Holmes County, Ohio
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A few nights ago a terrible accident occurred to the family of Jonathan Mast, in Holmes county, Ohio. The Holmes Farmer says; During the evening, a lamp in which they were burning aurora oil, sold as non-explosive, became low. Mr. Mast lighted a candle and extinguished the light from the lamp for the purpose of filling it. His son, a child about nine years old, was holding the candle, while the father filled the lamp from a two gallon jug, and by some mishap lighted the oil, which exploded, blowing the jug to pieces, and immediately enveloping the room in flames, ten persons being in the room at the time. All were immediately rendered helpless except Mr. Erb, who exerted himself to the utmost to save the others from death. He succeeded in getting Mr. Mast, and perhaps some others from the home, and ran to Mr. Stuber's about a quarter of a mile distant for help. His way could be plainly traced afterwards by blood and pieces of flesh which fell from his body. Timely assistance saved the building, and it is hoped, some of the inmates. Mr. Mast lived about an hour after the accident, and his little son some time longer. One of the children - Mr. Hulmeth's son - died Monday night. Of the remaining seven, all were alive on Tuesday, but three cannot live, and it is feared all will die. This is the most terrible accident that has ever occurred in this county.
[The Sun (Maryland) Feb. 11, 1868]

Recent storms in Ohio swept away thirty bridges in Holmes county alone.
[Daily Arizona Citizen Aug. 21, 1882]


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