Crime News

The Hocking Sentinel
January 03, 1884
Thieves Arrested
On Wednesday of last week Andy Reinscheld left his carpet sack, over coat and several other articles of property in the depot waiting room, and, not keeping his eye on them, two young fellows, named Thos. Swindler and Jas. Madison Riser, picked them up and made off.
The officers were notified and Marshall Galligher soon secured the thieves and brought them to jail, where they will await the action of the grand jury.
The value of the property as determined on trial, may send the young fellows to the penitentiary.
The Lancaster Daily Gazette
Friday, March 17, 1916
Charged With Stealing Wire
Affidavit Is Filed Against Guy Campbell of Logan
By Superintendent L.C. Laube Who Has Charge of the Logan and 
Shawnee Division of the Ohio Light and Power Company
L.C. Laube, superintendent of the Logan and Shawnee division of the Ohio Light and Power Company was in Lancaster yesterday evening and after obtaining full details regarding the arrest of Guy Campbell of Logan in connection with the theft of $42.72 worth of copper wire, returned to Logan and filed an affidavit charging Campbell with grand larceny.
The wire was taken from the company's ware house at Logan. Sheriff Stevensen of Hocking county will come up to Lancaster this evening and take Campbell into custody.
The Hocking Sentinel
June 4 1885
A sneak thief entered the front door of the residence of Mrs O. Case, about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, while the family were at supper, went upstairs to the room of Miss Maggie, ramaged her trunk, and was rewarded with a find of $10. An hour later a stranger named Charles Turner, who had been seen coming out the front door, was arrested at the depot and lodged in jail.. He will have a hearing today.
The Athens Messenger
April 7 1887
On a recent night, the Catholic, Presbyterian and Lutheran churches at Logan were burglarized. From the later church the funds that had accumulated for the orphans was stolen from the contribution boxes. The Sentinel is loud in complaint of the epidemic of burglary and thievery that is prevailing in Logan.
The Hocking Sentinel
March 12, 1903
Arrested for Improper Use of the Mails
John Hansel, a young farmer living near the McCarthy farm, was arrested last Tuesday evening by a United States Marshal, and taken to the Columbus jail on yesterday afternoon, on the charge of improper use of the mails.
it is reported that for the last two or three years, the people of his neighborhood were receiving letters of the most infamous character, vulgar, obscene, and of a blackmail character. The authorities were advised and a watch kept, the identity of the writer discovered, and the arrest follows.
It is a serious matter to thus use the mails. The government has no mercy. If the charge against him can be sustained, it means a long term in some southern government prison or penitentiary.
Young Hansel has hertofore beed regarded as a nice man, devoted to his family, and fair in all his dealings. He belongs to one of our most respectable families, and this charge against him, comes with a shock to the entire community in which he is known.
The Highland Weekly News (Hillsborough, Highland County, Ohio)
December 20, 1882
Andy Johnson, who was sentenced to the penitentiary at Logan recently for stealing wool, was taken to Columbus on the 12th. Application has been made to the Governor for his pardon on the grounds of insanity. The man from whom he stole the wool has signed the application.
Transcribed by Jeanne Hall

The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Fri, Feb 14, 1936 · Page 6

Union Furnace Men Admit Fowl Thefts

When arrainged before Magistrate S B Whikehart yesterday afternoon on a charge fo stealing six chickens from Ralph Chambers of near Union Furnace, Ellsworth Barnhart and Lawrence Conners, both of that village, were fined $25 and costs after entering pleas of guilty.

Barnhart and Conners were arrested Wednesday by Deputy Sheriff Nellis Smith.

 The Logan Daily News (Logan, Ohio) · Fri, Feb 14, 1936 · Page 6

Accessory Theives Must Serve In Jail

In addition to fines of $10 and costs assessed them in the court of Magistrate S B Whikehart, Elmer danner, Adelphi and Daniel McNichols and Dorrill Brokaw of Laurelville will be compelled to serve 30 days in the Hocking county jail.

The trio was arrested Tuesday by Sheriff Joe Farbeann for the theft of automobile accessories in Laurelville.

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