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Mansfield (Ohio) July 7, 1819 -- On the 1st inst. at 12 o'clock, Nego-sheik and Negoneba, two Indians of the Ottawa tribe, were executed at Norwalk, Huron county (Ohio) in pursnance to sentence of death pronounced upon them in May last, by the Court of Common Pleas, for the murder of Wood and Bishop, on Carrying River, at the West end of Lake Erie. They were taken by their own tribe and given up to the whites by their Chief, who preferred executing them in his own way, to that of hanging or weighing, as he termed it; at the same time pronouncing them worthy of death.- At 11 o'clock the prisoners were unironed, for the purpose of being conveyed to the place of divine service. On their being placed in a waggon for the purpose, Negoshiek gave a long war whoop; from thence they were conveyed to the place of worship, where they, their interpreter (a Mr. Flemming) a Chief, and seven others of their tribe, were surrounded with armed militia, who formed a hollow square, when an able and appropriate prayer was made by the Rev. Mr. ----, and a sermon, suited to the occasion, was preached to about 2000 spectators, by the Rev. Mr. ----, with prayer; after which the procession was formed, and moved to the place of execution in the following order:    In front- Commanding officer of the guard. 2d, Sheriff, 3d Clergyman, 4th, Music playing Alknomack, or Indian Warrior, 5th, Hollow Square, enclosing prisoners, 6th Their interpreter, Chief and their other Indian friends- followed in close and regular order by horseman and footman. After arriving at the place of execution, the gallows was enclosed by the guard, who kept their station until the execution was finished. Negosheik sent for his Chief when on the scafold, and requested him to take good care of his (Negoshiek's) children, and bring them up to be better than he had been. We are happy to state, to the honor of Huron county, that the prisoners have been attended with tenderness and hospitality which becomes a Christian people, and that solemnity and good order reigned throughout the whole scene. [A letter from a gentleman who was present at the execution to the Post-Master at Jersey City, states, that when the Sheriff attempted to place the cap over their faces they made considerable resistance] N.Y. Post. ["Providence Gazette" - Aug 7, 1819 - Submitted & Transcribed by Linda Dietz]

In revenge for the attention their husbands are alleged to have bestowed on Miss Minnie Lavally a pretty twenty-two-year-old girl, of Clarksville, near Norwalk, O., eight wives of that place, all dressed in men's clothing, took the young woman to a lonely spot on a road and stripped her and applied a coat of tar and feather. [Aitkin Independent Age (Aitkin, MN) September 21, 1912, page 6]




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