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Alliance Jewish Cemetery 405549N 0810440W  
Anshe Emeth Cemetery 410753N 0803932W  
Beard Road Cemetery 405612N 0803545W  
Bethel Cemetery 405844N 0803623W  
Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 405834N 0805156W  
Boardman Cemetery 410134N 0803911W  
Brunsteter Cemetery 410540N 0804644W  
Bunker Hill Cemetery 405733N 0805609W  
Calla Cemetery 405829N 0804614W  
Calvary Cemetery 410550N 0804135W  
Canfield Cemetery 410125N 0804512W  
Children of Israel Cemetery 410752N 0803925W  
Cornersburg Cemetery 410339N 0804242W  
Cotton Private Cemetery 410556N 0804520W  
Covenanter Cemetery 410408N 0804913W  
Dean Hill Cemetery 410207N 0804744W  
Disciple Church Cemetery 410706N 0804353W  
Dutch Ridge Cemetery 405900N 0804854W  
East Goshen Friends Cemetery 405646N 0805814W  
Eckis Cemetery 410500N 0805530W  
Ellsworth Cemetery 410131N 0805103W  
Evangeline Lutheran Cemetery 405637N 0804749W  
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Forest Lawn Memorial Park 410234N 0804001W  
Four Mile Run Cemetery 410713N 0804356W  
Geeburg Cemetery 410256N 0805016W  
Good Hope Lutheran Cemetery 405639N 0803952W  
Grandview Cemetery 405415N 0810151W  
Green Haven Memorial Gardens 410345N 0804529W  
Holy Rosary Cemetery 410246N 0803206W  
Jackson Cemetery 410538N 0803412W  
Jewish Federation Cemetery 410448N 0803856W  
Lake Park Cemetery 410328N 0803752W  
Locust Grove Cemetery 405637N 0804546W  
Lowellville Cemetery 410238N 0803212W  
Lumberton Cemetery 405915N 0805643W  
Lutheran Church Cemetery 405404N 0804552W  
McCorkle Cemetery 410738N 0805233W  
Methodist Church Cemetery 410615N 0805126W  
Midway Mennonite Cemetery 405523N 0804307W  
Mount Hope Park Cemetery 410736N 0803617W  
New Springfield Cemetery 405537N 0803713W  
North Benton Cemetery 405850N 0810043W  
North Berlin Cemetery 410309N 0805650W  
North Jackson Cemetery 410624N 0805119W  
North Lima Mennonite Cemetery 405626N 0803911W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 410548N 0803946W  
Old Lutheran Cemetery 405637N 0804812W  
Old North Cemetery 410222N 0804535W  
Old Petersburg Cemetery 405441N 0803153W  
Old Springfield Cemetery 405640N 0803227W  
Paradise Lutheran Cemetery 405914N 0804313W  
Paradise Reformed Cemetery 405822N 0804222W  
Paulin Cemetery 405713N 0803736W  
Pioneer Methodist Cemetery 410520N 0803440W  
Pleasant View Cemetery 405522N 0804336W  
Poland Center Cemetery 410120N 0803404W  
Poland Village Cemetery 410108N 0803633W  
Quaker Hill Cemetery 405457N 0810152W  
Riverside Cemetery 410132N 0803632W  
Robbins Memorial Church Cemetery 405408N 0804554W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 405522N 0803159W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 410413N 0803326W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 410447N 0803440W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 410601N 0804203W  
Saint Nicholas Cemetery 410447N 0803447W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 410652N 0804222W  
Schroy Cemetery 405536N 0803510W  
Schroy Cemetery 405549N 0803450W  
Sharethora Cemetery 410324N 0804243W  
Smith Corners Cemetery 410408N 0804540W  
Stouffer Cemetery 405455N 0804548W  
Temple Emanuel Cemetery 410524N 0803440W  
Tod Homestead Cemetery 410745N 0804009W  
Vaughn Cemetery 410604N 0805914W  
Washingtonville Cemetery 405412N 0804704W  
West Berlin Cemetery 410127N 0805726W  
Zion Hill Cemetery 405424N 0804219W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 405732N 0803221W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 410323N 0804237W  


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