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Knox County Will Abstracts


The following records were abstracted from Will Book A. Pages on which original record may be found are given in parenthesis.

LEONARD, William - dated 3-5-1306; recorded 5-3-1808. Eldest son, Amos. Daughter, Rachel, Signed, William (his mark) Leonard. Witnesses: John Mills, Thompson Mills, and Benj'm Brown. (l)

BOYLE, Jonathan of Clinton twp. - dated 11-24-1807; recorded 5-3-1808. Wife, Elizabeth. Sons; John, James and Thomas. Daughters: Christiana, Hannah, Sarah and Mary; all not of age, Executors: Mathew Merrit- and John Mills. Signed, Jonathan (his mark) Boyle. Witnesses; Jonathan Hunt, Zeba Leonard and Daniel Demmick. (1)

SAPP, George of Union township - dated 1-6-1811; recorded 5-1-1811. Children: Daniel, Joseph, William, John, Margaret Critchfield, Catharine Critchfield, Mary Myers, Elizabeth Waide, and George. Signed: George Sapp (German signature). Witnesses: John Greer and William Robinson. (3)

HILLIER, Richard of Zanesville twp. Muskingum Co., Ohio - dated 12-18-1807; recorded 10-2-1811. Wife, Ann, also to serve as executrix. Five sons: Franklin, Anthony, John, Thomas and William; all not of age. Signed, Richard Hillier. Witnesses: Samuel Herrick, Luke Walpole and D. Harvey. (4)

WALKER, James Jr. - dated 1 l-9-1812; recorded 12-12-1812. Wife, Hannah. Sons: Philip, John, Joseph, Alexander, James, Robert and Jesse; Jesse to have large Bible. Daughters: Polly and Sarah. Executor, Azariah Davis. Signed, James Walker. Witnesses: Solomon G; Mor and James Smith. (7)

JOHNSTON, William of Chester twp. - dated 9-10-1813; recorded 10-22-1813. Sons, mentioned but not named other than Daniel and Emsley who were to serve as executors. Five daughters, mentioned but not named. Signed, William Johnston. Witnesses: Joseph Desman, Robert Dalrymple and John Lewis, (9)

FISHBACK, Richard of Clinton - dated 5~21-1814; recorded August 1814. W ife , Mary, Sons, William Parker Fishback. Executors: Samuel H. Smith, Benj. Barney and Ichabod Marshall, all of Clinton . Signed, Richard Fishback.Witnesses:
Ichabod Nye, Freeman Fishback and John P. McArdle. (10)

LINDSLY, John of Chester twp. _ dated 8-15-18114; recorded Dec. 1814. Wife,
Susanah. Sons Elias and John.. Daughters, Mary, Abigail, Lorana and Serena;
Executors: Elias Lindsly and John Lewis. Signed, John Lindsley. Witnesses:
John Lewis,. Isaac Hoffman and Uriah Denman. (11)

LEONARD, Ziba - dated 7-23-1813; recorded 4-18-1815. Sons: Amos, Ziba, Michael and Joseph. Daughters, Martha and Lydia , Wife, not mentioned or named but note signatures. Signed, Ziba Leonard and Martha (mark) Leonard, Witnesses; Smith Hadley, Benjamin Brown, Wesley Spratt, Benjamin Leonard and Jonathan Burch. (12)

HUNTER, James - dated 9-12-1816; recorded Dec. 1816. Wife, Catharine, also to serve as executrix. Sons, George and Richard. Grandsons, George and William
Freshwater sons of George Freshwater and Mary; his wife. Signed, James Hunter,
Witnesses: Mathew Davidson and Jacob Draper. (13)

SIMPKINS, John - Noncupative Will - dated 8-5-1809; recorded (1816-1817?).
Wife, Pheaby. Two sons, Sealy and Benjamin. (14)

HINTON, John - dated 9-16-1817; recorded Oct. 1817. Wife, mentioned but not named. Sons, George and Thomas. Two youngest daughters, Mary and Malinda Hinton. Executor, Joseph Jennings. Signed: John (his mark) Hinton. Witnesses:
John Borden, James Houck and Joseph Jennings. (15)

HARDISTY, Francis - dated 4-9-1817; recorded 5-5-1820. Wife, Sarah. Two sons, Hugh and Francis, also to serve as executors. Daughters: Mary wife of Philip
Hawkins, Hannah wife of Barney Dewitt, Rachel wife of Francis Plakney (or Hakney?), Elisabeth wife of Charles McBride, Sarah wife of Alex'r Dallia (Dallas) and Ruth wife of Benjamin Austin. Signed, Francis Hardisty. Witnesses: John Davidson
and James Smith. (15)

