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The Slayman Family

By Mrs. Carrie Perkins Foote  (Believe Mrs. Foote wrote this in the 1930s)
Transcribed and Submitted by Melinda Huszti

John Slayman lived on a farm joining the Benjamin Marshall place on the East.  Mrs. Slayman was taken by death, leaving her husband and two small daughters.

Their neighbors knowing a widow in New York, Mr. Slaymen went there and told her of the situation.  He told her he thought he could live with anyone, but he wanted a wife who would be a kind mother to his two little girls.

He presented the widow, Mrs. Lucinda Rowland with a letter of introduction as follows:

"This will introduce to you, Mr. John Slayman of Rochester, Lorain Co. Ohio, the gentleman I mentioned to you when I was in Leon, N. Y.  He is in comfortable circumstances as to property and is an industrious frugal man, his neighbors tell me he is a good provider for his family and a kind husband and father.  I think from information and my own observations that if you are pleased with his appearance you will be will pleased with his situation and find yourself placed in comfortable circumstances.

Signed, Samuel Edwards" 

He also presented Mrs. Rowland with another letter as follows:

"Mrs. Lucinda Rowland
Genesee Co., N. Y.
The undersigned by Mr. Edward’s request would state that we are neighbors of Mr. John Slayman and cheerfully concur in the above statement.

John Conant
A; Welsher
Erastus Knapp"

Miss Lucinda Stilwell, sister of Nancy Boice (wife of Roswell Boice of Rochester) was married to Isaac Rowland, of Bennington, N. Y. when nineteen years of age.  She was left a widow the next year and after the death of Mr. Rowland, Lucinda worked at spinning wool for people.  She worked six days of the week for a dollar and her board.  Sometimes afterward, she was staying with a couple of young ladies whose people were away on a visit, to be gone for a week.  One day, a rap was heard on the door, and one of the young ladies answered.  The stranger called for Widow Rowland, she went to the door, Mr. Slayman handed her the letter of introduction and told her he must have her answer the next day.  She did not sleep very much that night, she said, nor did she like or fancy Mr. Slayman’s looks, but she did love children and to think she could have two little girls to love and care for and a well recommended home, she decided to marry him.  When he came for his answer the next day they went to the minister’s and were married.  They went to West Falls, Erie Co., N. Y. where she had goods stored and from there they started for Ohio.  It took a week and three days for them to drive through.

She said she never regretted her decision for she had a good home.  Mr. Slayman took his family to church, walking and driving a yoke of oxen.  Always he had a load of friends glad to ride.  Mrs. Slayman taught a Sunday School Class at the Center Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Slayman lived to a ripe old age, kindly caring for each other and esteemed and loved by all who knew them.

Mary Slayman, the older daughter became a teacher in the public schools.  She married Alva Peck of New London, Ohio.  Sarah A. Slayman and Myron W. Perkins of West Falls, N. Y. were united in marriage at Rochester Ohio May 10. 1855 by Rev. Madison Elliot.
[Mrs. Carrie Perkins Foote]

Notes on what happened:
The author of the above piece, Mrs. Foote, may be a granddaughter or great granddaughter.

The Slayman house is on Stewart Road about ¾ of a mile east of Route 511, just at the rail crossing before coming to Quarry Road.  Currently it is often identified as the “Pete Campbell home.”  At the time of this event, the railroad had not yet been built.

The 1860 census lists John Slayman as a farmer in Rochester. By 1870 John is listed as a brick mason in New London.  He died April 8, 1876.

His first wife, identified as Adeline D. died on 22 Oct 1835 at about 26 years of age.

Lucinda is thought to have been born about 1806 in Vermont and she died in Rochester on March 17, 1897.  

Of the two Slayman daughters:
Mary was born about July 25, 1830, in Rochester, New York.  She married Alva Peck about 1851 and was the mother of Charles Peck (1852) and Peter Peck (1854).  Mary died August 25, 1856.  Mary’s husband remarried twice, and had seven additional children.

Sarah married Myron W. Perkins in 1855.  They did have children, but have been unable to locate the names


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