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Group of tourists from Lucas county, OH
1909 Tourist Group

Transcribed by Marti Wethington, Fremont Ohio
There are 33 in the photo and 27 names on the back.

 Members of tourists party to Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and New York- August 8-13-1909 under personal escort of Harry T. Irwin-320 Madison Ave., Toledo, Ohio

Transcribed Names:

Mr. (20) and Mrs.(18)  John. M. Newcomb - R.F.D.#2-Fostoria, O.

Messrs. John H. (27) and J. Carl (29) Sibbe - 817 Elm St. Toledo, O.

Mr. Emmet Harris (25) - 1902 Monroe St. Toledo, O.

Mr.(28) and Mrs.(21) J.C. Deckleman - 823 Huron St, Toledo, O.

Mr. Roy Hart (12) 520 Stickney Ave. Toledo, O.

Mr. H. P. and Miss Sina Keith - 682Walbridge Ave. Toledo, O.

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Sheldon 2015 Waite Ave. Toledo, O.

Miss Hazel S. Orr (5) 1052 Oakwood Ave. Toledo, O.

Miss Myrtle Anderson (14) 1026 Oakwood Ave. Toledo, O.

Miss Sottie De Busman 158 W. Market St., Tiffin, O. *

Miss Elizabeth Munz 20-13th St. Toledo, O. (13)

Mrs. E. Wangler, New Riegel, O.

Mrs. G. W. (11*) and Misses Hazel (9) and Nellie (17) Irwin, 429 Fulton St. Canton, O.

Mrs. H. and Beatrice (10) Sheehan 1208 Collingwood Toledo, O.

Misses Edith (24) and Carrie (23) Stieg 519 Oakwood Ave. Toledo, O.

Mrs. Mott and Florence (8) Blanchard - Canton, O.

Miss Rose (22) Schlink 56 Sycamore St. Tiffin, O.

NOTE: I thought the numbers were the ages of the people listed. However, my grandmother, Rose Schlink was born in June 1888 which would make her 21. She is on the right side just to the left of all the men in the front with the bouffant hair and no hat.

*The (11) is between the two names with stars. If these are ages, it will be the Miss Du Busman.





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