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Newspaper Notices

Estate Notices as well as Administrative, Probate, Legal, Runaways Notices

NOTE: Many of these very early newspaper items were abstracted and reprinted in "The Ohio Genealogical Quarterly", meaning this is a transcription of a transcription. The original newspaper should be consulted whenever possible

We'll try and list these in alpha order by the first surname mentioned or by the subject of the notice

Runaway Notices | For Sale/Public Notices | Estate Notices | Wife Leaving Notices | Miscellaneous Public Notices


Runaway Notices

Ran Away, James
Bark, a lad of 12 yrs, bound to subscriber by the overseers of the poor. Benj. Tappan. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/17/1820]

Ran Away, Amos
Hoglin, an apprentice, 13 years-about 4 1/2'. Pere Dempster, Smithfield. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 1/23/1819]

$10--Stolen from the bar on 25th day of Dec. A Red Morocco Pocket Book containing $40; also notes of hand in favor of subscriber against Jacob Huffman, John Huffman; and a certificate of an acquired section of land entered by Jacob Huffman. Daniel
Huffman, Warren twp. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 2/10/1818]

Ran Away on 12th. inst. James
Luckens, an indentured apprentice, about 17 years-5'6", red hair. Abel Wiley. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, Unknown Date, bet. 1818-1820]

Ran Away, 19th. of August last, Samuel
O'Donnell, an indentured apprenctice, about 19 years-5'10", brown hair. Michael Smith, N. Phila.--$5 ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, Unknown Date, bet. 1818-1820]

REWARD--$10--Ran Away on Sunday, 19th ult, an apprentice to the saddling business named John
Stuart, between 18-19 years of age, dark complexion. Whoever returns said boy shall receive reward--James Hull. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 11/7/1817]

$5--Ran Away on 21st. of Apr., an apprentice to the brick-laying business named Stephen
Tarlton, 18 years-5' 9". Ambrose Shaw, Steubenville. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 5/2/1818]

Eloped from my custody, Dorsey
Viers, he lives on or near Lake Erie, John Moore, Constable, N. Salem. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/5/1820]

Ran Away, 13th. April, apprentice to stone-cutting, with tools, Isaac
Watkins, about 20 years of age. John Hart. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio,5/15/1819]


Estate Notices

ANDERSON --Estate of the late James Anderson, Warren twp, dec'd. Fanny Anderson or Joel Staneart, Adms. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/5/1818]

BAILEY --Estate of Wm. Bailey, Island Creek twp., dec'd John P. McMillan & George Watson, Exrs. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 3/27/1819]

LATTA --Estate of Thos. Latta, late of Wayne twp., dec'd. Martha Latta & Josiah Crawford, Adms. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 3/30/1818?]

MAXWELL --Estate of Rob't Maxwell, Sen, late of Wayne twp, dec'd. Emmy Maxwell, Ex'x. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 3/30/1818]

--Estate of David Moor, late of Harrison county, Green twp, Nathan Nichols, Adm. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/5/1818]

SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE--The estate of Wm. Scott, late of Croos Creek twp., Jefferson county, dec'd. Thos. & Wm. Scott, Adms. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 5/9/1818]

ROSS - Estate of James Ross, dec'd. D. Stanton, Adm. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 5/9/1818]


For Sale/Public Sale Notices

FOR SALE--100 acres lying on the road between Cadiz [32 mi] and Cambridge [10 mi], for terms apply, George
Wine, living in New Winchester, near the premises. Thomas Smith ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 2/20/1819]

FOR SALE----A lot opposite Todd's Tavern--Sign of the Cross Keys, Steubenville. Edw. Todd
["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 5/9/1820]

Public Sale, All the real estate of the late James
Ayres, dec'd Steubenville. N. Hutchinson, Adm. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/19/1818]

In Philipsburg, a second sale of lots, Satur. 10th, Oct. P.
Doddridge, prop. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/19/1818]

FOR RENT--The tavern stand--Sign of the Travellers Rest, on Cadiz, Canton, and New Salem road near Steubenville, with 5 ½ acres of land. Apply Elizabeth Dundass on the premises.

--For one or two years-- that 2-story house on 4th Street' next [2-doors south of Norton's Tavern, The Sign of The Bear] Apply Phillip Reilly.
["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 2/24/1818]

NOTICE -- James
Fowler wishes his friends to know his property is for sale by the sheriff not because of his own debt, but for Henry Fisher's for whom he became a surety through persuasion. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 11/28/1818]


Wife Leaving Notices

COLER - My wife Barbary, has eloped without just cause. Christian Henry Coler, Buffalo twp. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 2/20/1819]

KEARNS - My wife Margaret, has left me without just cause. She has taken my children--if anyone will restore them to me they shall received support, but none in their absence. David Kearns, Island Creek twp. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/17/1818]

RUNYON - My wife Rebecca Runyon and myself having separated, I will not be accountable for any debts. Joseph Runyon, Warren twp. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 2/27/1819]

SPICER - Caution-- My wife Nancy, has left me without just cause -- Moses Spicer ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 9/5/1818]


Miscellaneous Notices

Information about William, James and John
Abraham who emigrated to America about 1772. Apply to James Conningham, Baltimore. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 1/23/1819]

HEIRS WANTED--About the year 1774 George M'Candlish, farmer, in Craig, near Whitehorn, in county of Wigtown, in North Britain, and Agness Smith, his wife, left Scotland and went to America. The advertisers understand they resided in Pennsylvania, and that they died about the year 1790 leaving children...Address Mr. John Bainbridge, 45 Bread St., London; Mr. James Smith, Wigtown, Scotland; Messers Joshua & Thos. Gilpin, Philadelphia. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 5/2/1818]



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