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Axe Factory Cemetery 411259N 0823732W  
Barre Farm Cemetery 410208N 0823338W  
Barrett Cemetery 410741N 0822436W  
Bellevue Cemetery 411557N 0825013W  
Bethel Cemetery 410239N 0824915W  
Boughton Cemetery 410756N 0824706W  
Bronson Cemetery 411036N 0823821W  
Bullhead Cemetery 410158N 0824644W  
Centerton Cemetery 410457N 0824521W  
Collins Cemetery 411523N 0822926W  
Collinwood Cemetery 411020N 0822529W  
Day Cemetery 410755N 0823740W  
Day Cemetery 410606N 0822233W  
Delphi Cemetery 410151N 0823644W  
Denton Farm Cemetery 411543N 0822521W  
Dry Cemetery 410606N 0822232W  
East Bronson Cemetery 410919N 0823311W  
East Creek Cemetery 410705N 0822054W  
East Norwalk Cemetery 411645N 0823311W  
East Townsend Cemetery 411436N 0822924W  
Edwards Grove Cemetery 410139N 0823330W  
Fayette Cemetery 410639N 0822750W  
Fitchville Cemetery 410554N 0822925W  
Five Points Cemetery 411028N 0822732W  
Forks of Road Cemetery (historical) 410541N 0822918W  
Fullmer Farm Cemetery 410308N 0823835W  
Golding Cemetery 410532N 0822617W  
Greenlawn Cemetery 410223N 0823103W  
Greenwood Cemetery 410352N 0824258W  
Grove Street Cemetery 410448N 0822406W  
Guinea Corners Cemetery 410311N 0824003W  
Hartland Ridge Cemetery 411123N 0822717W  
Hester Cemetery 411002N 0823748W  
Heyman Cemetery 411313N 0824516W  
Hinckley Cemetery 410823N 0823553W  
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery 410507N 0822316W  
Hoyt Cemetery 410609N 0823801W  
Jacobsburg Cemetery 411621N 0823806W  
Jones Cemetery 411111N 0824820W  
Kniffin Cemetery 410149N 0822909W  
Lutheran Cemetery 410316N 0824521W  
Lyme Cemetery 411353N 0824425W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 410121N 0824047W  
Mennonite Cemetery 410318N 0824457W  
Methodist Cemetery 411138N 0822415W  
New Haven Cemetery 410118N 0824040W  
Ninevah Road Cemetery 410030N 0822725W  
North Fairfield Cemetery 410617N 0823621W  
North Monroeville Cemetery 411702N 0824331W  
Old Greenwood Cemetery 410346N 0824302W  
Peru Center Cemetery 411032N 0824108W  
Pontiac Cemetery 411133N 0824345W  
Quaker Cemetery 410145N 0822841W  
Riverside Cemetery 411404N 0824133W  
Ruggles Cemetery 411559N 0823926W  
Saint Alphonsus Catholic Cemetery 411211N 0823821W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 411445N 0824127W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 411326N 0824213W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 410317N 0824418W  
Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery 411515N 0822330W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 411535N 0823449W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 411336N 0824909W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 411356N 0823750W  
Saint Peter Catholic Cemetery 411422N 0823712W  
Saint Sebastian Catholic Cemetery 410951N 0824730W  
Sherman Cemetery 411418N 0822152W  
South Clarksfield Cemetery 411114N 0822442W  
Steuben Cemetery 410613N 0824102W  
Strongs Ridge Cemetery 411700N 0824659W  
Township Cemetery 410048N 0823647W  
Trinity Episcopal Cemetery 411547N 0824637W  
Wakeman Cemetery 411447N 0822334W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 411415N 0823539W  


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