COOPER, George of Morgan twp, - dated 8-5-1817; recorded Oct. 1817. Wife, Jane. Two sons, John and William, not of age. Daughters, mentioned but not named,
not of age. Executors, James Pollock and Jacob Hanger. Signed, George Cooper.
Witnesses: Abner Brown, Jr. and James H. Smith. (17)

MAGERS, Lawrence - dated 8-21-1818; recorded May 1819. Sister, Henrietta Magers. Mentions other brothers and sisters, but does not name. Executor,
John Arnold. Signed, Lawrence (his mark) Magers. Witnesses; John Furniss and. William (his mark) Magers. (18)

DOTY, John of Miller twp. - dated 4-23-1819; recorded May 1819- Wife, Esther.
Sons: Jeremiah, John aid Samuel; Samuel not of age. Daughters: Elizabeth
Crawford, Esther Farmer, Polly Myers, Ann and Sarah Doty: the last two not of age.
Executors, John Doty and Jonathan Hunt, Jr. Signed, John (his mark) Doty.
Witnesses: Timothy Colopy, Daniel Baxter and Elizabeth Boyle. (19)

DENMAN, William of Chester twp. - dated 6-26-1819; recorded Aug. 1819. Wife, Prudence. Children: Jonathan Denman, Joseph Denman, Rachel Clutter, Sarah
Corwin, Margaret Parcel, Phebe Hathaway, Lydia Kimble, Electa Hathaway and Prudence Denman. Grandsons, Abner Trowbridge and William Denman son of Joseph. Executor: daughter. Prudence until Abner Trowbridge comes of age and then; he is to serve as executor. Signed: William (his mark) Denman. Witnesses: Isaac Norton, Bartlett Norton and David Norton. (20)

SPEAKMAN, James - dated 1-29-1820; recorded May 1820. Brother, Joseph Wilson, also to serve as executor- Nephew, James Speakman, not of age- Signed, James Speakman. Witnesses: Wm. W. Farquher, Samuel Wilson and John Cook. (22)

COLVILLE, Jennet - dated 8-25-1821; recorded 10-2-1821. Sister, Martha Colville to have legacy left by will of their father, Joseph Colville; with Martha also
to serve as executrix. Brother-in-law, John Adams. Signed, Jennet Colville .
Witnesses: James Park and William Reeder. (23)

WILSON, Samuel - dated 21st of 11th mo. 1821; recorded Apr. 1822. Wife, Hannah. Son, Joseph, not married. Grand-daughter, Hannah Townsend, not of age. Three grandsons: William Townsend, James Townsend and James Speakman. Executors: wife, Hannah and son, Joseph. Signed, Samuel Wilson. Witnesses: Wm. W. Farquhar, Thomas Townsend and W. W. Wright. (25)

CRAMER, Joseph of Clinton twp. - dated 7-3-1821; recorded (not given-1822?).
Wife, Mary. Five children: Levi, Rosana, George, Catherine and Rebecca. Mentions interest in. estate of testator's a late father, Gasper Cramer. Executor: friend,
John Shaw of Mt. Vernon . Signed, John Cramer. Witnesses: Alex'r Elliott, Daniel
D. Stevenson and John Roberts. (26)

DURBIN, Samuel - dated 4-17-1822; recorded 4-29-1822. Wife, Rebecca, Sons: Thomas, James and John. Other children mentioned but not named. Brother, Scott
Durbin. Executors: wife, Rebecca and brother-in-law, John Collins of Fairfield Co., Ohio . Signed, Samuel Durbin. Witnesses: John Trimble, Benjamin (his mark)
Selvy and Scott Durbin. (27)

LEWIS, John of Wayne twp, - dated 4-5-1822; recorded 6-15-1822. Children, mentioned but not named, youngest not of age- Signed., John Lewis. Witnesses:
Noah Willson, Nathan M. Young and James Bryant. (29)

COOK, John Sr. - dated (not given); recorded 4-27-1822. Wife, Rachel to have Family Bible so long as she remains widow. Children: Polly, Dinah, John, Eliza,
Idah, Stephen, Joseph, William, Nathan and Ruth. Executors: son, John Cook of Richland Co., Ohio and William Lavering of Knox Co. Signed, John Cook.
Witnesses: John Ockerman and Obadiah Stillwell. (30)

