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Soldiers of the War of the Rebellion

*This is a partial list*

F. A. Eno enlisted Aug. 12, 1862; commissioned First Lieutenant Co. D, 113th Reg.; March 1883.

James Lyon; ninety day man or  "Squirrel hunter"; died 1867.

Wm. Devereaux; ninety day man or "Squirrel hunter".

S. Z. Cooper, Pennsylvania Regiment; died Oct. 1893.

Charles B. Smith, 2nd Lieut. in 14th U.S. Inf., April, 1861, and served until the close of the war; was for a time on General Hurlburt's staff, with rank of Captain and Brevet Colonel; died at Owatona, Minn., Sept. 5, 1873.

Chas. A. McFarland, 126th.

John Fassett, Co. B. 17th Reg.; Quartermaster Clerk in the 46th Reg.; died while on his way home at Centralia, Ills., Aug 17 1863. (Co. B. was the first company that enlisted from the township and was for the three month service" as a patriot, esteemed as a Christian, and respected as a companion, he has gone to a better world, sweetly called heaven. Kind associate, brave comrade, faithful soldier! Hail and farewell !)

Albert Asher Co. H, 3rd Reg. 1861; died Sept. 6,1868.

Joel Butler. 17th Reg.

Sergt. Geo. T. Hughes, Co. B, 17th Reg., 1861, for three months service; re-enlisted Co. D, 22d Reg. 1861; died at Little Rock, Arkansas, Sept. 12, 1872.

Wiley Jackson, Co. E, 13th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery; mustered out 1866 died In Granville.

Charles Benton Case, Co. B, 3rd Reg. 1861; died at Nashvllle, July 17, 1864.

Gustavus Munson, Co. 0,76th, 1861; died at St. Louis, March 28, 1283.

Benj. W. Hill, Co. E. 88th Reg. 1861; died Aug. 28, 1865.

Caton Hill re-enlisted in the three months service; re-enlisted Co. C, 76th Reg.; mustered out 1864 died March 22, 1866.

Samuel Richards, Co. D. 113th Reg., 1862; died at Jeffersonville, Ind., June 2, 1864.

Orris Dibble 104th Ills., April, 1862.

Hiram Page, Co. D, 113th Reg., 1862; killed at battle of Chickmauga; buried in the South.

John Wamsley, Co. K, 76th Reg. 1881; but was soon mustered out for disability; re-enlisted in Co. D. 113th Reg. 1862 and mustered out the second time 1863, died April 7, 1878.

David Gittings, Co. 1,113th Reg. 1862, died 1873.

Daniel N. Evans, 88th O. V. L. died July 14, 1897.

Marion M. Munson, 113th 0. V. L. died April 10th, 1898.

Leroy S. Bancroft, 115th 0. V. L. died Oct. 22, 1898.

J. W. Slough, 135th 0. V. L.; died Jan. 29, 1899.

J. D. Crittenden; died April 17, 1899.

Joe. W. Sinnett, Ill. Infantry; died June 19,1899.

Henry Ransower, Ill Infantry died Feb. 9, 1900.

Harry Church, 52nd O. V. L. died June 15, 1900.

Cyrus M Roberts, 78th O. V. L died Dec. 15, 1900.

Isaac E. Sinsabaugh, 98th O. V. L died Aug. 2, 1901.

Edwin Sinnett, M.D., 94th O. V. L; died Feb. 15, 1902.

Joseph E. Kilroy, 76th O. V. L  died Nov. 4, 1903.

J. T. Mills, M.D., Co. H 3rd O. V. L died Jan. 31, 1904.

Plimpton Hitt, 17th O.V. L.; died Mar., 14, 1904.

Rev. J. W. Miller, Chaplain Tenn. Reg.; died Mar. 4, 1904.

Burton Nuson 113th O. V. L.; died July 14, 1904.

Franklin Osburn, 163rd O. V. L died July 18, 1904.

Byron P. Humphrey, 2nd N. Y. Cavalry; died July 28, 1904.

Robert T. Craig, Co F, 26th 0. V. L.; Jan. 3,1905




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