Washington Township
Ilesborough is a hamlet of about fifty inhabitants, situated on a high piece of ground almost exactly in the center of the township. It was laid out into town lots by Henry Iles, who owned the land in 1835. Amongst the first to buy lots and settle here were: John Ramsey, William Vanhorn and James K Johnson. It has averaged about fifty inhabitants for many years, and has never had more than one store. It now has one small store, a blacksmith shop and a cabinet shop. The district school-house is in the village and a large frame church. The postoffice is kept by Jerre Harden.
The Methodist Episcopal Church at Ilesborough was founded about 1842. Two young traveling preachers, John R Prase and Wesley Tibbets, had frequently visited this locality and preached to the people in the houses of some of the members. After the organization of the society, they came alternately each every four weeks, giving them regular preaching every two weeks. Some of the original members were: Eli Bainter and wife, Lewis Tatman and wife, Henry Iles and wife, Mathias Worthman and wife, Frank Allen and wife, Thomas Underwood and wife, George Vanhorn and wife, WIlliam Vanhorn and wife, John Crawford and wife, John McDaniel and wife and George Pherson and wife. The first house of worship erected by this society, and perhaps the first in the township was built in 1845. A new church was built on another lot in 1860, which was afterward sold to the township for a school house, and he present fine frame church was built in 1877. This church throughout its career has been very prosperous, and numbers now in its society about eighty members. A good Sabbath-school is kept up by the church throughout the year, superintended at present by M T Ferguson.
Source: History of Hocking Valley, Ohio Chicago: Inter-state Publishing Co., 1883

Atlas of Hocking Co. Ohio
D.J. Lake, C.E.
Titus, Simmons & Titus
Illesborough Business Directory.
W. B. Wadsworth offers for sale his farm of two hundred and thirty acres;
two frame houses, good barn, three good orchards, good water on farm, iron ore, coal, &c. Sec. 21.

Thos. S. Meldrim, Clerk in Washington Grange Store, Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Hardware, Queeusware, Notions, &c.

Wm. Vanhorn, Cabinetmaker, Manufactures Bureaus, Bedsteads, Sofas, Lounges, Desks, &o. Also, Undertaker. Coffins, all sizes, constantly on hand ; will be furnished with.or without hearse.

Frank M. Gordon, Township Trustee, and Professional Teacher.

J. H. Price, Professional Teacher.

Wm. Noble offers his farm for sale, containing one hundred and forty seven acres, two houses, barn, &c. Two orchards, excellent fruit, good running water, good well at house, iron ore, coal, timber, &c. Ewing P. 0.

D. N. Hitt, Physician and Surgeon. Residence and office, Ewing P. 0.

S. M. Hone, Cabinetmaker, Carpenter, Joiner, House Builder, &c. Orders promptly attended to.

Jacob Nimon, Jr., Carpenter and Builder, contracts-to build Dwelling-Houses, Barns, Churches, School- Houses, Stores, Halls, &o. Calls promptly attended to; Ilesborough P. 0. Res. Sec. 20.

E. Strawn offers his Farm for sale, containing 53 acres, House, Barn, and other Out-Buildings,good orchard, good water, well at house, coal and timber on farm. P. O. Ewing. Residence Sec. 5.

Lewis L. Clark offers his Farm for sale, containing one hundred and thirty acres, two Frame Houses, Barn, and good Out-Buildings, good orchards, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Cherries, &c. ; over one hundred Grape Vines, good water on farm, Iron Ore. &c. P, 0. Ewing. Residence Sec. 24.
Atlas of Hocking Co. Ohio
D.J. Lake, C.E.
Titus, Simmons & Titus
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