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Samuel Halliday
Settled in this county in 1818.  He was born at Auchencairn, Parish of Kerkmahoe, county Dumfries, Scotland, October 17, 1799, and died August 25, 1880.  He was a son of Alexander and Jean (Halliday) Halliday.  He was married twice.  His second wife, Jennie S., daughter of Thomas and Jean (McMaster) McKnight, was born in New Brunswick, British America, December 9, 1831, and was married to him in Salem township, Meigs county, Ohio, April 29, 1866.  Their only child, Anna J., was born January 6, 1868, and is at home.  His first wife, Eliza, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Wyatt) Parker, was born April 7, 1805, in Rutland township, Meigs county, Ohio, and was married to him in Meigs county, April 7, 1822.  She died February 18, 1861.  The following children are the result of this union:  Alexander W., born February 2, 1825, died August 24, 1830; William P., July 21, 1827, resides in Cairo, Illinois; Jane, January 29, 1830, resides in Cairo, Illinois; Samuel B., July 19, 1832, died December 1, 1868; Edwin W., May 11, 1836, lives in Cairo, Illinois; Eliza S., August 2, 1839, resides in St. Louis, Missouri; Henry L., March 7, 1842, lives in Cairo, Illinois; Thomas W., June 10, 1844, lives in Cairo, Illinois; Mar C., April 2, 1847, resides in Athens county, Ohio.  Mr. Halliday's second wife was formerly married to James E., son of Ruel and Seynthia (Rathburn) Braley, in Rutland township, Meigs county, Ohio.  He was born in the same place, December 10, 1828, and died April 4, 1864.  The following children are the result of this marriage:  Emma Braley, born October 31, 1848, resides in Fayette county, West Virginia; Willis M., October 29, 1851, died January 31, 1852; Willie, November 16, 1854, died August 10, 1872; Sarah A., January 13, 1857, died March 9, 1859; James E. and John B., July 22, 1861, reside in Gallia county, Ohio.  Mrs. Halliday's brother, William McKnight, served in the late war, enlisting as orderly sergeant, in 1862 in Company K of the Ohio Volunteer Cavalry.  He was soon promoted to first lieutenant, and afterwards (the captain of the company being killed in battle), was appointed captain.  While in command of his company he was killed at the battle of Scynthiana, Kentucky.  Mr. Halliday held the office of auditor in Meigs county, Ohio, for twenty-three years in succession.  His business was farming and teaching.  His widow, Jennie Halliday's address, is Rio Grande post office, Gallia county, Ohio.   . [SOURCE: History of Gallia County: Containing A Condensed History of the County; Biographical Sketches; General Statistics, Miscellaneous Matters, &c; James P. Averill; Hardesty & CO., Publishers, Chicago and Toledo. 1882 - Tr. by Anna Parks]

William Franklin Hannan
Is a native of Ohio township, born October 30, 1827. He is a son of Henry and Catherine M. (Madison) Hannan, who settled in this county in 1819. His father was born March 4, 1796, and died October 16, 1852. William F. Hannan was married in Gallipolis, May 4, 1857, to Matilda Caroline Grayman, who is a native of Meigs county, Ohio, born October 28, 1828. She is a daughter of Charles and Martha E. (Vanzandt) Grayum. Mr. Hannan has been township trustee for a number of years, and his father was one of the first to hold that office in the township. The children of Mr. Hannan are: Mary F., born March 3, 1858, resides in Ohio township; Emma J., July 30, 1860, resides at home; Flora E., March 24, 1863, resides at home; Laura K., March 6, 1865, resides at home. Mr. Hannan is a physician and is also engaged in farming. His postoffice address is Swan Creek, Gallia county, Ohio. [SOURCE: History of Gallia County: Containing A Condensed History of the County; Biographical Sketches; General Statistics, Miscellaneous Matters, &c; James P. Averill; Hardesty & CO., Publishers,Chicago and Toledo. 1882 - Tr. by Anna Parks]

Frederic Hysell

Frederic Hysell was a soldier of the Revolution and came from eastern Virginia to Ohio in 1805, to the lower part of Gallia county, but afterwards moved to Salisbury township, in what is known now as Middleport. He married Nancy Smith, and they had sons and daughters. Mr. Hysell died at a good old age, and his wife died in 1823.  Their children: Edward Hysell lived on a farm in Salisbury township. Catharine, Mrs. Jason Thomas, settled in lower Rutland township. Elizabeth, Mrs. George Hoppes, lived in Salisbury , near Bradbury. Margaret, Mrs. Anthony Hysell, lived on Thomas fork. Francis Hysell married Nancy Dodson and lived on a farm on Hysell run. Smith Hysell married Elizabeth Hunter and lived in Salisbury township. Owen Hysell married Sophia Archer and lived in Salisbury township. John C. Hysell moved into Rutland township on a farm on Hysell run. Mr. John C. Hysell enjoyed the confidence of his fellow citizens. He was township clerk seven years and served as justice of the peace for Salisbury eight years and for Rutland twelve years-twenty years entitled him to be Squire Hysell always. He was county commissioner one term, when the court house was built at Pomeroy, and superintended the same. He belonged to the Christian church in Rutland , and was an active, useful elder for many years. His wife was Miss Jane Bailey. Nancy Hysell, a daughter of Frederic Hysell, was married to Enoch Murray and lived on Thomas Fork. She died in 1892 or 1893.
James B. Hysell, of Middleport, was a son of John C. Hysell, a good citizen, held several responsible offices, was mayor of Middleport, trustee of the Meigs County Children's Home, and held other positions of honor. He died in 1906.
[Source: "The Pioneer history of Meigs County", Published by Berlin Printing Company, 1908]



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