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The 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Beech, residing on the Bay Shore road, near Toledo, O., lost her left arm by falling in front of a binder. She was also severely cut about the body. [Sistersville Daily Oil Review (Sistersville, W. V.) August 6, 1902, page 4]

Quarantine Relaxed To Permit Afflicted Mother to Attend Husband's Funeral
Toledo, O., March 22 - Leaving her children, aged five and two, who are ill with scarlet fever, with their grandmother, Mrs. Harry
Lameyer was released from quarantine by the health department that she might attend the funeral of her husband.  Lameyer choked to death in his home in Cleveland, the result of asthma, after trying in vain to attract aid by throwing dishes out of the window. [Indiana Evening Gazette (Indiana, Pennsylvania) March   22, 1909 - Sub by NP]

Seven Ribs Cut Away in Toledo Man for Removal of Abscesses and His Life Saved.
Frank Turley, son of a grocer, owes his life to the skill of Toledo (O.) surgery. He was given up to die. His trouble first was pneumonia. Several consultations were held, and he was notified that he could not recover. Physicians said an abscess had formed in the membrane outside the lung. The doctor visited Ann Arbor and consulted with several medical friends. The only chance of the young man's life was thought to be an operation such as is rarely performed.  Before the surgery was finished seven ribs were cut away, there being two abscesses. One of these was between the ribs and lungs, and the ribs were cut away at the back for its removal.  The young man remained in the house all winter, the physicians holding the operation a secret until the result might be learned. Young Turley is now at work. He has increased in weight in a few weeks from 112 to 140 pounds. His case is regarded as one of the most remarkable pieces of surgery ever attempted. [The Adair County News (Columbia, KY), January 3, 1900, p 4]


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