MELKER, Wendal of Morgan twp. - dated 10-4-1822; recorded 4-21-1823. Wife, Elizabeth. Only son, Abraham. Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Charlotte, Molly,
Ann and Barbara. Executors: son, Abraham and brother, Philip Melker. Signed, Wendal (his mark) Melker. Witnesses: Peter Veatch and Jacob Cook. (32)

STRONG, Jane of Chester twp. - dated (not given); recorded 4-22-1823. Four sons: Josiah, Harley, Arvin C. and Orange . Two grand-daughters: Matilda and Cynthia Adelia daughters of son, Josiah Grant. Daughter, Orfella Strong. Son, Niles Strong. Executors: Darius Strong and Thomas Extol. Signed, Jane Strong. Witnesses: Reubin Clark and ?oses George. (35)

LAVERING, Daniel - dated (not given); recorded 6-5-1821.
Wife, Mary. Seven children: Grace, Henry, Charles, Nathan, John, Noah and Joseph; the last two not of age. Niece, Fanny Maxfield, not of age. Mentions grist and saw mill.
Executors: son, Nathan; son-in-law, William Rambo. Signed, Daniel Lavering.
Witnesses: John Cook and Thomas Mitchell. (36)

LEWIS, Elisha of Wayne twp. - dated 4-28-1623; recorded 5-22-1823. Wife, Charlotte. Sons, Daniel and John. Mentions two daughters but does not name. Executors, Nathaniel M. Young and Daniel Conger. Signed. Elisha Lewis. Witnesses: Noah Wilson, Wm. Lewis and David Lindsley. (39)

BLAIR, John - dated 9-13-1822; recorded 8-13-1823. Wife, Elizabeth, also to
serve as executrix. Son, James. Mentions that there possibly may be another
child on way. Signed. John Blair. Witnesses: Robert Giffin, Martin Engle,
James Rightmire and Joseph Staats. (40)

BRIGHT, Nicholas of Zanesville twp., Muskingum Co., Ohio - dated 1-25-1817; recorded 11-24-1823. Wife, Nancy, also to serve as executrix. Son, David.
Son-in-law, William Jones. Signed, Nicholas (his mark) Bright. Witnesses: James Lane , John Campbell and Hemphrey Campbill. (41)

McCARDLE, Peter - dated 8-13-1823; recorded 11-25-1823. Wife, Nancy. Daughter , May (Mary?). Grand-daughter, Nancy Murphy. Signed, Peter McCardle. Witnesses: Timothy Collopy and Jacob Collopy. (42)

SHAW, William Sr. of Chester twp. - dated 2-10-1824; recorded 3-15-1824. Brothers, Andrew and Samuel Shaw. Sisters: Margaret White, Jenner 0veats(?) and May. (Mary?) Shaw, her heirs. Nephews, Robert and David Shaw. Bequeath to David Peoples, relationship if any, not stated. Executor, David Shaw, Signed, William Shaw. Witnesses; Martin McGown and Mary Sheapard. (43)

DUNN BARR, James - dated 12-8-1824; recorded 5-16-1825. Sons: Joseph D. Barr and Robert D. Barr. Bequeathes to Susannah McKillen and Jane wife of George Hunter, relationship, if any not stated. Executor, Abraham Doty. Signed, Janes Durt Barr. Witnesses: Jacob Draper and Thomas McDonnal. (45)

YOAKAM., Michael of Liberty twp. - dated 6-21-1825; recorded 8-20-1825. Wife, Drusilla. Children: Elizabeth Hornback, William Yoakam, Jacob Yoakam, John
Yoakam, Michael Yoakam, Jr., Absalom Yoakam, Morgan Diether (? ink blot) and Ruth Shinberry. Executor, Gillian Bryant. Signed, Michael Yoakam. Witnesses:
Stephen Chapman and Joseph Higgins. (46)

KEMMERER, John of Butler twp. - dated 9-8-1825; recorded.10-17-1825- Wife, Nancy. Son, Samuel. Mentions other children, but does not name. Executors:
wife, Nancy and son, Samuel. Signed, John (his mark) Kemmerer. Witnesses: Dan'l Campbell and Adam Mosholder. (47)

HERROD (HARROD), Levi of Pleasant twp. - dated 9-24-1825; recorded 10-17-1825. Wife, Rachel. Five sons: Levi, Michael, James, William and Samuel. Four daughters: Jemima Biggs, Racheal Biggs, Elizabeth Bell and Sarah Dun. Executors: sons, Michael and Levi. Signed, Levi Harrod. Witnesses: Peter Veach and Andrew Casto. (49)

