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Caleb Gardner and Son, Joshua Gardner
Caleb Gardner came from the State of New York and settled in Rutland in 1803. He was a man of good business abilities, and served the township in various official capacities with credit to himself and satisfaction to the public. He died November 23d, 1823, aged fifty-nine years.
Joshua Gardner was a son of Caleb Gardner, and was born January 5th, 1793, in Connecticut, and came to Ohio with his father. He also served as constable and other civil offices. He was one of a company who went overland to California in 1849. Returning to Rutland after two years he closed his life in March, 1862, aged seventy-six years and two months.
[Source: "The Pioneer history of Meigs County", Pub. by Berlin Printing Company, 1908]

Thomas Gaston
Thomas Gaston was a native of New England , and served seven years in the Revolutionary Army. He moved with his family to the State of New York , and afterwards, induced by liberal grants of land, emigrated to Canada . But on account of conscription measures by the British government and the unfriendly feeling existing between that government and the United States , he disposed of his property there at a sacrifice, and with others in like condition left Canada , and came to Ohio , landing at Silver run, Gallia county, in 1807. He was a millwright, and moved to the Higley Mills. Later he bought a farm near New Lima, where he spent his remaining days. He was a member of the Regular Baptist Church , and preached occasionally. Mr. Gaston and his wife had a large family. He was a man highly esteemed by all who knew him. He died in 1823 and was buried in the Miles graveyard.
Mrs. Gaston died some years after, while with some relatives in Indiana . Their children were: Jared Gaston, married Sally Stivers.
Anson Gaston married Lucretia Holt.
William Gaston married Betsy Brine.
Jonathan Gaston's wife was Selusia Morton.
John Gaston was married twice; his first wife was Selusia Brine, and for his second wife Lydia Larue, who was born March 6th, 1806.
Her parents were Jacob Larue and Sally Gardner, who were married in the Block House at Marietta four or five years before Ohio became a State. Her grandfather, Abraham Larue, was a French Huguenot. Mrs. Lydia Gaston was married a second time, to Thomas Wood, who died in 1876, while Mrs. Wood continued to live in the old Gaston homestead until her death in 1893.
James Gaston married Mary Woodworth, in Canada.
Thomas Gaston, second, died when quite a young man.
Elijah Gaston married Samantha Woodworth and emigrated to the West. The daughters were: Hannah, Mrs. Joseph Richardson; Polly, Mrs. Joseph Skinner. All are dead, 1893, Roena.  
[Source: "The Pioneer history of Meigs County, Pub. by Berlin Printing Company, 1908]

Alonzo J Green
Is the son of Oliver H. and Margaret A. (Lasher) Green, and was born in Madison, Indiana, October 3, 1845. Coming to Gallipolis in 1876, where he is engaged as an attorney-at-law. His father is deceased. Mr. Green was city solicitor of Gallipolis, from April 1, 1879, to April 1, 1881. He was married to Sarah P. Parker, who is deceased, and by whom he had the following children: Norma P., born April 23, 1871; William O., March 2, 1873, died March 22, 1873. The second wife of Mr. Green is Julia C. Shaw, who was born in Salem, Meigs county, Ohio, November 29, 1852. Her children are: Lynn C., February 5, 1875; and Edna S., December 23, 1876. Her parents are Jaben and Elizabeth (McClure) Shaw. The father of Mr. Green was a soldier in the late war, a sergeant in the 13th Indiana Battery, and was killed at Hartsville, Tennessee, December 7, 1862. Alonzo J. Green was a private in the 13th Indiana Battery from December 16, 1861, to January 13, 1863; he then enlisted as a private in the 2d West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Company A, and was taken prisoner at Lynchburg, Virginia, June 17, 1864, and was confined at Andersonville Prison, Georgia, and discharged at Wheeling, June 30, 1865. The postoffice address of Mr. Green is Gallipolis, Gallia county, Ohio
. [SOURCE: History of Gallia County: Containing A Condensed History of the County; Biographical Sketches; General Statistics, Miscellaneous Matters, &c; James P. Averill; Hardesty & CO., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo. 1882.]

