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Jefferson County, Ohio
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Newspaper Accounts of
Fires, Accidents, Train Wrecks
and other Calamities


STEUBENVILLE, O.,  Jan. 26. - The home of
Daniel Burns, at the north end of this city, has been crushed by a huge rock weighing about one hundred tons, which loosened from the top of a hill and rolled down with frightful force, it crushed one end of a loaded gondola car on a siding and twisted the track out of shape. Mr. Burns was buried under the debris and badly injured. His wife was hurled fifty feet away and seriously injured. Their son, who was sleeping upstairs, was carried on his bed along with the roof a distance of eighty feet and considerably injured.  [The Indiana State Journal, (Indianapolis, IN) Wed., Feb. 1, 1899 - CH - Sub by FoFG]

Youthful Swimmer Rescues Comrade
Steubenville, July 20 - John Maley, 14, saved Kenneth Sheets, 9, a comrade, from drowning in the Ohio river near here after the drowning youth had almost dragged another boy under the water.
["Repository", July 20, 1927 - DW - Sub by FoFG]


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