Lorain County, Ohio
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Court News


Stanley Budivich vs. Angella Budliovich - grounds of desertion. [Chronicle Telegram, Mar 18, 1921]

Norma Darlington vs. Thomas Darlington - grounds of extreme cruelty & gross neglect of duty, two children. [Chronicle Telegram, Mar 18, 1921]

Elizabeth Huber vs. Ignatz Huber - grounds of 3 years wilful absence [Chronicle Telegram, Mar 21, 1921]

  • Bessie Jones vs. Ulysses Jones - grounds of habitual drunkenness and gross neglect of duty. [Chronicle Telegram, Mar 24, 1921]

  • Clara Mizner vs. W. B. Mizner - grounds of extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty. [Chronicle Telegram, Mar 22, 1921]

    Anna Kate Schafter has filed a petition for divorce from Peter Schafer on the grounds of habitual drunkenness, gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty.  They were married in 1886 and have three children. [The Elyria Reporter (Elyria, OH) Thur. 24 Aug 1899, tr by KT] 

  • Mary J. Tabern vs. Henderson Tabern - grounds of cruelty and gross neglect of duty [Chronicle Telegram, Mar 20, 1920]

    Joseph Toth vs. Julia Toth
    [Chronicle Telegram, Mar 18, 1921]

  • Anna A. Volk vs. Edwin Volk - grounds of extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty. [Chronicle Telegram, Mar 23, 1921]

  • Divorces Granted:

    Divorces Dismissed:

    Suits Filed
    Hannah Birmingham and Martin Birmingham, her husband, plaintiffs vs. Phillip Martin.  The plaintiffs sold to the defendant certain real estate in Oberlin, which was to be paid for in installments.  Trouble over the payments came up and the plaintiffs pray that an accounting may be had and the rights of the parties determined and that the real estate may be sold and the proceeds distributed according to the rights of said parties. [The Elyria Reporter (Elyria, OH) Thur. 24 Aug 1899, tr by KT]

    Lorain, O., - Jan 1. - Joseph Booker, a saloonkeeper, filed suit Monday for $2000 against Thomas Price, John Easterling and others, members of the Ohio Liquor league, alleging that they have boycotted him and ruined his saloon and lunch business by preventing him from "purchasing beer, bread and buns, ice and other necessary articles." He was granted a temporary injunction against the defendants. It is said that Booker violated an agreement to sell no large glasses of beer. [Marion Daily Mirror, Jan 1, 1907]

    Still Another Suit - Sewer Farm Draws Fire from Another Irate Property Owner
    Bertha (Buehring) Hart, of Carlisle, executrix of the Estate of Henry Hart, has filed suit against the village of Oberlin for the sum of $3,5000 damage, which she alleges has sustained to her land by reason of the contamination of the water of Plum Creek by sewage from Oberlin.  These cases will probably be strung out over many terms of court before they reach a hearing or are terminated. [The Oberlin News, Feb. 11, 1910]

    The case against Elmer Kent, who was accused of passing himself off as an unmarried man to a young woman with whom he was keeping company, was dismissed on Tuesday.  The plaintiff admitted she knew Mrs. Kent. [The Elyria Democrat (Elyria, OH) ; Thursday, April 30, 1914]

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