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The Lancaster Daily Gazette
January 7 1916
Miss Addie Losey of Logan ended a visit with the family of A. Carr on Madison avenue and left Friday afternoon to visit with friends in Zanesville over Sunday. Mrs Pearl Downhour of Carbon Hill is spending the weekend with Mr and Mrs A Carr and family on Madison avenue. Mrs E J Rowels returned to her home 336 East Chestnut St. Friday afternoon after a several week's visit with her mother and sister in Logan. Mrs Edward Oliver of Logan is visiting at the home of Dr and Mrs George W Beery on east Main St.
The Lancaster Daily Gazette
January 3 1916
Miss Magdaline Till of Logan visited Misses Margarot and Helen Bletzacker of North Broad St over Sunday.
The Hocking Sentinel
January 03, 1884
Local Personals.
(Persons having friends visiting, or aquainted with social items of interest are invited to notify the Sentinel.)

Bro. Foreman of the Mc Arthur Enquirer visited in Logan today.

Mr. Jonas Hoover and wife of Pickaway county are visiting friends and relatives in Logan this week.

Mr. Will Westenhaver and Miss Jennie Gage left yesterday morning for a visit to relatives in Iowa.

Hon. S. Weldy left yesterday afternoon for Columbus, where he will at once engage in the organization of the Legislature, and the advancement of the Democratic party.

Dr. Ira Hamblin, of Cincinnati, is visiting his many frierids and relatives in Logan this week.

Mrs Martha Monteith, after a visit of several weeks, left for her home in Kansas on Tuesday.

Mr. J. N. Spahr, of Illinois, spent several days in Logan this week. Mr. Spahr is well known to our people as having once had charge of our schools.

Mr. John Prinderbill, who was shot some time ago by Mark Dew, was removed on Tuesday morning to his home at Lancaster.

Mr. A. H. Chute, of Ward tp. was a visitor at the Sentinel office on Saturday.

Mr. Daniel Schaal, of Washing ton township, was a visitor at the Sentinel office on Saturday last. Chancellor Lowry, after a week's visit among relatives in Athens, returned home last week.

Miss Emma Case, of Columbus, will accept our thanks for a most acceptable Christmas gift.

Mr. Frank McClintock, of Tennessee, spent the Holidays in Logan. He is much improved in health and will return to his mountain lodge this week.

Mr. Con Weitzle, formerly of our city, at present train dispatcher for the Seney railroad, in Macon, Georgia, was married New Years day, in the Presbyterian church, to Miss Ella Smith, of our city.

The young couple leave on Monday for their new home in the South, taking with them the hearty congratulations and best wishes of their many Logan friends.

Mr. J. L. Mathias, of Enterprise, was married on the 20th to Miss Belle Smith, of Saltcreek. The young couple left on last Monday for their future home in Tennessee, where Mr. Mathias has bought a fine farm. The Sentinel and the good wishes of all their friends follow them.

Messrs. George and Josh Green, of Somerset, visited friends and relatives in Logan last Sunday.

Yank McCarthy, who was confined to his bed last week by a severe attack of rheumatism, is able to be up and about again.

