace's. New School house at Greenland, is going up rapidly. Mr Jas. Cohagan and Miss Cora Coakley were the guests of Wm Williams near Gore Sat. last. Rev Tyler will peach his farewell sermon at Zion for this year Sun. Oct 5. He is winding up his second year and has given good satisfaction. Wm. Dresher smiles--It is a girl. We are informed that the K of P's will organize a Lodge at Haydenville, in the near future. George Poling who was on the sick list for some time has returned to work at Haydenville. Chas. Wolf and Elmer Chute were the guests of Mr Reiter Sat. eve. The so called Prof. Brown has moved his show from Haydenville to Nelsonville and his horses recommend him highly. Call again, Dr. Messrs. F. Keller, North (of near Logan) and H Johnson have moved from the single state into the state of double blessedness. May they live long, happy and contented.
The Democrat Sentinel
January 3 1907
South Perry
Benj. White and wife were visiting relatives and old friends in Logan last week. our schools enjoyed the usual holiday vacation from December 21st, to January 2nd. Rev Blair began a series of meetings at Mt. Union, New Years night. At the meeting of the Township Trustees last Saturday the township was divided into four districts. John Gardner was appointed superintendent for the district in which we are located and Geo. W Hartsough in Laurelville district. The selections are very satisfactory to all concerned. Joe Brashares is recovering nicely from the effects of a broken limb that he sustained a few weeks ago. Mr and Mrs R H Hilliard spent part of their holiday vacation at Lancaster with relatives and friends. Mr Creighton Winland and Miss Grace Stell, both of near Laurelville, were married Sunday afternoon, December 23rd, and on Christmas eve, at the bride's home, Mr Charley Shell and Miss Della Peddycourt. Both wedding ceremonies were performed by Samuel Ebert, JP. The contracting parties in both instances comprise four of our worthy young people, all deserving of each other and have a bright future before them. May it be theirs. Chas. Seesholtz and wife, of Lancaster, spent their holiday vacation with their parents here.
The Democrat Sentinel
January 3 1907
Cedar Grove
The Christmas tree entertainment at Pine Grove, Christmas Eve, was a success. Mr A C Linn has returned home from Columbus, where he has been visiting relatives. Miss Vergie Mann, of Pendville, was visiting her sister, of our village, last Sunday and Monday. Rev Alvin Reed, of Walnut Grove, broke bread with H A Gordon and wife last Thursday evening. H A Gordon and D C Walker made a business trip to Logan last Saturday. Clifton Walker, of our village, has bought the Williams property where he will move about March 1. Mr Al and Joe Reichley, of No. 4, were seen in our village last Monday. G H Devore and sons, John and Isaac, are visiting friends at Greendale. Mr Charley Conkle and sisters, rebecca and Nettie, were visiting with Jacob Bainter and family last week. Mr Vern Conkle and Miss Carrie Graham were united in marriage Christmas Day. Our people extend felicitations.
The Democrat Sentinel
June 24, 1909
Logan, Route 2
Practically speaking, news is inevitably scarce this week, the people being peradventure too busy to visit.
Fred Weymueller passed through this place Sunday.
E. Howdyshell was a pleasant caller on Lucy Geil, Sunday afternoon.
Mr Blum is visiting his daughter Mrs Joseph Kessler, at this writing.
Frank Poling attended children's service at the U.B. church at Logan, Sunday evening.
Edward Stivison and Nora Scholl attended children's service at Bethany, Sunday.
Horace Smith was in this vicinity, Sunday
Rolland Bright and wife, of Logan, visited Peter Bright and family, Sunday.
Quite a fine children's day was held at Bethany, Sunday. Blue Bell.

Sand Run
Grace Sparnon visited th past week with friends and relatives of this place.
Mrs Donald Hannah and two children left Thursday for McCluney, where she will spend a few days.
Quite a crowd from here attended church at Coe's Chapel, Sunday evening.
Mrs Dora Smith and Carrie Griffen spent Sunday at Gore with the latter's sister.
Clarence Edgell is again counted on the sick list; he is very ill at the present. We hope for a speedy recovery.
Carrie Hannah entertained Saturday evening the following: Fanny and Minnie Edgell, Mae Terrell, Roy Blanchard, Jennie Griffen, Edward Cooper and Grace Sparnon of Logan.
Sunday school is progressing nicely under Donald Hannah as superintendent.
Blue Bell.

Crocketts Run
Everybody is busy plowing corn picking cherries and strawberries.
Miss Blanche Carpenter, who has been at home the three weeks past, returned to Canal Winchester Saturday.
Peter Ringhizer was in our valley Thursday, buying young cattle, Peter says it pays to invest in young stalk.
Carl Gruner and sister helen visited Samuel Stivison and family, Sunday.
Childrens Day services at Centenary will be held at 9:30 A.M. June 27. Cordial welcome to all.
Prof. F.H. Duffy of the O.S.U. has completed his collegate course, and is now at home spending a vacation.
Our road Sput. Jno. Wagner is busy remodeling the roads filling the mudholes and scraping off the bumps.
Mr Chas. Carpenter wife and family and Miss Mae Carpenter, spent Sunday with Jno. Ellick and family.
Misses Jessie Disbennet and Tena Ellinger were plesant callers of Miss Cora Carpenter, Sunday afternoon.
Jno. Hiller, of Haydenville, broke bread with his parents, Sunday.
Thrashing seems to be a paying business at least Vern Dupler and Leo Sholl think so, they have purchased an outfit.
D.M. Heft was seen wending his way down the valley, Sunday evening.
Davy Crocketts

