Jefferson County, Ohio
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Crime News

These are sorted in loose alpha order by the surname of the alleged criminal - or by the victim if no other name is available.


Steubenville, O., Jan 2 - Darrel Kernohan, 17, was held Wednesday for the murder of his father Abraham Kernohan, 46, following a quarrel Monday night at their home in Pineyfork. The two quarreled at the evening meal, Prosecutor Jesse K. George said the boy told him. The older man went into another room and started to read a paper, Darrel went upstairs, procured his father's gun slipped up behind him and fired a bullet thru his head. After shooting, the boy called Dr. H. L. Thompson at Smithfield. Dr. Thompson pronounced the elder man dead. Then the son called Smithfield police and surrendered the gun to them with the statement, "I just killed the old man".[Toledo News Bee, January 02, 1929]

Murdered by a Drunkard.
Stubenville, Ohio, Miss Buchingham, a highly respected young lady, was met by a drunken man named Legget. The girl stepped off the sidewalk to avoid him, but he grabbed her by the arm, and, with an oath, drew a revolver and shot the young woman through the heart. He escaped but was quickly overtaken by a mob which was about to lynch the murderer. He was rescued by officers. The people are greatly excited. [Zumbrota Independent (Zumbrota, MN) October 17, 1895, page 2]

Sunday night a fight occurred at Steubenville, O. between Harry Weems, a colored man, and Steward Collins, both striking potters, and Baldy McHenry, Henry Day, scabs. Pistols were fired and stones thrown. Weems was shot in the leg, which ended the battle. Officers arrested the parties. [The Appeal (St. Paul, MN), February 23, 1889, page 1]



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