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Robert and Margaret Swaney Golden Wedding
Leo, Ohio, 19 Sep 1894
The above date being the fiftieth anniversary of Robert and Margaret Swaney, who live one and one-fourth miles from this place, they celebrated their golden wedding. The morning of the 19th dawned with a rain which was kept up about all day. About the hour of nine, the many friends began to arrive with well filled baskets, and it was kept up until about 11:30 o'clock, when the number reached 65. Then commenced the preparations for dinner, a table 22 feet in length being prepared by the gentlemen. Upon this the ladies spread the choicest of eatables, until there was room for no more. Then came the feast, to which everyone present did any ample justice.  After dinner the table being cleared away, a committee of two ladies and two gentlemen came in to present gifts to Mr. and Mrs. Swaney. They consisted of pants, aprons, calico, handkerchiefs, tablecloths, suspenders, tobacco, cash, etc. Mr. and Mrs. Swaney thanked their many friends for the splendid dinner and beautiful presents. After a very enjoyable day, although it was still raining, the guests began to depart about half past three.
Robert Swaney was born 29 Mar 1821, in Pennsylvania. He moved with his parents, John and Osse Swaney, to Jefferson County, Ohio in 1831. On the 19th of September 1844, he married Margaret Robertson, who was born near Dover, Wayne County, Ohio on 12 Jan 1827. They moved to Jackson County on the 11th of April 1849, and settled on the farm where they now live.  There have been born to them twelve children. The oldest, a son, William Taylor, was born 2 Sep 1855, and died when young. The second, Lavinia J., was born 29 Mar 1847, married and lived in Fairfield County, and died in February 1892, leaving a husband and four sons. Next were born twin sons, John C. and -Andrew W., on 28 Feb 1849. Andrew W. died when young. John C. died at the age of2. Thomas J. was born on 12 Jan 1852, and died when young. N. B. was born 7 Mar 1854. He lives one mile west of his parents and is the oldest one living. K. R.
[Kenneth Robert] was born on 4 Oct 1856 and now lives just across in Vinton County. Eliza M. was born 3 Feb 1859, died at the age of 22, leaving a husband and one son. Martha A. was born 7 Sep 1861, married John W. Timberman, and lives one mile southwest of her parents. Robert C. was born on 25 Jul 1864 and lives adjoining his parents. Samuel I. was born 1 Jun 1867, and lives one mile southwest of his parents. Mary O. was born 29 Aug 1800. She, with her husband, John Oaks, lives with her parents, she being the youngest child. There are thirty four grandchildren.  
Robert Swaney, having raised a large family and living to see the tariff law repealed, feels quite proud, hoping to live to see silver take the place it occupied prior to 1873.
[c. Sep 1894, unknown newspaper, Submitted by Nancy O'Loughlin]




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