Hocking County Ohio Death Notices

The Ohio Democrat
September 11, 1886
The infant daughter of Mr and Mrs James Jones died on the 5th inst.
Mr Samuel Boardman died at the residence of his son, Mr Jos. Boardman, on Thursay, Sept 2, 1886, in his 83d year.
Mrs John Milner, died at her residence in Logan, on Thursday, Sep 7th.
Catherine Stimmel Johnson died at the residence of her son, Isaac Johnson, in Falls township, Sep 3rd, 1886, aged 88 years and 15 days.
The Ohio Democrat
September 18, 1886
The infant daughter of J.M. Guthrie, died of Tetanus, Sep 17
Esq. W.M. Davey, died Sep 18 at 4 o'clock p.m., of dropsy, aged 74 years and 6 days
The Athens Messenger
March 3 1881
The infant child of Mr and Mrs Uriah and Lou Brown, of Logan, died on Sunday of last week.
The Ohio Democrat
July 09, 1887
July 6th, 1887, of typhoid fever Mrs Susan Ingmire at her home in Starr township. Aged 74 years. Funeral on Friday last at Miller's Chapel conducted by Rev. Griffith.
July 5, 1887. Mrs Conrad Frasch after a long illness. She was a daughter of Gotlieb Bunz, dec'd, and about 47 years of age. Funeral Thursday at the Lutheran Church on Hunter Street conducted by Rev. Mitler.
June 30, 1887. Infant child of Mr and Mrs George Mercer.
July 3, 1887. Infant child of Mr and Mrs Chas Chase
The Athens Messenger
July 15 1875
Wm. H. Henderson, an old resident of Starr township, was recently found dead in his corn field, near his house. Heart disease.
Deaths of Logan People
The Democrat-Sentinel
January 14 1909
Mr I I Kinser keeps a record every year of the deaths of Logan people and he has our thanks for furnishing us the following:

Dates of Deaths of Logan People For Year 1908.

Jan 2nd John J Rodeheaver and Mrs John Donovan
10th George Hale
16th Henry Plunk, Ed, K Miles and Mrs H J Woodworth, died at Haydenville
21st Chas. Shoemaker and George B Blosser
28th Wm Zewe (Savey) and Fred A Rochester
29th Mrs S E Stiverson

Feb 2nd Mrs Lena Angel Summen, died at Huntington W. Va
5th Irene Quinn
6th Mrs Lee Black
15th Infant child of Mr and Mrs John Rider
16th Mrs Otto Kanode
26th Mrs Daisy Hutchison Scott died at Newark, Ohio

March 1st Mrs A C Sands
5th Mrs Thomas Collins died at Athens
9th Mrs J H Myers
19th Mrs Henry Leach and Allen Oldfield, died in Missouri
25th Infant of Mr and Mrs Howard Green
22nd Gibhart Ammendt died in Columbus
26th Jacob Schrader and Asburt Watts, near Logan

April 3rd Infant of Prof, and Mrs Garman
7th Mrs Susan Disbennet
8th Mrs Cynthia Holmes
12th Infant of Mr and Mrs Walter Becker
14th Mrs Geo. Smith
15th Mrs Henry Schaffer
24th Homer Klinker
26th Mrs John Westlake
28th Mrs Mike Kraus
29th Grandma Stiers, John Tritsch and Infant of Mr and Mrs A. Harsh

May 7th Mrs Ira Angel died at Columbus
8th Lizzie Wyman and Foss Heft, died at St George Utah
13th Mrs Sarah Curtis
17th Phillip Hansel
18th Mrs J N Slatzer
23nd Mrs Walter O'Dell
26th Nellie Nye

June 1st Infant of Mr and Mrs Chas. Grisby
8th Jerome Nihiser and Mrs Abner Spencer
19th Mrs Hannah Schaffer
22nd Walter Bray, killed at Rockbridge
28th Sam Brooke died at Marysville, Ohio

July 5th Mrs Jane Carpenter
12th W H Toole
13th Mrs Phoeba J Conoway
14th John H Unkle
23rd Mrs Elizabeth Risley
27th Rev Noah Lohr
29th Norman Moe
31st John D McLain

Aug 4th Mrs Alice Braddock Sisson, died at Nelsonville
7th Franklin W Fields
18th Mrs Mary Kull
21st Mrs Rev. A W Buckland
24th Chas. Myers
25th Opal Blosser
27th Mrs Howard Stephenson
29th Joseph Brooker

Sept 11th Mrs Isaac Collins
17th John B Stedem

Oct 3rd Child of Mr and Mrs Willard Newman
9th Mrs Ed Ollinger
11th Conductor Camp
12th Mrs Catherine Gallagher
24th Charles Tennyhill and Mrs James Donnelly

Nov 1st Almena Rinestettler
3rd John Shorr
10th Mrs Jogn Shorr
15th Charles Rose
16th Mrs Magdalena Schrader

Dec 6th Frank Moeckel and Mrs John J Rodeheaver
18th George Gage, Samuel Nihiser and Infant of Mr and Mrs Stanley Thompson
19th Infant of Mr and Mrs Wm. Delp
29th Andrew Holl

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