Medina County, Ohio
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Source: GNIS

Cemetery Name



Additional Information

Abbeyville Cemetery 411144N 0815323W  
Bagdad Cemetery 411017N 0814906W  
Beach Cemetery 411211N 0814404W  
Beebetown Cemetery 411617N 0815242W  
Bennetts Corners Cemetery 411627N 0814707W  
Black River Cemetery 410507N 0820348W  
Blake Cemetery 410254N 0814959W  
Branch Cemetery 410830N 0815514W  
Brown-Oviatt Cemetery      
Brunswick Center Cemetery 411422N 0815034W  
Case-Anderson Cemetery      
Chatham Cemetery 410538N 0820132W  
Coddingville Cemetery 410832N 0814222W  
Crowfoot Cemetery 410410N 0814821W  
East Granger Cemetery 410919N 0814115W  
East Homerville Reformed Cemetery 410257N 0820438W  
Eastlawn Memory Gardens 411545N 0814723W  
Fairview Park Cemetery 411009N 0814447W  
Friendsville Cemetery 410202N 0815752W  
Ganyard Cemetery 410935N 0814420W  
Greenhoe Cemetery 411228N 0815827W  
Guilford Cemetery 410129N 0814933W  
Hamilton Corners Cemetery 411134N 0815054W  
Hillcrest Memorial Gardens 410040N 0814749W  
Hinckley Ridge Cemetery 411424N 0814223W  
Holmes Brook Cemetery 410139N 0814522W  
Homer Lutheran Cemetery 410235N 0820546W  
Jerusalem Lutheran Cemetery 410116N 0814743W  
Lafayette Cemetery 410412N 0815715W  
Litchfield Center Cemetery 411007N 0820105W  
Lutheran Memorial Park 411426N 0814630W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 411417N 0814509W  
Maple Hill Cemetery 410021N 0820655W  
Medina Catholic Cemetery 410843N 0815041W  
Mound Hill Cemetery 410039N 0815113W  
Mount Zwingli Cemetery 410437N 0814116W  
Munson Cemetery 410108N 0820316W  
Myrtle Hill Cemetery 411518N 0815523W  
Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery 410001N 0814842W  
Old Lodi Cemetery 410148N 0820022W  
Old Medina Cemetery 410823N 0815137W  
Old Mennonite Cemetery 410035N 0814650W  
Old Westfield Center Cemetery 410133N 0815615W  
Pawnee Cemetery 410403N 0820437W  
Poe Cemetery 410528N 0814925W  
Reed Hill Cemetery 410949N 0814225W  
Rest Acre Cemetery 411247N 0815607W  
River Road Cemetery 410717N 0814846W  
River Styx Cemetery 410314N 0814752W  
Saint Martin of Tours Cemetery 411329N 0815720W  
Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 411411N 0815604W  
Sharon Center Cemetery 410523N 0814406W  
Shaw Cemetery 410416N 0815616W  
Southwest Sharon Cemetery 410452N 0814556W  
Spencer Cemetery 410604N 0820715W  
Spitzer Cemetery 410557N 0815326W  
Spring Grove Cemetery 410819N 0815109W  
St. Martin of Tours Cemetery      
St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery      
Town Line Cemetery 411245N 0814708W  
Vanderhoef Cemetery 410145N 0820528W  
Voorhees Cemetery 410123N 0820440W  
Waltz Cemetery 410717N 0815733W  
Westfield Center Cemetery 410137N 0815542W  
Weymouth Cemetery 411108N 0814743W  
Windfall Cemetery 410818N 0814707W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 410141N 0814405W  
York Cemetery 410956N 0815554W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 411253N 0815407W  


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