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The Democrat-Sentinel
March 4 1909
The case of the State of Ohio vs Polly Stultz, for cutting with intent to kill or wound was tried in the common pleas court, Thursday and a verdict returned of guilty,of cutting with 'intent to wound.' This case grew out of a saloon fight more than a year ago, in the Warner saloon. Stultz was talking to some car shop men, or rather men who were working in building the shops. They got to parleying about labor unions and union cards, and jostling each other, when Stultz was shoved over, and he then resented the jolt by taking out a razor and giving one of the men a few swipes across the neck. The wounds were not deep nor dangerous, and were sewed up by a physician and the young man was out the next day.

Stultz went up in the country for a few days, and then returned and gave himself up, claiming self defense. The case has been dragging along for some months, because the prosecuting witness could not be located. Of late the officials learned that he was in Columbus, and served subpoena on him. He was on hand at the trial, and it was his testimony that largely convicted Stultz. The defendant is now in jail awaiting sentence.

The case of the State of Ohio vs Emmet Mahaffey, for rape was assigned for Friday, but the attorneys did not proceed far into the case when a consultation was had and it was agreed that he would withdraw his plea of "not guilty" and enter a plea of "guilty," and the court sentenced him to an indeterminate time in the reformatory..

All this week the court has been engaged in hearing the Mike Cicalo murder case. This is the third trial, the first having been set aside by the court before he had passed sentence, on the ground that he refused admission of evidence concerning the character of the defendant. The court confined the evidence to tho defendant's general reputation, and excluded the evidence tending to show the defendant's character. This was the general rule and the practice of the Courts throughout the Central States up until this time. But in handing down a decision by the Supreme Court on a similar case about this time, that tribunal had based a foundation of character evidence admitting character as well as general reputation. Coming as it did about the time that Judge Martin was making his rulings in this case on its first trial, there was nothing left for him to do but to reverse himself and grant a new trial before sentence was passed..

Subsequently a second trial was had, resulting in the conviction of Cicalo for manslaughter and he was sentenced to the penitentiary for five years and served a few months of that sentence in the big prison. However his attorneys kept busy seeking his return to liberty and soon accomplished a suspension of sentence through the Circuit Court and finally a reversal and a new trial..

It will be remembered that the crime for which Mike Cicalo is being tried for murder, was for the killing of George Hale in January 1908. Kerlln Bros. Brick Company had brought to Logan and to their plant forty Italians to work at their clay mines. Those Italians were housed in a brick building across the Gore road from the brick kilns of the Company. It is said that there was considerable feeling existed between the American employees and the Italians, which resolved itself into more of an annoying nature, rather than an intention of assault. The gas supply of the Italian rank was often cut oil' by those bent on mis-ohland mnny complaints came offby those bent on mischief and many complaints came to the office of the Company from the the Italians..

On the morning of the killing George Hale with a crew of men was working in one of these kilns, near which kiln stood the cut off valve for the gas supply of the Italian shanty. Somebody turned off the gas and Miko Cinalo, the Italian interpreter came storming across the road and went into the kiln where Hale and the men were working and poured out his invectives against the person so annoying. Halo struck the Italian with a car hook, knocking him from the door of the kiln and as he feel, he pulled a revolver from his breast pocket and discharged it at Hale, striking him in the neck, from which wound he died within a week. Cicalo fled and was captured at Laurelville..

In the year that has passed since the crime was committed, both the state and the defense has no doubt made good use of the time in the interm to gather evidence and at this the third trial, present their strongest front, and the contest is proving to be a battle every inch of the way.
The Democrat-Sentinel
May 14 1908
Probate Court
April 11.
Instrument in writing purporting to the last will and testament of Elizabeth WYMAN, presented for probate by Fred W. Stracke, executor named in will. Application for probate filed. Matter set for hearing at one o'clock p. m. on the 12th inst. and notice ordered. Hearing had as ordered and testimony of subscribing witnesses, V, C. Lowry and Margaret Saumenig, taken. Will approved and admitted to probate and record. Application filed by Fred W. Stracke to be appointed executor of said will and appointment ordered and letters issued.
May 9.
Hearing of testimony in proof of instrument purporting to tho last will and testament of John W. TRITSCH had, Will provided by the testimony of H. M. Whitcraft and Eugene Wright, subscribing witnesses. Will admitted to probate and record.
May 11.
Report of public sale of personal property of Hannah WILSON, deceased, made by A. W. Mawk, administrator. Report confirmed, approved and ordered recorded. Return of order of sale by said administrator of same date, showing sale of real estate of Homer D. Hutton. Sale confirmed and deed ordered, May 11. Petition for order of private sale of Hannah Riley filed by Eli Gardner, administrator, and order issued same date.
The Ohio Democrat
September 11, 1886
Matters in Probate Court During the Month of August
Marriage License
Edwin R Vanfosser and Hester A Mahoney; Osman B Wharf and Mary L Bowers; Harvey Higgins and Alice Crawford; James W Scott and Clara Groves; Frederick Bowers and Rose Gordon; John P Michel and Emma Ringhizer; Charles Johnson and Hattie Johnson; Merton D Stahl and Mary L Andrews; Thomas J Alison and Emma Starkey; Emmett O Lehman and Ida E Arnold; Frank Hawk and Margaret E Crook; Edward Hadley and Mary Ranchall; Noah Mohler and Elizabeth Aurand; George Warrick and Savilla Harper; Henry Smyers and Hannah Vorhees; Solomon North and Rebecca Arnold; William Johnston and Flora Lafollett; Oswell Deibeitz and Mary Loper; John H Olds and Maggie Stephenson; Joseph B Brown and Jessie B Morris; Charles P Armstrong and Wilmina Sanderson; Charles B Todd and Olivia R Hart; Frederick W Stracke and Elizabeth C Kleinschmidt; George Ludlow and Ella Ingmire; Joseph Young and Hannah E Deen; John A Lewis and Mary Fisher.

