Medina County, Ohio
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Death Records

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Death Date



Place of Death

Birth Place

Andreas, George 16 Nov 1867 81y W Harrisville Vermont
Bigelow, Mrs. 19 Sep 1867 72y W Wadsworth not given
Bigelow, not given 19 Aug 1867 70y W Wadsworth Mass.
Bolehimer, Paul 17 Nov 1867 56y W Liverpool Liverpool
Bolen, Ellewine 28 Sep 1868 61y M Seville not given
Clark, Naham 25 Jun 1869 56y M Spencer Berkshire Co, Mass.
Daniels, Frederick 4 Aug 1867 71y M Westfield Conn.
Dewey, Reuben 7 Aug 1867 68y M Wadsworth Ohio
Dickey, John 17 Oct 1867 not given M Guilford not given
Farnsworth, Charlotte 22 Jun 1869 78y W Guilford Lawrence Co, Ny.
Fisher, Martha 14 Sep 1867 64y W Medina Northampton, Mass.
Guires, Sherman 24 Jul 1869 73y not given Guilford Hartford Co, Conn.
Halderman, John 16 Sep 1869 62y M Sharon Twp Northampton Co, Pa.
Haven, Mrs. 21 Feb 1868 64y not given Lorain Co not given
Holben, David 10 May 1868 43y M Wadsworth not given
House, Elizabeth 4 Aug 1867 62y M Homer not given
Inman, Elizabeth 18 Jan 1868 89y not given Spencer not given
Lewis, Mary 1 Nov 1867 40y S Lafayette not given
Locker, Susan 12 Jan 1870 not given   Guilford New York
Martin, Margaret 28 Feb 1870 73y W Guilford Switzerland
Miller, Rebecca 26 Dec 1867 61y M Summit Co Lehigh Co, Pa.
Mills, Harry A 4 Dec 1867 73y M Wadsworth Conn.
Nisely, Jacob 25 Aug 1867 77y M Montville Twp York Co, Pa.
Norton, Alweda 26 Jan 1868 66y M Medina Mass.
Overholt, Elizabeth 16 Feb 1870 50y not given Guilford Bucks Co, Pa.
Prentice, William 26 May 1868 54y M Lodi not given
Richards, Celia 4 Jul 1867 77y W Wadsworth not given
Shank, Mrs. 10 May 1867 72y W Wadsworth not given
Shaw, John 26 Jul 1867 86y M Chatham Plymouth Co, Mass.
Space, Philip 13 Feb 1870 not given M Spencer Pa.
Terrill, Betsey 8 Oct 1867 67y W Liverpool not given
Uger, Johann J 10 Nov 1867 75y M Lorain Co, Oh Baden, Germany
Walters, Marten 15 Oct 1867 65y M Spencer not given
Wells, Marietta 17 Apr 1868 58y W Lafayette Lafayette
Wilson, Mary 9 Sep 1869 48y M Guilford New York


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