MILLER, John - dated 11-18-1825; recorded 1-21-1826. Wife, mentioned but not named. Children; Mary, Sarah, Joseph, Jesse, John, Isaac, Ire and Silas.
Executors: wife (not named) and James McGibbany. Signed, John Miller.
Witnesses: Solomon Geller and Abner Ustick. (52)

DARTING, William - dated 6-2-1825; recorded 10-17-1825. Son, Abraham Darting, alsoto serve as executor; mentions his daughter but. does not name. Daughter, Jane. Grandsons: Patrick Morgan Darting, William Darting, Adam Hider Darting, William Darting Beaty, Jeremiah Beaty, Milan P. Darting. Mentions land owned by testator in Virginia . Signed, William (his mark) Darting. Witnesses: William Parker, Jehu Dailey and Wofford Vithy. (50)

WILSON , James of Jackson twp. - dated 12-17-1824; recorded 3-13-1826. Wife, Rebecca. Executors: wife, Rebecca and two sons, William and Michael. Signed,
James Wilson. Witnesses: William Bawdon(?) and George Melick. (54)

SEVERN , Daniel Sr. of Union twp. - dated 8-10-1823; recorded 3-13-1826. Sons: Joseph, Absolom, Daniel Jr. and John. Daughters: Sarah wife of James Conner,
Mary wife of Joseph Severn, Abigail wife of Joseph Butter, Elizabeth wife of Thomas Butter and Rebeca wife of Oliver Jones. Grand-daughters: Jane Severn and Mary Severn. Executors: sons, Joseph and Daniel Severn. Signed, Daniel Severn. Witnesses: Jesse Simpson, John Severns and Stephen (his mark) Severn.(55)

WILLIAMS, John - dated 2-17-1826; recorded 3-18-1826. Wife, Rachel. Sons: Dan, to have tract of land in Richland Co.,. Ohio where he resides; William, to have
farm in Knox Co. where he resides; Gist, to have tract of land in Richland Co., Ohio containing saw mill; John P., land in Knox Co.; Abraham, land including Mill; Thomas; and Independence. Daughters: Rachel Williams now Prater (Prather), Eliza Williams and Emeline Williams. Grand-daughter, Elanor daughter of Wm. Williams. Mentions slaves to be released to Frederick Co., Maryland. Executors: wife, Rachel and son, John P. Signed, John Williams. Witnesses: Joseph Baker, Syvester Clark and John Byres. (57)

MURPHEY, Abner of Middlebury twp. - dated 2-25-1826; recorded 6-21-1826. Wife, Sarah. Sons: William, Basel , Elias and Hiram. Daughters: Rachel, Sarah, Mary
Jackson and Ealinor Murphey. Nephew, Abner Shuman. Mentions tanyard. Executors: wife, Sarah and son, William. Signed, Abner Murphey. Witnesses: Hiram Murphey, Catharine Kirby and W. Spear. (62)

TURNER, Thomas - dated 5-9-1826; recorded 6-26-1826. Wife, Chloe. Bequeathes to Otis Warren and his two sons, Samuel and Thomas Warren. Executors, James Miller and Emor Haris. Signed. Thomas Turner. Witnesses: James Miller, Cyrus Gates and Emor Harris. (65)

McBRIDE, Charles of Pike twp. - dated 8-27-1826; recorded -3-6-1827. Wife, Elizabeth. Three sons: Thomas, William and Hugh. Daughters: Sarah, Jane, Ruth, Elizabeth, Mary and Nancy McBride; the last four not of age. Executors: wife, Elizabeth and Vom(?) Smith. Signed, Charles McBride. Witnesses: Hugh Bleakley and Benjamin Austin. (64)

BUTLER, James - dated 2-27-1827; recorded 6-2-1827. Sons: John, Levy, Charles S. and Isaac. Daughters: Prudence Butler now Harris wife of Warren Harris, Delila and Betsey Butler, Mentions land in Holmes Co., Ohio . Executor; brother, Benjamin Butler . Signed, James Butler. Witnesses: John Breer and James Henderson. (66)

BROWN, Abner - dated 8-28-1827; recorded 10-29-1827. Wife, mentioned but not named. Son, Eleaser. Daughters: Mary and another daughter mentioned but not
named. Executors: sons, Jeremiah and Aaron. Signed, Abner Brown. Witnesses:
John Carmichael and Silas Brown. (68)

SIMONS, Royal D. - dated 8-25-1826; recorded 11-1-1826. Wife, Levia. Daughters: Dele an (Deleamias), Louisa, Emily, Caroline, Augusta, Nancy, Eliza and Mary. Executors: wife, Levia and James McGibeny. Signed, Royal D. Simons. Witnesses: Gideon Mott and John B. Jewett. (69)

