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Miscellaneous News

FREE SCHOOL - In Smithfield at a meeting in the school house [5/5], it was agreed to open a free school under the direction of James Carr, Benjamin W. Ladd, Abel Cary, Wm. Leslie, Robert Ritchie, jun, as Trustees.
["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 5/15/1818]

The annual meeting of the Steubenville Library Company was held at the home of the Isaac Jenkinson. David Moodey, Sec y.
["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 11/28/1818]

Caleb Atwater, Esq., Circleville, Ohio, has been elected an honorary member of the American Antiquarian Society of Massachusetts, and likewise a corresponding member of the Lyceum of Natural History of New York.
["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 8/8/1818]

Canton, Ohio; Col. Abraham Shane has been elected Brig. General, of the 3d Brigade, 6th Div. Ohio Militia.
["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/17/1818]

‘Hello Girls’ Want Air Conditioning
Steubenville, Ohio - Phone company officials planned to meet today to 130 toll operators who say they won’t return to work until air-conditioned quarters are provided.
  The operators walked out of the Ohio Bell office in 90-degree temperatures yesterday and said:  “You can put more clothes on to keep warm, but you can’t take enough off to keep cool.”  The operators, who said fans were too noisy for them to hear calls, emphasized that the union was not involved in the strike.  Long distance calls were being handled on an emergency basis by supervisory employees [Chillicothe Gazette, July 15, 1954 - CM - Sub by FoFG]


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