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Marion County, Ohio
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Marriage Announcements

Married at Bier
Marion, Ohio, May 21 - conforming to the dying wishes of the bride's mother, Miss Katherine E. Titus, aged 28, and William Baumert, 40 years old, were married at the bier of Mrs. Samuel Titus, mother of the bride.  [The Washington Herald. (Washington, D.C.), 22 May 1916]

Joseph B. Benz of this city and Miss Alice M. Ervin of Agosta were married in the probate court-room, about 11 a.m. Wednesday, Justice Harry Thompson performing the ceremony in the presence of a small company of spectators. This was the first marriage service performed by Justice Thompson
. [The Marion Star, Jun 3, 1905]

Lewis Binder and Miss Naylor, of Marion, Ohio, were married last week. [The Tiffin Tribune. (Tiffin, Ohio), 26 April 1877]

Romance Leads to Altar
Dr. Gustave Blessel, one of Senator Penrose's physicians, and Dr. Laura Engle, neighbor of President Harding at Marion, Ohio, were married in this city yesterday.  The romance which resulted in the marriage began in Dr. Blessel's chiropractors' school here.  The couple left Washington yesterday afternoon for Marion, where they will spend their honeymoon. [The Washington Times. (Washington [D.C.]), 06 Aug. 1921]

Miss Mary Long, of Wellington, and Mr. F.A. Carter, of Marion, Ohio, were married at Elyria, on Monday april 12.  miss Long has made her home with L. Stemple at the American House and is well and favorably known to a great many of our young people.  Mr. Carter is collector for the Huber Machine Co. [The Enterprise. (Wellington, Ohio), 14 April 1897]

Marion, Mar 16- Miss Nina B. Sager and Ora O. DeWeese, both of Marion, were married today.
[Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mar 17, 1918]

Dr. George T. Harding, father of President Warren G. Harding, and Miss Alice Severns, for many years the nurse in his office at Marion, Ohio, were married at Monroe, Michigan, Thursday. Dr. Harding and Miss Severns went to Monroe shortly before noon, got a marriage license and was immediately married at the home of Rev. Frank T. Knowles, pastor of the Monroe Presbyterian church. He gave his age as 76 and Miss Severns' as 52. They were accompanied by a young couple, whose name was not divulged. Mr. and Mrs. Harding left immediately after the ceremony for parts unknown, and hardly anyone recognized them. [The Mt. Sterling Advocate. (Mt. Sterling, Ky.), 16 Aug. 1921]

Married - On Sunday the 3d instant, by the Rev. S. S. Klein, Mr. Jacob Jacoby to Miss Elizabeth Worline, both of Marion county.
[OHIO GAZETTE, Saturday 9 Sept 1836]

On the 27th. ult. by Benj. Olds Esq., Mr. George Johnson to Miss Mary Sloan, both of Marion county. At the same time by the same, Mr. Amos Fulckey to Miss Lovina Sloan, both of Marion county.
[OHIO GAZETTE, Saturday, 27 Feb 1846]

Miss Bernice W. Harper of Green Camp, Marion county, and John L. Price of Richwood, were married at Green Camp. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mar 17, 1918]

Elope at Ages of 75 and 68
Orlando Northup and Mrs. Delilah Eversall, aged 75 and 68 years respectively, eluded the vigilance of their children and went from Proscpect to Marion, Ohio, and were married by a justice of the peace. [Chicago Eagle. (Chicago, Ill.), 03 Oct. 1903]

Miss Pearl Stricklin, daughter of the late W.H. Stricklin, and E.A. Scott of Marion, Ohio, were married in Nashville, last week.  Mr and Mrs. Scott will live in Nashville. [Lawrence Democrat. (Lawrenceburg, Tenn.), 20 April 1906]

Mr. Thomas J. Searls, of Wilmington, Delaware, and Miss Hattie L. Burg, daughter of Dr. Burg, of Marion, Ohio, were married in a circus ring after the performance at Greenville, Ohio, Saturday night. [The Cincinnati Daily Star. ([Cincinnati, Ohio), 17 May 1880]


Married - On the 12 inst., by Rev. Mr. Stone in Urbana, Mr. A. S. Seibert and Miss Alpha S. Berry, both of Marion.
[Marion Daily News, Aug 14, 1878]

Marion, Jan 20 - Miss Grace Wilmoth, Marion and Walter Shuster, Hepburn, were married this afternoon.
[Cleveland Plain Dealer Jan 21, 1918]

Marion, Jan 5- Mrs, May Ida O'Connell and Gilbert D. Starling, both of Marion, were married today.
[Cleveland Plain Dealer Jan 6, 1918]

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