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Township Histories


At the drawing of the lands of the Connecticut Land Co. the lands were drawn by tracts. The township derived its name from that of Turhand Kirtland who owned a number of lots in Tract #3. This was Township #9, of the 9th Range of the original Connecticut Western Reserve.

The first improvement was made in the year 1808 or 1809 by a Mr. Parsons in Lot #1, Tract #1. Returning to New England for his wife, Mr. Parsons drowned in the Connecticut River. A year later John Moore,Jr. located here. About the same time Mr. Chandler and Charles Parker settled here but did not stay. The first permanent settler in this township was Christopher Crary. He was originally from Hinsdale, Berkshire Co., Mass., coming here in 1811 with wife and 9 children. He had served in the Rev. War and was twice taken prisoner. His oldest son Erastus also came here with his family, and his son Christopher G. stayed in this township. Christopher,Sr removed to Union Co., Ohio where he died in 1848 and his wife ten years later. John Moore came here in 1811 from New York State. The same summer Isaac Morley came here from Mass. and later returned with his bride. In 1815 the father of Isaac, Thomas Morley, came here. Thomas Morley served in the Rev. War. He died in 1844, aged 86. His wife died a year earlier. Isaac was one of the first converts to Campbellism, a religious doctrine set forth by Alexander Campbell.

From 1815 on,the township settled rapidly. Prior to 1815 there were settlements made here by Peter French, Barzilla Wlllard, Thomas Fuller, William Griffith, Elijah & Avery Button, J. Maynard and John Parvis.

In the year 1818 the first religious Society was formed at the home of Thomas Morley with Revs. Joseph Treat and Luther Humphrey of the Presbyterian faith in charge. The members were as follows: David and Mrs Holbrook, Levi and Mrs Smith, Russell and Mrs Hawkins, Thomas and Mrs Morley, Mrs C. Crary, Mrs Morse, Mrs A.C. Russell and Mrs I.N. Skinner.

CHRISTOPHER CRARY of of the oldest settlers of Kirtland Township, has resided her for over eighty-two years. He was born in Berkshire county, Mass., Jan. 22, 1806, son of Christopher Crary who was born in New London, Conn, in 1759, and grandson of Oliver Crary, also a native of Conn. His great-grandfather Robert Crary was a son of Peter Crary who emigrated from England to America when Charles II was restored to the throne. The father of our subject was a soldier in the Rev. War. He was in the marine service. After.the war he was a merchant at Becket, Berkshire Co., Mass. He exchanged land with Joshua Stow of Conn, in 1811 for 680 acres of land in Lake County, O., Kirtland township, and was the first settler. In 1837 he moved to Union Co., O. where he died in 1858, aged 98 years. His wife, Polly Winter was born in Conn, in 1765 and died in 1869, aged 93 years. They both were members of the Congregational Church. Our subject was the eighth of nine children, and was 5 years old when they came here. He was married in 1834 to Aurelia Morse, a native of Mass. who died in 1838 leaving three daughters, Marian, Virginia and Octavia. In 1839 he married Nancy Davis who died in 1842 leaving two sons, Charles and George. Charles went to Custer Co., S.D. and George to Marshall Co., Iowa. In 1854 Mr. Crary married Charlotte Roney and had a son William.

SANFORD P. BARBER was born in Kirtland , this county, Nov. 14, 1847. The Barber family one of the oldest in Ohio and his father was born in Ohio. Sanford served in the Civil War. In 1870 he married Miss Lizzie V. Rust and had two children, Louis C. and Erma D.

ORLO L. MAPES born in Kirtland, Aug. 9, 1859, son of Abram and Jane (Burke) Mapes, both natives of Ohio. Abram was born Oct.27,1827 and Jane,Oct. 4,1832 both in Lake county. Jane was the daughter of E.J. Burke, an early pioneer of Ohio. Abram and Jane had Roselba ( md A. Walker), Harry and Orlo. Dr. Orlo married in 1885 to Miss Lucy E. Alderman, daughter of Bidwell and Mary (Earl) Alderman, both Ohio natives. Mary died in 1865 and Bidwell remarried and had sons Earnest M. and William 0. Orlo and Limy had Orlo, Hoarce and Lloyd.

W.A. CORLETT born in Lake county. May 19, 1844, son of Wm. C. & Eleanor (Corlett), both from the Isle of Man, here about 1830. They had John, Thomas, William and Edward. William A. married in 1868 to Nellie Cole and had 4 ch.

[Source: copied from an Ohio Quarterly called Roots and Shoots -- Submitted & transcribed by Bark Zigenmeyer]


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