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Extract of a letter from a gentleman living in the state of Ohio, dated "Mount Vernon, Feb. 13, 1812"

"About a week ago, our pet Indians had a meeting at Greentown, the nearest Indian village to use being only about 25 miles distant. Previous to which there had been nearly a general notice given to the whites to come and see them and partake with them in their feast. Many from our town and were friendly received and kindly treated by the chiefs for the space of two nights and part of two days. They returned fully satisfied that their friendship was real and that these Indians had not taken any part in the action at the Prophet's town. They having given a satisfactory account of their warriors who had been absent at the time of the action, whose absence had given some uneasiness to the whites who live around them. It is believed the particular object of this meeting was to offer up sacrifice to the Great Spirit on account of the earthquake in order to appease him." [The Centinel, Gettysburg, Pa , March 11, 1812 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]


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