William H Grover
Is a farmer and stock-dealer, residing in Cheshire township, where he has a farm of 200 acres, ninety of which is coal. He was born in Essex county, Massachusetts, April 2, 1818, and came to this county from there in 1820. His parents are deceased. The first wife of Mr. Grover was Elizabeth Catherin Weekes, who was born in London, England, in 1812, and died in the fifty-fourth year of her age. She was mother of the following children: John R., born February 17, 1838, resides in this township; William B., in June, 1841, resides in this township; Mary M., in May, 1844, married and lives in Gallipolis; E. Catherine Price, March 26, 1847; Sophia E.. January 31, 1849, married to Dr. A. J. McCann, died May 31, 1880, of consumption; Thomas E. W., July 11, 1853, resides in Glenwood, West Virginia, where he is practicing medicine. The present wife of Mr. Grover is Sarah Williams, who was born in New Haven, Connecticut, September 13, 1833. They were married in Rutland township, Meigs county, January 23, 1867. They have had one child, Eliza, who is deceased. The parents of Mrs. Grover are Hezekiah P. and Eliza (Allen) Williams. They are both natives of Connecticut, both in 1802 and 1800 respectively, they came to this county in 1836. Mr. Grover had two sons in the late war. W. B. and J. R. served all through the service with much credit, and received their honorable discharge at its close. A brother of Mr. Grover died of measles while in the service of the government. The address of Mr. Grover is Kyger, Gallia county, Ohio.
[SOURCE: History of Gallia County: Containing A Condensed History of the County; Biographical Sketches; General Statistics, Miscellaneous Matters, &c; James P. Averill; Hardesty & CO., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo. 1882.]

Charles A Guthrie
Has an interesting genealogy. Previous to the revolutionary war, about 1705, three brothers named Robert, James and John Guthrie came to America from Scotland. John settled in Litchfield county, Connecticut. His third son, Joseph, was married in that county, in 1795, and moved to Newberry settlement, Washington county, Ohio, where they made their home in a block house. He died in 1808. By a marriage previous to this he had two sons, Abagail and Truman. The last named came to Ohio July 1, 1788, and in the fall of that year he returned to Connecticut, where he remained a year, returning to Ohio the next summer. On his route he stopped at Yohagany river, Pennsylvania, where he helped in the harvest, and received as part pay a peck of wheat, which he brought on the saddle behind him to Warmer, Washington, county, Ohio, on the Muskingum river, where he sowed it, covering it with a hoe, and from this seed sprang the first wheat grown in Ohio. He was married to Elizabeth stone in 1796, and Charles Lysander Guthrie, the father of the subject of this sketch, was one of his sons, there being a family of seven boys. Charles L. settled in Cheshire township in 1835. He was born September 16, 1806, and was married to Almira Dunham, who was born November 20, 1812. They are both still alive, and reside in this township. Charles A. Guthrie was born in Cheshire township April 15, 1840. He was behind the counter as a clerk, book-keeper and partner in a general supply store for fifteen years. He was also interested in a flouring mill. In 1871 he went to Nebraska on a prospecting tour, returning in about two months, when he bought and settled on a part of the old Lindsey homestead, situated on Story's run, three miles west of the Ohio river. He was married to Sarah Lindsey in this township, April 15, 1863. She is a native of the township, born June 23, 1842. They have the following children: Augustus Lindsey, born February 24, 1866; Almira, November 5, 1867, died November 5, 1872; Homer Hiram, June 3, 1874; Hannah Laura, March 18, 1878. Mr. Guthrie was a soldier in the war of 1861. He enlisted in Company D, 141st Ohio National Guards, and served three months. Mrs. Guthrie's half-brother, James Lindsey, was a member of the 116th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was killed by a shell at Lynchburg, Virginia, in 1865. He left a wife and three children. Mr. Guthrie is interested in stock-raising, beside his farming. His wife's parents are William and Hannah (Lewis) Lindsey. Her father was born July 19, 1793, and her mother March 6, 1798. They came to this county in 1838. The postoffice address of Mr. Guthrie is Middleport Meigs county, Ohio.
[SOURCE: History of Gallia County: Containing A Condensed History of the County; Biographical Sketches; General Statistics, Miscellaneous Matters, &c; James P. Averill; Hardesty & CO., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo. 1882.]





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