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At the time of statehood in 1803, there were only 14 post offices in Ohio.  The postage rate itself was based on the distance the letter traveled and the number of sheets of paper used, not a uniform rate as it is today. There was no home delivery. People  had to go to the post office to pick up all their mail, even if it had been prepaid. A transportation system based on walking or horse drawn carts led to post offices being located in stores, mills, taverns, and even homes every few miles.
Home delivery of mail began in Cleveland and a few other cities in 1863 and spread to over 400 other towns and cities by 1900. Home delivery in rural areas, called Rural FreeDelivery (or RFD), began in 1896 in Jefferson County, West Virginia. The first Ohio RFD routes were established that same year. Because placing a letter into the mail often meant a walk or buggy ride of an hour or more, the postal carriers not only delivered mail but collected it as well. When people had to pick up their mail, there was a need for a post office every few miles or within easy travel distance. With the advent of Rural Free Delivery, this need was greatly reduced. Consequently, a large number of small volume rural offices were quickly closed. Ohio went from 3,376 post offices in 1900 to 1,928 in 1910, a loss of 43% of the operating offices in just 10 years.

Source: Used with permission from Jim Forte

Apple (1891-1911)
Ash Cave (1857-1866)
Black Jack (1856-1860)
Black Jack (1861-1873)
Black Jack (1884-1895)
Blackjack (1895-1902)
Blatchford (1892-1909)
Braeshears (1886-1893)
Brenholts (1901-1903)
Carbon Hill (1879-Date)
Cedar Grove (1873-1905)
Coalgate (1893-1903)
Consol (1893-1898)
Enterprise (1870-1875)
Enterprise (1880-1966)
Friesner (1875-1880)
Gay (1881-1882)
Gibisonville (1850-1?83)
Gibisonville (1883-1969)
Gore (1852-1972)
Greendale (1879-1939)
Haydenville (1870-Date)
Haynes (1873-1913)
Hocking Furnace (1857-1869)
Isleboro (1894-1902)
Isleborough (1852-1894)
Jobs (1890-1924)
Joe (1887-1903)
Kachelmacher (1906-1910)
Kittaning (1887-1893)
Laurelville (1878-Date)
Logan (1817-Date)
Longstreth (1890-1923)
Max (1899-1903)
Middle Fork (1852-1907)
Monday (1880-1914)
Mowry (1879-1880)
Murray (1883-1923)
Murray City (1923-Date)
Nancy (1892-1909)
Needmore (1892-1902)
Orbiston (1877-1924)
Outhwaite (1887-1895)
Pattonstille (1847-1857)
Pineville (1851-1856)
Pursell (1892-1905)
Rock House (1844-1895)
Rockbridge (1863-Date)
Rockhouse (1895-1907)
Sandrun (1881-1909)
Smock (1891-1904)
South Bloomingville (1867-DPO)
South Bloomingville Rur. Sta. (?-Date)
South Perry (1843-1916)
South Perry (1922-1942)
Star (1830-1834)
Starr (1916-1934)
Swan (1843/1904)
Swartz (1887-1903)
Union Furnace (1873-Date)
Webb Summit (1873-1919)
Winona Furnace (1877-1900)

Information below about the postoffices in Hocking County comes from the
History of Hocking Valley, Ohio Chicago: Inter-state Publishing Co., 1883 unless otherwise noted.

