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Bible Records

Rebecca White Nickels Family
The Nichols/Nickels family came from Virginia to Morgan County, Ohio to Hocking County, Ohio and then to Jackson County Ohio.

Submitted by Nancy O'Loughlin

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Harison an Rbeca Nickels was married Feb the 13th AD 1820

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Harison Nickels Son Was Born Feb the 2? [21 or 27 ??] th AD 1801
Rebeca Nickels Born June 22 th - 1802
Henry H. Nickels was Born Sept the 12th AD 1821
Anne Nichols Born Sept the 27 AD 1823
Rachel Nickels Born october the 10 th AD 1825
Harison Nickels was Born Sept the 26 th AD 1827
Jane Nichols Born oct the 17 th AD 1829
Dilworth [Delworth ?] Nickels Born feb the 12 th AD 1832
Madison Nickels born May the 4 AD 1834
?orthington Nickels Born oct the 10th AD 1836
Jefferson Nickels Born August the 17 AD 1838
Rebeca Nickels Born oct the 27 AD 1840
Seffrona [Jefferson ??] Nickels Born Jan [Jun ??] the 1 th AD 1843

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William Nickels was Born April the 6 AD 1845
Henry* Nickels Was Born July the 6 AD 1869 [1864 or 1865 ??]
August the 6 1867 George* Nickels Was Born
* Henry and George were grandsons. They were the sons of Williams and Jane Ann.




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