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Thomas Amos
DIED. AMOS---In Rutland, Ohio, Nov. 14, Mr. Thomas Amos, aged 60 years.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: November 25, 1880 - Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel]

Wat. Athey
Wat. Athey, a young man well known in this vicinity, met with an accident on last Friday night which resulted in his death on Saturday morning. He had been drinking in town during the day and about midnight was on his way to Pomeroy. At the Dabney Furnace, by some means he fell into one of the salt grainers and was so badly scalded that the flesh fell from his limbs when he was assisted out of the boiling water by the watchman.--Middleport Herald. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, October 26, 1876 - Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

James Barclay

James Barclay, an old and well known citizen of Pomeroy, died from apoplexy, last week, at the age of 77 years.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, January 15, 1874 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

J. C. Beeson

J. C. Beeson, of Middleport, died last week of cancer of the tongue.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: November 25, 1880 - Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel]

Callie Black

Callie Black died 4-13-1947 she was the wife of John Black and mother of Burdell Black
[Submitted by Robert L Black]

Cynthia Black
Cynthia Black died 5-12-1940 she was the wife of William H Black, as well as grandmother of Burdell J Black
[Submitted by Robert L Black]

John Black
John Black died 12-16-1943 He was the son of William H Black and Cynthia Black and father of Burdell J Black. Grandson of Dan Black
[Submitted by Robert L Black]

William H Black
William H Black died 12-16-1916 William was a veteran of the civil war. He served in co. F 174th OVI. He was a resident of the Middleport area. His father was Dan Black to whom the village of Danville in Salem twp. was named after.
[Submitted by Robert L Black]

Mrs. Orinda W. Branch
Mrs. Orinda W. Branch died very suddenly in Middleport last week. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, December 18, 1873 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Jonathan Brine, Sr.
Mr. Jonathan Brine, Sr., formerly of Rutland, Meigs county, died at McArthur on the 3d inst., at the ripe old age of 78. For 15 years he was Recorder of Vinton county.[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, January 22, 1874 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Ami Condee

DIED. CONDEE---In Meigs county, on the 22d inst., in the 78th year of his age, Ami Condee.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, June 25, 1874 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Capt. James M. Cooper

DIED. COOPER---At his residence in Pageville, Meigs county, July 17, 1875, Capt. James M. Cooper, aged 64 years and five months. Mr. Cooper was born at Gallipolis, Ohio, February 22, 1811, became a resident of Meigs county, in the fall of 1824.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: July 29, 1875 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Nancy Downing

Mrs. Nancy Downing, relict of the late Franklin Downing, and mother of Mrs. George Womeldorff, of Middleport, died at the residence of the latter at 9 o'clock, Tuesday morning. Her disease was paralysis, from which she has been a sufferer about four years, and therefore her death has not been unexpected. Mrs. Downing has been a resident of Meigs county, over half a century, and of Middleport about twenty-nine years. Her age was sixty-five years.--Pomeroy Telegraph.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: January 13, 1876 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Mrs. Mary E. Dutton (nee Downing)

Mrs. Mary E., wife of Mr. A. S. Dutton, and daughter of Columbia Downing, died at Middleport last week.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, September 21, 1876 - Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Daniel Emerson
CLASS OF 1842 --
Son of Rev. Ralph Emerson, D.D. (professor of Ecclesiastical History in the Seminary from 1829 to 1853), and Eliza Rockwell; born in Norfolk, Conn., August 20, 1818; prepared for college at Phillips Academy, Andover; graduated at Western Reserve College, 1839; took the full course in this Seminary, 1839-42. He was licensed to preach by the Andover Association, meeting with Dr. Justin Edwards at Andover, April 12, 1842; preached at Newton Falls, Ohio, 1842-43; was ordained at Copley, Ohio, June 1, 1844; and was stated supply under the "Plan of Union"in Presbyterian churches at Copley, 1844-45; at Flat Rock (in the township of Brownstown), Mich., 1846-49; at Springfield, Mo., 1849-50; at West Ely, Mo., 1853. He taught at West Ely, 1851-52, and at Hannibal, Mo., 1854-55. He resided in Hannibal until 1857, removing then to Peninsula, Ohio. He taught one winter in the neighboring town of Northampton and was for a short time county agent of the American Bible Society, but owing to slender health had no professional charge. He wrote much for the local newspapers, and was for over twenty years superintendent of the Peninsula Cemetery, which he tastefully adorned with his own hands. From 1885 to the time of his death he resided in North Kingsville, Ohio.
Rev. E.J. Comings, of Peninsula, who officiated at his funeral, writes: "Flowers were his delight. He was a great lover of everything beautiful in nature, in art, and in human character."Rev. Dr. C.F. Thwing, president of Western Reserve University (Class of 1879), sends this tribute: "It is a privilege to recall the characteristics of this blessed man. It is seldom that one finds so much tenderness of heart joined with a nature so manly. There was also in him a keenness of discrimination that is born of a prolonged classical training. He had a breadth of sympathy, too, which should characterize every educated man. It was said of some one that 'he loved God and little children;' I may say of this brother that he loved God, his family, and his college."
Mr. Emerson was married, April 9, 1844, to Harriet Newell Wilcox, of Richfield, Ohio, daughter of Jeremiah Cullen Wilcox, M.D. and Lorena Amelia Bushnell. She died July 4, 1870. He married, second, September 4, 1877, Mrs. Harriet Newell Alford, daughter of Elijah Rockwell and Sarah Hall, and widow of Dr. Melancthon W. Alford, of Galesburg, Mich. She survives him. Of nine children, four died in childhood.
Mr. Emerson died of gastric fever, following the grip, at North Kingsbury, Ohio, December 6, 1893, aged seventy-five years.
[Source: Necrology … Andover Theological Seminary (1828 - 1865) transcribed by Kim Mohler]