NYE, Samuel of Clinton twp. - dated 1-8-1828; recorded 3-15-1828. Father and Mother, Ichabod and Mary Nye. Brother, Ebenezer Nye. Two sisters, Asenath Yeoman and Marian C. Nye. Executor; father, Icahabod Nye. Signed, Samuel S. Nye. Witnesses: Thomas Sprague and Stephen Chapman. (70)

ROSS, Abner of Chester twp. - doted 10-22-1827; recorded 3-10-1828. Wife, Anna, also to serve as executrix. Sons; Samuel, John and William. Daughters; Elenor, Deborah, Mary, Phebe, Hannah, Rachel, Sarah and Martha. Signed, Abner Ross. Witnesses: I. B. Packard and L. D. Mozier. (71)

HATHAWAY, Samuel of Jefferson twp., Green County , Pennsylvania - dated 3-23-26- 1823; recorded 10-19-1827. Father, Simeon Hathaway. Two brothers, Uriah and Elijah. Mentions other brothers and sister. Wm. and Stephen Huss to be kept until 14 yrs. of age. Mentions land near Mt. Vernon , Ohio . Executor, Jacob Harry of Morkin twp. Codicil dated ?-14- 1823. Brother, John Hathaway's three children, Sister, Sarah. Bible to Mary Cruir(?). New Bible to sister, Ruth. Signed, Samuel Hathaway. Witnesses: John Ankrane, Lot Leonard Jr. and Samuel Smith. (72)

EWING, Sarah of Chester twp. - dated July 1825; recorded (no no. & da. given) 1827. Son, John. Step-son, Edward Evans. Executors, Morris Morris and Wm. W. Evans. Witnesses: John Smith and Theophilus Rees. (76)

DAY, Abraham - dated 6-20-1826; recorded 11-1-1826. Wife, Deborah. Children: Abraham, Elisabeth Garnren(?), Isaac and Jacob. Executors, Abrham Day and Ebensser Condict. Signed, Abraham Day. Witnesses: James Porter and Joseph Kercue(?). (78)

WORKMAN, Isaac - dated 10-?-1827; recorded 3-12-1828. Wife , Lydia Sons: Stephen, Joseph, John, Levi, Abraham and Solomon; the last three not of age. Daughters: Hannah Workman now Porter, Elizabeth Workman now Robeson, Nancy Workman now Wells (or Wills), Susannah Workman now Waddle, Eve Workman now Graham, Rebecca Workman now Robeson, Margaret Workman now Graham, Mary Workman, Abigail Workman, Jane Workman and Sarah Workman. Executor, Solomon Robeson. Signed, Isaac Workman. Witnesses: Isaac Draper and Solomon Workman. (79)

CARMICHEL, John of Morgan twp. - dated 9-16-1828; recorded 10-27-1828. Children: Rody; Mary; Pheby; Hannah; Sarah; Stephen; Anne, her children; Jacob; Elizabeth; Meribah. Grand-daughter, Catherina McClain. Executors, Jacob Hanger and Joseph Robinson. Signed, John Carraichal. Witnesses: Jacob Robb and Aaron Davie. (82)

Caywood, Frank
Jan 4, 1910
The last will and testament of Frank E. Caywood of Middlebury township has been filed in probate.
By the terms of the will the testatrix gives to her husband, Leander Caywood, and all his heirs all her interest in the "upper place", consisting of 11 acres in Middlebury township. She also gives to her husband a life estate in the home farm. She gives to Lincoln Ewers 40 acres off the west side of the above designated home farm. The remainder of the home farm is given to Geo. J. Ewers. It consists of 110 acres
The testatrix gives to Sarah Herendeen the sum of $500, to Frank Ewers, George J. Ewers, James F. Ewers, Ella Hoar, Sallie E. Herendeen certain personal property. She gives to George J. Ewers in trust for Blanche Carson, $300. None of the above bequests are to be paid until after the death of the testatrix's husband. George J. Ewers and Leander Caywood are named as executors of the will which was signed Feb. 4, 1908, in the presence of P. L. Wilkins and Frank McDaniel.

To Set aside Will of
Willis A. Blue
Jan. 7, 1910 -- Ella Blue has commenced an action in the court of common pleas against C. L. V. Blue, executer of Willis A. Blue, et. al., for the purpose of setting aside the will of the late Willis A. Blue which was admitted to probate on December 26, 1909. The plainiff claims that this is not the last will and testament of the said Willis A. Blue. Attorneys for the plainiff are Neal & Sapp and Owen & Carr.

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