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Crandall Family Cemetery

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Cemetery moved in April 1959 for a highway project.
Burials moved to Kendeigh Corners Cemetery
Old Cemetery Being Relocated; Road Project Forces Move.

 Amherst-Modern men and tools dipped into the secrets of another century today as relocation of tiny Whiskeyville cemetery got underway. One marked grave was uncovered by 11 am, and at least one other, the unmarked resting place of an infant, was being explored.

 Carefully as one sifts gold, workers extracted bits of bone from the sandy earth.

 Relocation is being handled by the Garland Funeral Home, Park Ave. Workers of the Salo tree service, Oberlin, cleared the way to other graves by removing roots, tree stumps and leaves.

 The graveyard, which dates back to the late 1700's, is being moved to make way for improvements to Rt. 58. Remains carried in clear plastic sacks, will be taken to Kendeigh Corners cemetery at Quarry and Middle Ridge Rds.

Woman's Remains Raised
 Raised this morning were the remains of Mrs. Rhoda Crandal, wife of Ezekial. Remaining were bits of arm and leg bones, parts of the skull, and the jawbone, which was intact.  Parts of a rough box, in which the body had been placed, were also unearthed. The body had been there since 1855.   According to a headstone, Mrs. Crandal was 37.

 Nothing remained of the infant. All that was found in the grave, which bordered the Crandal grave, were parts of the rough box and its handles.  Two handles, only one of which was still intact, were uncovered. They were adorned with carvings of a lamb, no date was available.

 The cemetery at one time belonged to Lyman Crandal, one of eight known buried there. It was turned over to the township, however, about 50 years ago. The township officially abandoned the 30x40 foot plot last month. Although there are eight known graves, Whiskeyville natives, and others in the township, feel that as many as 20 or 30 may be uncovered.

 The state highway department has allowed 17 days for relocation. Wayne Garland, owner of the funeral home, said however, he hopes to complete the jobs this week.  [Source: The Chronicle Telegram, Elyria Ohio April 6, 1959]


Recommittal for 18 Long Dead
Simple service at the Kendeigh Corners Cemetery, Middle Ridge & Quarry Rds. yesterday, as the remains of 18 persons, moved from the doomed Whiskeyville Cemetery, were buried there. The Rev. F.E. Eastman, pastor emeritus of the Amherst Congregational Church, is reading Thomas Gray's "Elegy" Names of only eight of the 18 persons are known. About 20 persons, some of them descendants of the few who were identified, were at the recommittal service. The 18 coffins were place in a 72 foot long grave at Kendeigh Corners. The Garland Funeral Home of Amherst was in charge. The Whiskeyville Cemetery which dates back to the latter part of the 18th century, will be wiped out by an improvement program for Rt. 58. [Source: The Chronicle Telegram, Elyria Ohio April 16, 1959]


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Crandall, Eliza

Crandal(l), Lyman

Crandal(l), Rhoda: d. 1855, age 37 [src: news story]

Unknown Infant


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