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Lawrence County, Ohio
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Cemetery Name




Aid Cemetery 383631N 0822919W  
Aldridge Cemetery 383845N 0823535W  
Allen Cemetery 383024N 0823358W  
Allen Cemetery 383146N 0823433W  
Austin Cemetery 383355N 0824636W  
Bald Knob Cemetery 383428N 0823107W  
Barnett Cemetery 383740N 0823308W  
Bazell Cemetery 383156N 0823312W  
Beulah Baptist Cemetery 382713N 0821934W  
Blair Cemetery 383410N 0823354W  
Boggs Cemetery 383847N 0823134W  
Bowen Cemetery 384006N 0823641W  
Bradshaw Cemetery 383903N 0822908W  
Brammer Cemetery 383052N 0823331W  
Brammey Cemetery 383046N 0822615W  
Brumfield Cemetery 383955N 0822408W  
Buckhorn Number One Cemetery 384403N 0823904W  
Buffalo Cemetery 384419N 0823044W  
Bumgarner Cemetery 383406N 0824701W  
Callicoat Cemetery 383541N 0822356W  
Calvary Cemetery 383020N 0823851W  
Centenary Cemetery 383242N 0822550W  
Collins Cemetery 384438N 0823810W  
Cooper Cemetery 384154N 0823003W  
Currington Cemetery 383210N 0823324W  
Dennin Cemetery 384034N 0823214W  
Dillon Cemetery 383513N 0822522W  
Etna Furnace Cemetery 383721N 0823921W  
Fairview Baptist Cemetery 383755N 0822718W  
Fields Cemetery 383129N 0823443W  
Finley Cemetery 384408N 0823901W  
Forgey Cemetery 383022N 0822329W  
Fradd Cemetery 383545N 0823321W  
Freewill Cemetery 382651N 0823122W  
Gilruth-Davisson Cemetery 383419N 0824823W  
Green Lawn Cemetery 382432N 0823151W  
Hackworth Cemetery 383226N 0823500W  
Hanging Rock Cemetery 383351N 0824249W  
Harvey Cemetery 383402N 0822245W  
Haskins Cemetery 383809N 0822309W  
Hecla Cemetery 383258N 0823835W  
Highland Memorial Gardens 382632N 0823456W  
Ice Creek Cemetery 383009N 0823423W  
Irvin Cemetery 384135N 0822902W  
Jennick Cemetery 383915N 0823353W  
Joe Delawder Cemetery 383909N 0823524W  
John Neal Cemetery 383907N 0823332W  
Kelley Cemetery 383347N 0824613W  
Kelly Cemetery 383141N 0823956W  
Keys Cemetery 383104N 0823315W  
Kingrey Cemetery 383516N 0822409W  
Kitts Cemetery 383341N 0823439W  
La Grange Cemetery 383400N 0824021W  
Lambert Cemetery 383910N 0822931W  
Langdon Cemetery 383012N 0822849W  
Lawrence Cemetery 383833N 0824056W  
Lawrence Chapel Cemetery 383703N 0822252W  
Leach Cemetery 383455N 0823228W  
Leatherwood Cemetery 383117N 0823149W  
Littles Cemetery 384305N 0823531W  
Locust Grove Methodist Cemetery 383537N 0822527W  
Lodge Ridge Cemetery 383537N 0823222W  
Macedonia Cemetery 382629N 0823128W  
Macedonia Cemetery 384353N 0823439W  
Maddy Cemetery 383002N 0823220W  
Mamre Cemetery 383345N 0823456W  
Mann Cemetery 383205N 0822411W  
Mays Cemetery 383223N 0823325W  
McCormacks Cemetery 382830N 0822325W  
Melvin Cemetery 383113N 0823416W  
Miller Cemetery 383222N 0821813W  
Mount Pisgah Cemetery 382708N 0822233W  
Murnaham Cemetery 383402N 0822803W  
Myrtle Ridge Baptist Cemetery 383303N 0823052W  
Nelson Cemetery 383816N 0823022W  
New Zion Cemetery 383631N 0822447W  
Newton Cemetery 383009N 0823857W  
Oakland Chapel Cemetery 383607N 0823354W  
Okey Cemetery 383918N 0822243W  
Old Baptist Cemetery 383848N 0822511W  
Perkins Ridge Cemetery 383402N 0822537W  
Perry Cemetery 383943N 0823603W  
Pigeon Hollow Cemetery 383401N 0824149W  
Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery 383637N 0824159W  
Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery 383642N 0824158W  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 383212N 0822108W  
Pomaria Cemetery 383029N 0822545W  
Puckett Cemetery 383930N 0823941W  
Rankin Cemetery 383817N 0822931W  
Rapp Cemetery 383711N 0822423W  
Robinson Cemetery 384016N 0823230W  
Rogers Cemetery 384222N 0824003W  
Rome-Proctorville Cemetery 382706N 0822120W  
Rose Cemetery 383719N 0822250W  
Rose Cemetery 383746N 0822249W  
Ross Cemetery 383325N 0823050W  
Rucker Cemetery 383723N 0822455W  
Rucker Cemetery 383834N 0823404W  
Rucker Cemetery 383752N 0822456W  
Russell Cemetery 383646N 0823103W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 383241N 0823947W  
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery 383637N 0824108W  
Sanders Cemetery 383917N 0822128W  
Scottown Cemetery 383327N 0822227W  
Slab Fork Church Cemetery 384023N 0823343W  
Stewart-Werner Cemetery 384045N 0823455W  
Sugar Creek Cemetery 383250N 0823742W  
Thompson Cemetery 384558N 0823054W  
Thompson Cemetery 384108N 0823641W  
Trumbo Cemetery 383354N 0824638W  
Tunnel Cemetery 383549N 0824016W  
Union Baptist Cemetery 384853N 0823459W  
Union Chapel Cemetery 382853N 0822323W  
Union Hill Cemetery 382548N 0822753W  
United Baptist Cemetery 383825N 0822410W  
Vernon Cemetery 384258N 0823816W  
Vesuvius Cemetery 383620N 0823757W  
Walters Cemetery 383852N 0823456W  
Warneke Cemetery 384405N 0823733W  
Washington Cemetery 384953N 0823610W  
Webb Cemetery 383137N 0823210W  
Webb Cemetery 383321N 0823355W  
Williams Cemetery 383131N 0823210W  
Willis Cemetery 383042N 0822936W  
Wiseman Cemetery 384147N 0823028W  
Woodland Cemetery 383025N 0823901W  
Yates Cemetery 383853N 0823320W  
Yates Cemetery 383947N 0823334W  
Zimmerman Cemetery 383453N 0822335W  
Zoar Cemetery 383004N 0823741W  


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