Starr Corner
Bill Young and Bess Hayburn from Nelsonville, were seen on our streets, Wednesday.
Mrs H.H. Cruise and children called on James Morse and wife, Wednesday.
The Starr Hocking Coal Co. has resumed their work on the switch from Starr to their mine at Coonville.
Elihu Wells, who has been working at Nelsonville, was home over Sunday, also Edith Wells, who has been working at Logan, was home over Sunday.
Mary E. Cruise made a business trip to New Plymouth, Thursday.
Born to Homer Hull and wife,of Carbondale, twins, boy and girl, and unfortunately they both died. The little ones were laid to rest in the Asbury cemetery, Friday.
Dr. Moore of Union Furnace, called at H.H. Cruise and wife and left a fine big 8 pound boy to make his future home with them, Saturday the 19th.
Mrs Joe O'Neill called on Mrs H. H. Cruise, Saturday afternoon.
H.H. Cruise and Harley Morse commenced painting the Asbury church, Wednesday.
Ettie Carter, of Rabbit Ridge, has the measles.
Charley Carter and Miss Pidcock were united in marriage, Tuesday evening.
Jefferson Edgar made a business trip to Nelsonville, Saturday.
Mary McConehay, who has been working at Straitsville, is at home on a visit with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Hewitt and little grandson called on Mrs. Jefferson Edgar, Saturday.

Brushy Fork
Prof. Walter, of Craw?s Institute, was in this vicinity, last Friday.
Jacob Reber was seen enroute to Sugar Grove Saturday evening.
Daniel Martin made his usual trip to Lancaster, Sunday evening.
Doc Love and John Cavinee have been working for Y. Sheets, the past week.
Chas Fisher and wife were Logan visitors Saturday.
Emma Reber called on Mrs Phillip Martin, Saturday evening.
G.W. Bryan made a business trip to Lancaster Saturday.
Daniel and Wm.Martin were Sugar Grove visitors Saturday evening.
Geo. Matheny of Lancaster, has been visiting relatives of this place the past week.
Carl Wesbauer purchased a new set of boxing gloves recently, and as a result is carrying a black eye. Carl had better secure another trainer.
Daniel Martin made a business trip to Horn's Mill recently.
Mrs Wm. Morgan, of Lancaster, spent Wednesday on her farm in this valley.
Frank Shue and wife were the guests of the latter's parents, Lawrence Hoke and wife, Sunday.
Joseph Matheny was a Sugar Grove visitor Sunday evening.
James Morgan called on Jacob Matheny Saturday evening.
Clarence Bryan called on James Morgan, Sunday afternoon.
Jacob Matheny has been on the sick list the past week.

Quite a large crowd of young people of this place attended Children's day service at Mt. Pleasant Sunday evening.
Charles Iles and family were the guests of his parents Sunday.
Mrs Amos C Kline of Rockbridge was the over Saturday night guest of Wm. Vancuren and family.
Frank Winkler and wife of Logan were the guests of the latters parents Sunday, Al Milstead and wife.
Vernon Walker of Mt. Pleasant, passed through this place Sunday evening.
Mrs James Lindsey of Hardscrable, was seen in our midst Thursday.
Michael Engle and wife passed through this place Wednesday.
Thomas vancuren made a trip to the old farm near Laurelville Thursday.
D.W. West made a trip to Logan Wednesday.
John Ferguson and wife were Logan shoppers Saturday.
George Anthony and wife were seen on our pikes, Sunday.
Darley West was seend wending his way towards Orland Sunday evening.
Wm. Vancuren and son took dinner with Vern Kitchen and family of Mt. Vernon Sunday.
Merle Vancuren, who has been doing culinary work for her aunt, returned home Saturday.
Farmer Girl

Hungry Hollow
Charles Bright and wife of Logan spent Sunday with George Green and family.
Mary Florence Saunders of Logan, spent Sunday with their parents of this place.
Nellie Achauer visited friends in Logan last week.
Will Bond who has been working at Junction City, spent Saturday and Sunday at home.
Linda patton called on Mrs. Frank Patton on Thursday.
Several from this place attended Children's service at Haydenville Sunday evening.
George Bond and Nellie Achauer spent Sunday at Rockbridge.
Charles Deishley and wife were the guests of Wm. Wallace on Sunday.
Ed Joy and wife, of Nelsonville, spent SUnday with Ott Smart and family.
Mrs. Mary Tucker and daughter called on her mother, Mrs. Mary Vollmer, on Monday.

Mrs. Frank Beougher and daughter called on Mrs S. Voris on day last week.
Will Huls and family of Athens, were visiting their parents of this place for a few days, returned home.
Will Drake entertained Ed Bailey recently.
John McConnel and Will Drake are working for Charley Later.
We are sorry to learn of the death of Mrs Lonzo Stoughton, of Lancaster. the remains were brought here for burial, Monday afternoon, service at the A.C. church, was preached by Bro. Williams: The funeral was largely attended.
The A.C. Church children's service Sunday, was largely attended and the program was fine.
Those who attended the big circus at Logan were, W D Beougher and wife, Ren Beougher, Jess Dupler and family, Blanche Huls and children, Davy, Joe and May Tucker, Florence Peterson, Will Drake, Geo. and Oscar Beougher, John Wilson, Oscar Rayner, Tracy Heft, Joe Peterson, Chas. Wharton, Mrs. Lew Mathias, Mrs. Ed Stewart and Mrs. Drake.
Charles Baker made a business trip to Lancaster Wednesday.
Mrs Clint Huls has as her guests her mother and sister of Logan.
Frank Hufford had as guests last Sunday, his brother and family.
G.W. Poling, wife and daughter, of Lancaster, visited Mrs. Poling's parents on day last week.
Shady Voris and family were Logan shoppers Saturday.
Frank Beougher is going to build him a home in town, in the near future.

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