A postoffice was established here in the fall of 1877, and named Winona Furnace, with E.B. Greene as Postmaster.
BLACKJACK The Sentinel announced in 1850 that a new post office had been established at Chapman's store in Washington township in the Villiage of Ewing and in 1856, a new post office was announced at Blackjack in Laurel Township.
Hocking County Sesquentennial 1818 to 1968
The present Postmaster is George Gill. The first Postmaster was Herschel Sanford who kept the office at his house about one and a half miles east of Bloomingville. It was called at that time the "ROCK HOUSE" postoffice. The first Postmaster at Bloomingville was Samuel Wilson, followed in the order named: Dr. Floyd, Samuel Wilson, J.J. Bilgen, Henry Burch, W.F. Englehart, Peter Eby, J.F. Starkey, W.H. Everett, J.T. McCormack, J.C. Wolfe and, as above stated, George Gill, the present officer.
The only postoffice ever established within the township [Saltcreek] is situated north of its center, near the confluence of the two streams, Big Pine and Salt creeks. It was established in 1871, when D.L. Davis, who has held the office continuously up to the present time, was appointed Postmaster. For a few years the office went by the name of PINEVILLE, but it was changed to HAYNES postoffice, being in the midst of the Haynes neighborhood.
A postoffice was established here Jan. 1, 1879, through the efforts of John Bates, who was appointed first Postmaster. Mr. Bates retained the position only a short time, being succeeded April 1, 1879, by Rufus Dodson, the present incumbent.
BUENA VISTA is a small villiage located on section 3, laid out in 1848 by Peter Kane. There is a postoffice at this point, with C. Moore as Postmaster.
GIBISONVILLE was lasid out by Samual and William Gibison, from whom it derived in 1840 and at the present time has about sixty inhabitants. There is a postoffice at this point, Mr. Joel Gibison being the present Postmaster.
The township [Falls] has one postoffice besides Logan-Enterprise-located on section 6, near the northeast corner of the southeast quarter.
GORE The postoffice of Gore was established in 1852 with Mr. Culver as Postmaster, but was removed to Hamlin in January, 1880.
A store and postoffice were established on the southeast quarter of section 30, on the Straitsville Branch in 1871, with James Hall, Postmaster. The store and postoffice are now in the hands of L.F. Keller.
The two towns of Hamlin and Burgessville lie on opposite sides of the railroad, and being contiguous are considered by the casual observer as one town, but such is not the case. The villiage of Gore is near by, and after the erection of the furnace at the former place, in January, 1880, the Gore postoffice was removed to Hamlin, still retaining its old name.
The postoffice was established in Logan in 1817, when Dutton Lane was appointed Postmaster by President Monroe. William Wallace was Postmaster in 1831, and since 1841 the list is as follows: Flavius Case, 1841-44; Waldo Tucker, 1844-53; Williams Haines 1853-56; Oakley Case, 1856-57; E.P. Talpey, 1857-61; Gottfried Sporleder, 1861-68; F.G. Rempel, 1868-72; F.F. Rempel, 1872-80; W.F. Case, since 1880.
The postoffice was established in 1879, when Mr. Brenholts, the present Postmaster, was appointed to take charge of it.
is situated on the southern line of the township, the postoffice, church and several other buildings being across the line in Vinton County. The postoffice, also being in Swan Township, Vinton County, is called Swan postoffice.
POINT PLEASANT was designed for a villiage, but never fairly attained that dignity. It is on section 19, near the eastern border of the township. It was laid out in town plots, and at one time had a blacksmith shop and a postoffice, but now has neither. It was never inhabited by more than one or two families at a time.
was established as early as 1815, with Henry O'Neill as Postmaster. He was succeeded by John Wright. In 1846 Wright was succeeded by Isaac Lewis, at whose death Lafayette Eggleston became Postmaster. The office was discontinued for about two years during the war, and then re-established with Mr. Eggleston as Postmaster. It is now kept in the railroad depot.
This little villiage is in Green Township, but the railroad station and postoffice are in Starr.
EWING POSTOFFICE is on section 3, one-half mile from the northern border of the township. It is on the old mail route and has spung up since it was established. Ewing is pleasantly situated on the brow of a hill, as it rises from the valley of Scott's Fork. At the time the postoffice wa established, October, 1850, at Chapman's store, Warren Chapman, Postmaster, a tannery was the only enterprise besides the store which marked the spot.
CADIZ/UNION FURNACE did not have a regular post office until 1873. Until then, residents used what was called the "Five Mile Box" for those living more than five miles from the post office in Logan. When a resident made the trip to Logan, they brought back the mail for the community. List of Postmasters:Andrew Carrick 5-19-1873; Benjamin C. McManigal 12-3-1875; Robert C. Garrett 9-5-1883; William P. Miller 7-17-1885; Joseph S. Neil 5-3-1889; Miss Molly M. Bray 10-13-1892; William P. Miller 5-27-1893; Elmer D. Kelly 6-7-1897; Homer J. Joy 11-14-1906; Ben S. Fisher 5-6-1909; Albert N. Armstrong 8-26-1909; Mrs Cynthia L. Cunningham 3-11-1918; Mrs Velma B. Hinerman 2-1-1940 [acting Postmaster]; Mrs Velma B. Hinerman 7-27-1940; Miss Hazel A. Courter 8-29-1940 [acting Postmaster]; Mrs Gail Calvin 4-10-1941; Miss Naomi O. Reinshell 5-10-1942 [acting Postmaster]; Mrs Gail Calvin 6-6-1943 [acting Postmaster]; William H. Stewart 4-30-1947 [acting Postmaster]; William H. Stewart 10-7-1948; Mrs Virginia D. McGhee 9-3-1952 [acting Postmaster]
New Cadiz-Union Furnace History

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