Hocking County Ohio

Laurel Township

 Laurel Township  The 2000 census found 1,190 people in the township. 

No municipalities are located in Laurel Township.

History: The first settlement was made in 1812 by three men: Mr. Smith and two brothers named Koons. They moved here to avoid the draft of the War of 1812 and located on Laurel Creek. Other early settlers were George Kinser, Robert McBroom, Josiah Cantwell, John White, John Fox, Daniel Shesler and Mr. Grim and their families. John White had a mill to produce gunpowder located west of present Gibisonville. One of the first settler deaths was John White's son, killed by the explosion of the powder mill. The first school house was built in 1829 on Laurel Creek, with Robert McBroom being the first teacher. This log school house also served as the polling place for the first election. The first mill, a water run sawmill, was built in 1828 by Levi McCullon on Laurel Creek. The first store was operated by Kennedy Linn.

Gibisonville was laid out by Samuel and William Gibison in 1840. In 1883 there were about 60 inhabitants and W. O. Dawson was the doctor. Businesses included a general store, kept by T.D. Wood, one blacksmith, a wagon shop, nursery, shoe shop and a post office. There were also two churches and a village school.

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