Ella Uncle on a recurrence of insanity, was sent to Asylum.
Inquest of lunacy held on Daniel Harman, who was adjudged insane and sent to the asylum.
Amos Kline, administrator of Solomon Yantes, made sale of real estate, amount of sale $1505.00. Sale confirmed and deed ordered.
Final account of G W Brehm, administrator of Susan McClurg settled. No balance.
Assignment of John W Downhour, settled; compromise with creditors. No balance.
Chas. E Smith, executor of Elizabeth Brown, made partial settlement. Balance due said estate, $997.89
Dora Bishop, executrix of Autin Bishop, made final settlement. No balance.
James Conaway filed his account for final settlement as executor of the estate of Alenander McClurg.
Wm H Huls, guardian of Ida M, Jane, Harvey, Luther and Chas. Wharton, filed his inventory and account for partial settlement.
Sylvester Brown, guardian of John and James Terrell, settled his first account. Balance due each ward, $306.47
Thaddeus S Floyd, guardian of Wm Willemin, filed his second account.
John Hartman, guardian of Wm D, Chas J, Laura A, John T, Julia and Henry Hartman, filled his inventory and first and final account for settlement.
Michael McBride, guardian of James P Bright, filled his inventory and first account.
Lafayette Eggleston appointed guardian of Huldah, Thomas C and Luella Mitchell. Bond $900.
Samuel H Bright, filed sale bill as administrator of Jane Pence; amount $27.72; inventory, $27.38
E B Greene, executor of John L Bolwby filed his sale bill; amount $407.65
Christopher Archibauld, and Wm Cooper, declared their intention to become citizens and recieved their first papers.
Chas A Helfenberger and Jacob Meyer received their final naturalization papers.
Licenses of J W Wilson, of the Presbyterian, and Wm McDaniel, of the United Brethern church, as ministers to solemnize marriages, entered of record.
William Six who has been confined in jail since July 15, on a charge of housebreaking, preferred by Eugene Wolf before E Boudinot, JP, of Ward township, was discharged from custody in the Probate court on last Monday, and held for appearance on his own recognizance in the sum of $100.
The Hocking Sentinel
March 06, 1884
A Dirty Case
The Court was occupied last Saturday, monday, and nearly all day of Wednesday, trying a Carbon hill scanal case. A boy named McMullen had charged a girl named Blosser with being unchaste. Over 100 witnesses were in attendance. the case was made criminal one by an indictment against McMullen by the Grand Jury. Buerhaus and Burgess represented the State, and Bright and Wright for the defense. The jury found McMullen guilty of uttering the slander, and he was sentenced to ten days imprisionment in Jail and pay cost of prosecution, and stand commited until costs are paid.
The Hocking Sentinel
March 06, 1884
Young friend, of Laurel township, who was indicted for breaking into J C McBroom's smoke house and stealing three sacks of flour, was tried on Saturday and found guilty of Burglary. The flour was found in his house and the sacks identified by McBroom. The Penitentiary crime was forcibly entering the door. The Judge charged that if the door stood ajar, it was not burglary to enter; but if the door was closed, and though not fastened, and required force, no matter how slight, to push it open, the pushing open and entering was burglary. He has not yet been sentenced.
Circleville Herald
March 30, 1928
Court News
Granted Divorce
Dorothy Kepler was granted a divorce from Clen Kepler in the Probate court by Judge Adkins Friday on the grounds of extreme cruelty. She was also given the custody of her two sons, Ross and Louis. Thomas A Renick represented the plaintiff, E D Ricketts the defendant. The couple was married at Logan, July 3 1924.

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