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Crime News

Hanging of the Murderer of the Young Lady in Ohio Bellefontaine, Ohio, September 25. - The people hung Schell last night. The guards made no response. Schell protested his innocence.
[26 Sep 1875, Augusta Chronicle; Sub. by Barb Zigenmeyer]

James Sloan, near Bellefontaine, married a Miss Detrick, six weeks ago. A brother of the young lady and the husband were at enmity. Returning from town a few days since, the husband learned that his wife was at the house of his brother-in-law. Approaching the house, he saw his wife through the window, and upon opening the door, was met by the irate brother-in-law with a revolver. Sloan re-treated, went home and got a gun and returned. As he again entered the house, he stumbled and fell, by which the gun was accidentally discharged, "the load "coincidently" entering the brother-in-law's leg. Sloan was arrested, pleaded not guilty, and was thrown in jail. He asked the Sheriff for the loan of a razor, to shave with, which was given him, and he forthwith cut his throat - so badly, it is said - almost severing the windpipe - that he can not recover. Sympathy is divided. [The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, OH) 9 Dec 1880, pg. 2]

The house of Mr. Cyrus Wiser was entered Thursday, between 1l:O0 and 4:00 o'clock, while the family were absent at the fair, and pins, pocket book, diamonds, &c, taken to the value of $70, that belonged to Mrs. Bates, of Columbus, a guest of the family. They were taken from her bedroom, which was on the first floor, and nothing else in the house was disturbed. Mr. Wiser lives near Twin Lakes. [The Bellefontaine Republican (Bellefontaine, OH) 7 Oct 1902, Tuesday, Pg. 3]

Daylight Burglars.
Doors were pried off with chisels Thursday at the home of Cyrus Weiser, who lives near Twin Lakes. The family had gone to the Fair, and the thieves helped themselves to about $75 worth of jewelry belonging to Mrs. Bates of Columbus a visitor at the home. Nothing else was taken. [The Bellefontaine Republican (Bellefontaine, OH) 7 Oct 1902, Tuesday, Pg. 3]


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