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(Contributed by Barb Ziegenmeyer)

The following list of deaths appears:

August 10th - Eliza Messenger.
August 22nd - Gideon Cornell
September 20th - George Avery
October 4th - Geo. Gavitt.

March 10th - Silas Milton WInchell
March 22nd - Hannah Spelman.
October 25th - Harriet Griffin.

January 8th - Twin infants, sons of Deacon Timothy and Mrs. Lydia Rose, “soon after birth.
February 8th - Cynthia Root, “aged one year, one month and eight days.

AprIl 14th - Samuel Everitt, Jr.
Jan. 17th - "A twin infant of Jesse Munson, Jr., aged only a few hours"
September 23d - Abigail Sweatman, aged 71 years.
October- Samuel Waters, aged 40 years.
October - Ahab Eliphas Clark

May 8th - Son of Jesse and Mrs. Hannah Munson.
May 29th - Daughter of Jesse and Mrs. Hannah Munson, “aged 2 years, 10 months and 10 days.
May 2nd - Bela Cooley Graves.
July 26th - M. Barret Root.
December? - Died, James Sinnet.
December ? -  Son of James and Charlotte Thrall

. “DIed ? -, son of Wim, and Sarah Gavitt, aged 2 days.
April - Lemuel S. Carpenter.
August - David Munson.
October - Mehitable Murdick.

December 6th - Mindwell Everitt, aged 70 years.
October - Sally Mather Wright.

January 8th - Catharine Lewis.
April 26th - John Wheeler, Esq.
April 27th - John Wheeler, Jr.
April 27th -  "Lieutenant Jesse Munson, aged 72 years.
October 6th - A child of Mr. Noble and Damaris Root.
July 3rd -Gustavus Rocloiphus Graves.
October 7th - James Thrall
Novembbr 27 - Deacon Timothy Rose Esq., aged 51 years.
December 10th - Eliphas Wright, aged 63 years.
December 30 - John Sinnet.
September 8th - Clarissa Allen.
January 20th - At Berkshire, Delaware Co., Dr. L. Pratt, aged 23 years."
June 25 Mrs. ? Reuby, at the house of Deacon Levi Hayes, a transient woman, aged ?
June 29th -  Sylvester Murdick.
August 4th - Polly Rose, Jr.

January 6th, - Lathrop Sinnet.
February 17th - Deacon Theophilus Rees, “a deacon in the Baptist Church, aged 70.
May 9th - Ethan Bancroft. “This death was occasioned by a kick from a horse.
June 2nd - Deacon Nathan Allin, who died in Worthington, aged 73 years, 11 months and 26 days.
July 20th - Henry E. Case.
July 22nd - Elijah Rathbone.
August 5th - Child of Mr. and Mrs. Pond
September 3rd - Infant son of Timothy and Bethia Harris, aged about 8 hours.
 “Also son of Mr. Jonathan and Critchat.
September 4th - Child of Mr. White.
September - Died. a son of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Critchet.
October 8th - John Kelly.

 February 7th - Mrs. John Ward.
February 23rd -  Son of Ralph and Hannah Granger
April 3rd - David Butler
April 7th -Lyman Cook.
March 5th - Mrs. L. Baker, “relict of Mr. Baker, aged 81 years.
April - David Butler.
April - Hannah Messenger, aged about 50 years.
April - Selmia Rose.
May 10th - Saiuuel Thrall
July 10th - Miriam Critchet
July 21st - Elizabeth Bardsler.
September 12th - Christopber Avery.
“His death was caused by falling into a well he was digging, near 40 feet.
September 22nd - A child of Samuel and Mrs. Miriam Clark.
December - Matthew Harvey Critchet.
“In December also died a child of Mr. Denman’s."
July 4th -  Lewis Twining, Jr.
July 18th - Mr. Lewis Twining, aged 44.
July 25 - Mrs. Eliza Perrin.
July 29th - Jane Monroe Thrall, “suddenly.
september 7th—Infant child of Asa Sheperdson.
September 15th—A child of Samuel Chadwick.
September 15th - Ebenezer Dwight,
a transient person supposed to be about 40 years of age.’
September 17th - Harriet Eager.
November 1st - Mrs. Samuel Everitt.
Nov. 10th - Celestial Griffin.
December 10th - Mrs. Richards, wife of Doctor Wm. S.
December - A child of Joshua Evans.
December 21st - Doctor Samuel Moulton, aged 20.
He died at Delaware and was interred in this place.
December 30th - Daniel Warner

January 13th - Col. Oren Granger, aged 33.
January - Benj. Critchel.
March 4th - A child of Giles C. Harrington.
March 24th - Rav. Timothy Harris, Aged 41 Years.
April 16th - A daughter of Mr. Evans.
May 9th—Samuel Baldwin, Jr.
May l5th - "Mary Eliza, dauhter of rev. Ahab Jinks aged 1 year 19 days
June 3rd - Sylvester Sprague.
June 9th - "Jeremiah R. Munson (drowned) aged 42 years.
July lst - A son of ? Reily (“By the name of Isaac.)
July 11th - Azariah J. Bancroft,
July 12th - Orson Critchell.
July 13th - Elisha S. Gilman
July 20th - Hellen.
August 20th - Miss Lamira Bell, aged 10 years, nearly.
August 24th - Capt. Job Case, suddenly, aged 63 years.
September lst - Benj. ? “Of a cancer."

Other Submitted Death Records

Thomas Pearson d. 1884 Ohio (Quaker) [submitted by S.S.O.CLARK]


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