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Cemetery Name



Additional Information

Association Cemetery      
Berkey Cemetery 414254N 0834958W  
Beth Shalom Cemetery 413937N 0832817W  
Bird Family Cemetery 413259N 0835114W  
Calvary Cemetery 413922N 0833552W  
Collingwood Cemetery 414123N 0833340W  
East Swanton Cemetery 413506N 0835144W  
First Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery 413908N 0832923W  
Forest Cemetery 414015N 0833128W  
Fort Meigs Cemetery      
Franklin Cemetery 413146N 0835117W  
Highland Memory Gardens Cemetery 412917N 0834428W  
Houghton Cemetery 414040N 0833718W  
Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery 413910N 0834903W  
Infirmary Cemetery      
Joy Cemetery 413956N 0833913W  
Maplewood Cemetery      
Memorial Park Cemetery 414050N 0833827W  
Mennonite Cemetery 413126N 0834654W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 414110N 0833243W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 412734N 0835241W  
North Oregon Cemetery 413941N 0832814W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 412732N 0835247W  
Oak Wood Cemetery 413727N 0832035W  
Ottawa Hills Cemetery      
Porta Coeli Cemetery 414238N 0834239W  
Ravine Cemetery 414234N 0834152W  
Resurrection Cemetery 413814N 0834052W  
Riverside Cemetery 413257N 0834052W  
Riverview Cemetery      
Roth Cemetery 413322N 0834515W  
Rupp Cemetery 413156N 0834710W  
Saint Elizabeths Catholic Cemetery 414113N 0834928W  
Saint Ignatius Catholic Cemetery 413923N 0832429W  
Saint John Cemetery      
Saint Joseph Cemetery 413328N 0834014W  
Saint Marys Cemetery      
Saint Patrick Cemetery 412537N 0835049W  
Sharples Cemetery 413743N 0835003W  
Springfield Cemetery 413640N 0834323W  
Sunshine Cemetery 413708N 0833550W  
Swan Creek Cemetery 413426N 0834232W  
Toledo Memorial Cemetery 414308N 0834144W  
Toledo State Hospital Cemetery 413727N 0833608W  
Wakeman Cemetery 412952N 0834335W  
Whitehouse Cemetery 413112N 0834705W  
Willow Cemetery 413745N 0832959W  
Winslow Cemetery 413204N 0834803W  
Wolfinger Cemetery 414000N 0834707W  
Woodlawn Cemetery (Historical) 414048N 0833445W  


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