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Lorain County, Ohio

Crime News

Lorain, Jan. 2 - John Gable, 32 years of age, cut his wife's throat last night and when she threw up her hand to defend herself Gable bit off her thumb and one finger. The woman is in precarious condition. Gable is under arrest. The husband was angered because his wife put in the bank $200 she found in the house. Gable who hoarded his money is afraid of banks.
[Mansfield News, Jan 2, 1908]

ELYRIA, O., Sept- 27.-A Lake Shore freight train was held up near here last night and the conductor robbed. When train No. 75 was about two miles west of here Conductor Burt Null started from the caboose for the head of the train. He was suddenly halted by four men who thrust revolvers in his face and told him to hand over his valuables. Null promptly gave the tramp highwaymen his gold watch and $3, all the valuables he had.
The men then ordered him to proceed on his way toward the engine, and by way of punctuating their remarks fired their revolvers several times The men next cut the train In two and started for the caboose to find the rear brake man. The brakeman. however, heard the shooting and surmised what had happened and locked himself in The highway men fired several shots at the brakeman, but without effect. They then jumped from the train and escaped in the woods. The trainmen were unarmed.
[Indiana Journal October 5, 1898 - Sub by Barb Zigenmeyer]


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