The Roberts Clan

Seated:  John R. Roberts, John Lovett
Standing:  Albert Spencer, Harry Frazee

Seated:  Mary (Grandma) Roberts, Mary "Bay" Roberts Griffith, Kathryn "Kate" Roberts

Seated :  Thomas "Dutch Roberts, John R. Roberts, David David Roberts, J.T. Roberts,    William "Grip" Roberts
Standing:  Arthur "Goat" Roberts, Dainel "Punk" Roberts, David "Pomp" Roberts

Margaret Roberts, Jo Huls, Kate Roberts

Tom Jaynes, Rachel Roberts Jaynes, Thelma Jaynes

David Griffith

Mary Davis, John Davis, Davey Davis Roberts

Arthur "Goat" and Myrtle Roberts

Murray City High School Drum Major Billy Shuttleworth

Roberts Genealogy

John R. Roberts Biography

Roberts Photos 2

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