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Marion County, Ohio
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Sick List

These are in loose alpha order

LaRue, Dec 12 - Mrs. Day Clifton is on the sick list. [The Marion Daily State, (Marion, OH) 12 Dec 1900, pg 7]

The condition of Dr. J. H. Criswell remains about the same today with the exception that he appears to be gaining in strength slightly.
[Marion Daily Mirror, Jan 2, 1907]

Marion, O., August 13, 1878- John Curran playfully pulled a revolver out of John Davis' pocket last evening at the 3C's depot, not thinking it was loaded, and pointed it at Davis' head and fired before the latter could let him know; the ball passing through his hat rim, close to the crown; the powder burning his face and one eye badly but not seriously.
[Marion Daily News, Aug 14, 1878]

LaRue, Dec 12 - The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Newman Holmes is sick with a slight attack of lung fever. [The Marion Daily State, (Marion, OH) 12 Dec 1900, pg 7]

LaRue, Dec 12 - Little Ella Marsh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Marsh is a victim of the croup. [The Marion Daily State, (Marion, OH) 12 Dec 1900, pg 7]

Mrs. Jerry Nulk is quite sick at her home on west Columbia street. [The Marion Star, Jun 3, 1905]

While employed at the Huber shops, Saturday afternoon, Earl Pinyard, suffering a painful injury by being struck in the eye by a piece of steel.
[The Marion Star, Jun 3, 1905]

John Potter, who has been an inmate of the state hospital for the insane at Columbus and who has been at home on a visit, will be returned to the institution at once.
[The Marion Star, Jun 3, 1905]

Earl Smucker, aged 17 years, who resides with Mr. and Mrs. George Smith over Geddis & Rice's livery barn, while assisting in caring for a colt, was rendered unconscious at noon Thursday. An examination developed that his left leg was fractured below the knee, and that his back was seriously injured. He was attended by Dr. Murray Hoskins.
[The Marion Star, Jun 3, 1905]

A woman by the name of Wilson, who resided north of west Center St., near the crossing of the A. & G. W. and 3C's railroads, is insane and now in the county jail.
[Marion Daily Star, Sep 5, 1879]


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