Mr. Culver has removed to his handsome new residence north of the city.
A Pleasant Affair
On last New Years evening Miss Bessie Rose celebrated her 13th birthday, and half a hundred and more little boys and girls of about her own age called upon her and enjoyed the evening with good cheer and frolic. Miss Bessie was the recipient of many handsome and appropriate presents and has the hearty good wish of all her friends for a continuance through the season of the happiness with which she and father Time's New Year begin.
The Hocking Sentinel
Jan 7 1892
The Ohio Democrat
April 24 1902
Local Matters.
Mr. Hubert Lappen spent Sunday in Columbus.
Mr. Ed. Mattox has sold his dray to Mr. Pete Hopple.
Mr. Chas. Schwenke was a Sugar Grove visitor Sunday.
Mrs. Rev. Weuben, of Napolean, O., is here visiting relatives.
Mrs. John Slisher of Lancaster, visited relatives here Sunday.
Mr Frank Rose was the guest of friends in Columbus Sunday.
Mr and Mrd Ed. Donovan were Sunday visitors to Lancaster.
Mr and Mrs John White were Sunday visitors to the B.I.S.
The main county bridge in Murray city burned Monday night.
Mr. Chas. Kinkade, of Nelsonville was a Logan visitor Sunday.
Mr and Mrs James Watkins were visitors in Columbus Sunday.
Mr. Arthur Palmer of Columbus, was a Logan visitor Sunday.
Squire Martin of Joe P.O. was a business visitor to Logan Saturday.
Mr Harry Patterson of Columbus was in Logan several days last week.
Mr. Luke Lehman was a business visitor in Cincinnati this week.
Mrs. A.L. Hyson entertained the Twice Five club, Monday evening.
Messers. John Liff and Roy Magle, were visitors in Lancaster Sunday.
Mr Porter Waugh was a business visitor in New Straitsville recently.
The Knights of St. John gave a very delightful dance monday evening.
Mrs Will Barnes of Orbiston visited her mother, Mrs. John Boal, last week.
W.J. Doebele was a pleasure visitor in Columbus Saturday evening last.
Mr. Bert Stedem and Miss Blanche Ambrose drove to Nelsonville Sunday.
Rev. White was in Granville Monday to attend the funeral of a near friend.
Miss Minnie Becker of Columbus is here for several weeks visit with her relatives.
Mr and Mrs Robert Kline of Toledo are the guests of Dr. Z.V. Raney and family.
Mrs Lafe Warner visited Mr and Mrs Henry Woodworth, at Haydenville Sunday.
Messers. Ed. and Frank Tennyhill, and John Bratton were visitors in Lancaster Sunday.
Mrs. Jacob Krisbaun and daughter, Miss Kate, are visiting friends near Gibisonville this week.
Mr. W.A. Henderson was in attendance at the funeral of his nephew at Newark, Tuesday.
Col. and Mrs. Montgomery, of Buffalo, were the guests last week of Mr and Mrs Frank Gallagher.
Mrs. George Hartman was called to Lancaster Monday, on account of the serious illness of her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wetzel, of Columbus, spent Sunday with Mrs. Wetzel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas Martin.
Mr and Mrs Robert Kline were visitors with Dr. and Mrs. Raney, Thursday of last week on their wedding tour.
Miss Daisy Watkins of Westerville University, was the guest of her parents, Mr and Mrs James Watkins Sunday.
Mr. J.N. Slatzer has entered the firm of Price & Thurness, and will fill the position of shipping clerk in their furniture factory.
Marshal larimer is rejoicing this morning over the arrival of a new girl at his home. We hope the mother and babe will get along well.
Quite a large number of G.A.R. and W.R.C. members are making preaparations (sic) to attend the reunion at Lancaster the first of the month.
The Ohio Democrat
August 26 1893
Local News.
Geo. Holl is repapering St. John's church.
Rufus Reber spent several days in Charleston, W.Va. this week.
Henry Wagner has been appointed postmaster at South Perry.
Mr. C H Buerhaus, of Wichita, Kansas is visiting his son Carl H.
Dr. Chas. Balger, of Cincinnati spent several days with Logan friends this week.
Married, by G. W. Brehm, J.P. Auguast 18, 1893, Mr Henry Noggle and Miss Mary Jane Calvert.
Mr and Mrs William Brown from near Circleville are visiting relatives in and about Logan.
Alexander L White, of Illinois is visiting his parents Mr and Mrs. D. White and other relatives.
Married, by G W Brehem, J.P. August 20, 1893, Mr. Charles W. Liff and Mrs. Almeda Hampton.
Married, by G W Brehem, J.P. August 28, 1893, Mr. Samuel E Ptton and Miss Minnie E. Lent.
Clerk D H Lappen and wife returned last Wednesday from a ten day pleasure trip to the World's Fair.
Arthur Wilson, who has been in Chicago several years, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A H Wilson.
Joe Kienle, who moved to Columbus last spring was here among old acpaintances last Wednesday and Thursday.
Miss Maud Dollison, of Zanesville, and M iss Cora Dollison, of Cambridge, are visiting their relatives and friends in Logan this week.
Married, by Rev. J F Williams, in Logan, Ohio, August, 20, Mr Frank Seman, of Columbus, Ohio, and Miss Bell Vanhorn of this place.
A little nine year old daughter of Mr and Mrs J G Krinn of Laurel township, died of diptheria last Tuesday. This is the second death in the same family within about a week.
The Ohio Democrat
December 19 1901
Local Matters.
Born to Mr and Mrs Pete Sloan, this morning, a son.
Miss Sarah Bierly, of Columbus, was in Logan Sunday visiting parents and relatives.
Born-to Mr and Mrs Sam Schneider, Dec. 17, 1901, twin daughters.
Married-by Rev. T.B.White. Tuesday evening Dec 17, Mr Ed. Collins to Miss Abbie Eby.
Capt. W.J.Ryan is able to be at his place of business after a very serious sickness.
We are glad to note that Judge Wright is recovered from a recent severe spell of sickness.
Judge Seney, of Toledo, was in Logan Tuesday and Wednesday, attorney for Mr. Wasson in the ouster suit before the Probate Court.
Our old friend Ike Inboden brought us in our first Christmas gift; smoked sausage and dressed rabbit. He has gained from us a lasting love.
The Red Men and Pocahontas had a royal good time Thursday evening celebrating their anniversaries. A big supper was had. Judge Wright made a happy talk on Pocahontas.
Married-Tuesday evening by H.J. Steward, D.D., at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Van G. Phillips and Miss Etta Brandt. We will give the pleasant occasion full notice next issue. the printers are delighted with the kind of remembrance of cake.
The case of Ferdie F. Rempel vs Harry Q Wasson for removal as executor of the Will of Col. F.F. Rempel, was heard in Probate Court here Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and as we go to press the Court has the case under advisement. particulars of the case will be presented next week.

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