[This incident happened June 13, 1914. The Logan Republican was a once weekly newspaper.
The picture that was with the article did not copy well, so I have omitted it.
However, the two photographs I include here were found at the Hocking County Historical Society.
The original article ran across several of the paper's front page columns,
but in the interest of easier reading, I have formatted it in the below form.]

Logan, Ohio, Thursday June 18 1914
Five trainmen were instantly killed, one passenger mortally wounded and more than three scrore injured when train No 134, south bound, and train No 137, north bound, met in head-on-collision on the curve just this side of Starr, Saturday evening at about 5:30. Both trains were running at a high rate of speed. Because of the curve in the track neither engineer could see the other train until too late to set the emergency brakes, and the steel locomotives crumpled as though paper when they met.

The engines telescoped into the baggage cars and the passenger coaches were partially telescoped by the cars ahead. Passengers in coaches behind were thrown violently from their seats to the floor, some striking the iron fixtures and were badly cut and bruised.

Engineer Davis and Fireman Williams of train 134 and Fireman Shaw and Brakeman Unkle of train 137 were dead when taken from the wreckage. The body of Baggage Master Marsh was not recovered until Sunday morning.

When reports of the accident were received at Logan a relief and wreck train was quickly made up and physicians were hurried to the scene.

It was found however that few of the passengers has sustained serious hurts. Their injuries consisted mostly of cuts and bruises from being jostled on the floor of the coaches.

Work of removing the bodies from the twisted iron and steel was started as soon as the wreck train reached the scene. All of the bodies with the exception of Baggageman Marsh were removed to Logan by special train and taken from the cars at the Mulberry street crossing. The bodies of Engineer Davis and Fireman Williams were taken to Oliver's undertaking parlors and Fireman Shaw and Brakeman Unkle to J.F. Harden's where they were cared for until taken to their homes. The bodies of Engineer Davis and Fireman Williams were taken to Pomeroy on a special train at noon Monday, and the remains of Fireman Shaw and Brakeman Unkle were taken to their homes.

The usual meeting place of passing had been at Union Furnace, but the north bound train being late orders were given to have them pass at Starr. It is said that the operator at Starr, having so many duties to look after at that particular time, forgot to give the order to the trainman, thus allowing the trains to pass. His order completed at 5:09 read: Hold 137 for 134. No 137 passed Starr at 5:24. The Inerstate Commerce Commission is making an investigation of the accident.

The funeral services of Brakeman Unkle was from the First M.E. Church. Logan Momday afternoon Rev. Correll offciating.

The funeral services of Fireman Shaw was from the home Tuesday morning. Rev. Correl, assisted by Rev. Barngrover, conducted the exercises.

The funeral of Fireman Williams was from his home in Pomeroy, Ohio, Tuesday afternoon several railroad men from Logan attending.

The funeral services of Engineer Davis were conducted at the M.E. Church in Adelphi, Wednesday afternoon a large number of Logan people attending.

The funeral of Baggage Master Marsh was from his home, 449 West Fifth avenue, Columbus, Tuesday.

A Miraculous Escape
George Shaffer, engineer of train 137, made a most miraculous escape. Immediately after the crash he found himself under a mass of wreckage, cut, bruised and scalded and partially dazed. "It happened so quick that I don't remember what I did." he said to the physician who was dressing his wounds. "I didn't get and order to stop at Starr [??] The block was clear track ahead. Just as we were making the curve around Kegg's farm I saw 34 coming down on us. It seemed as if they were only a few feet from us. I don't know just exactly what happened then except that we run into each other and everything seemed to go up in the air at once."

Engineer Schaffer was taken to his home on North Mulberry street where he is now confined, scuffed, bruised, sprained and awfully sore, considerably distressed but making a rapid recovery and will soon be out and among us. This is his second wreck, both times substituting. In his first wreck he received much worse treatment than in this. Though much distressed he congratulates himself on his remarkable escape from death.

Pearl Shaw
The funeral services of Pearl Shaw was from the home Tuesday morning at 9:30. Rev. Correll and Barngrover conducting the services. A quartett composed of J.D. Sanderson, J.B. Dollison, S.C. Bright and Clarence Mathias sung beautiful sacred songs. The Knight of Pythias and Pythian Sisters, oh which deceased was a highly honored member, attended in a body. Profusions of fragnant flowers covered the casket, tokens of respect from friends and lodges. He leaves a widow and two children. Interment in Oak Grove.

Charles Unkle
The funeral sevices of Charles Unkle were conducted in the M.E. Church. Monday afternoon at 2:30. Dr. Correll officiating. Locals No. 224 and 175 B of R.T. from Nelsonville and Columbus were in attendance. Flowers in profusions enveloped the coffin, fragrant and beautiful tributes from lodges and friends. He leaves a widow. Interment in Oak Grove.

William Davis
The funeral services of William Davis were held in the M.E. Church at Adelphi, Wednesday, his boyhood home.Some fifteen autoes conveyed members of the Masonic order and the Eastern Stars to the services, also the Logan quartett which rendered sacred music. A large number of railroad employees were also in attendance. The casket was completely covered with flowers. Interment in Adelphi cemetery.

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