David & Evva Roberts


Dearborn Times-Herald  Thursday, August 10, 1983

(Photo Caption) Evva And David Roberts are pictured (L) shortly after their marriage July 22, 1910 and after celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary in 1983 (R).  With Julliette and Henry Courtes they renewed their vows during a dedication ceremony for the new gazebo at Ford Field at Homecoming.

Still Together After 73 Years

by Eleanor Eaton

   When Evva and David Roberts were married in 1910, David was earning a living as a coal miner near Murray City, Ohio.  But then the mine worked out and the couple came to Detroit where David found employment with an automotive factory.

About 45 years ago they moved to Dearborn.  David obtained a job with the City in the highway department which he kept until his retirement.  Evva, 92, and David, 96, celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary this year.  And with another Dearborn couple, Juliette and Henry Courtes, renewed their vows in the new gazebo at Ford Field during the Elderfest activities of Homecoming. 

With the divorce rate one in every three marriages today, the Roberts are constantly asked how they managed to stay together for so many years.  What is their secret?"Well,"  said Evva, "we learned to put up with one another."  "The real reason is that she knows she's still on probation, " said David.  "I remind her every anniversary.  She'd better behave or out she goes!"  But of course he doesn't mean it.  When they renewed their vows, his was the most enthusiastic "I do" of all four participants. Evva was more sedate.  "I don't want to be a show-off." she remarked.

This year the couple went back to Murray City with their daughters Rachel Toleu and Mary Shunkwiler for a family reunion.  The Roberts' son Charles still lives there.  Though they enjoyed the visit, they prefer Dearborn as their home. However, David, a sports enthusiast, remains faithful to the Cincinnati Reds rather than the Detroit Tigers. At one time he played semi-pro baseball, said daughter Rachel. "To give an idea of how long ago that was, he received as pay between $8 to $10 a game.  Dad can still rattle off baseball statistics," she said.

Evva remained a housewife throughout their married life.  But she also did volunteer work at the Veterans Hospital for 25 years as a member of the Bible Committee of United Methodist Church.  



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