Emma Emerson
Mrs. Emma Emerson, formerly Bradbury, returned to her old home in Middleport, from St. Joseph, Missouri, last Wednesday morning, in a very feeble state of health. She was accompanied by her husband and two small children, a babe having been left in care of friends at St. Joseph. She has been on a decline several months with a complication of difficulties, such as partial paralysis, consumption and dropsy, and was relieved of her suffering by the kind hand of death about four o'clock, Sunday morning last, at the residence of Mrs. McQuigg, her foster mother.--Pomeroy Telegraph.[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, January 13, 1876 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

James S. Grimes

DIED. GRIMES---In Rutland township, July 23d, of heart disease, Mr. James S. Grimes, aged 55 years.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: August 5, 1880 - Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel]

Samuel Halliday
Death of a Pioneer.
Mr. Samuel Halliday departed this life on Wednesday of last week, at his home in Springfield township, in the 82d year of his age. Mr. Halliday was one of the prominent citizens of this county, and had an extensive acquaintance. His remains were buried near Rutland. He was formerly Auditor of Meigs county.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, September 2, 1880 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Gertrude Haning
Mrs. Gertrude Haning, relict of Mr. James Haning, died at the residence of her son-in-law, John Ackley, Esq., near Athens, October 21, of lung fever, aged 81 years. She formerly resided in Scipio township, this county. She had lived in Athens and Meigs counties about seventy-five years. ---Pomeroy Telegraph. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, November 25, 1875 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Myron Hecox

Myron Hecox the son of Martin & Elmina Hitchcock died of injuries on August 10 1885. The Injuries were sustained while he was cutting the top out of a tree about twenty feet from the ground. The top fell contrary to his expectation knocking him from his elevation and crushing him to the ground. His remains were brought to Chester by Mr Leonard Schuler on Saturday evening and were followed to the grave on Sunday by a crowd of sympathetic friends and relatives. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Stewart, of the Presbyterian church. Our undertaker, J Roecher, said his word creditably. The relatives of the deceased have the sympathies of the entire community.
[Submitted By: Jim Langan]

Mrs. Conrod Heilman
The wife of Mr. Conrod Heilman died quite suddenly from heart disease, at her residence in the Second Ward, last Thursday. She had appeared to be in usual health the day previous, and almost up to the time of her death.---Pomeroy Telegraph.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, November 25, 1875 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Ardelia Hitchcock
Ardelia Bond Hitchcock widow of Quartus Hitchcock died 26 Feb. 1885
[Submitted By: Jim Langan]

Quartus Hitchcock
Quartus Hitchcock died at home 11 Sept, 1884
[Submitted By: Jim Langan]

Agness Holmes

DIED--At the residence of her son, in Middleport, Meigs county, O., on the 5th inst., Mrs. Agness Holmes, in the 80th year of her age. The deceased was a native of Augusta county, Virginia, but has resided for the last fourteen years in this State, and acquired many friends, also established a character for honesty, industry, and sobriety equalled by few and surpassed by none. She was a member of the Presbyterian church many years, and died in a firm belief of glorious immortality through the merits of a crucified Redeemer.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: December 26, 1850 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Pearl Hysell
Fatal Bite - Little Pearl, the 6 year old daughter of Mr. Anthony Hysell, of Meigs county, was bitten several weeks ago by a spider, and as a result the child is now dead. Every attention was given the little one, but blood poisoning stayed the skill of physicians and the little girl succumed (sic). The sympathy of entire community is extended to the bereaved parents. [The Weekly Register. (Point Pleasant, Va. [W. Va.]), 13 Aug. 1902]

William Hysell
Says the Pomeroy Telegraph:--William Hysell, aged about eighteen years, a son of Mr. Peter Hysell, who resides on Thomas' creek, near the old Fair Grounds, in this township, was instantly killed on Monday last, while grinding came, in a Sorghum mill. We hear that he tripped in some manner, and was precipitated forward upon the rolls while they were in motion, and that his head was instantly drawn between them and crushed to atoms.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, October 13, 1870 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Charles W. Knapp

DIED---Died of typhoid fever in Syracuse, Meigs co., Ohio, Charles W. Knapp, on the 29th of August, aged 32 years 10 months and 25 days. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his irreparable loss; their loss being his eternal gain, he was resigned, and departed in peace.
No terror has death or the grave
To those who believe in the Lord--
Who know the Redeemer can save,
And lean on the faith of his word;
While ashes to ashes and dust,
We give unto dust in our gloom,
The light of salvation we trust,
Which hangs like a lamp in the tomb.
[Pomeroy and Guyandotte papers please copy.]
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, September 27, 1855 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Martin Mack
Mysterious Disappearance.
One week ago last Friday Martin Mack, cigar manufacturer, left his home at Middleport and came to Gallipolis. Here he remained with his brother, Mr. Charles Mack until Saturday evening, when he started for the wharf, intending to go home on one of the little boats which start about seven o'clock. This was the last seen of him by his brother, and but little thought of the matter until last Monday, when a messenger came down from Middleport to find out what had become of Martin. This was the first intimation of his being missing. Mr. Charles Mack commenced making inquiries, and found that the last seen of his brother was at Durain's saloon at 11 o'clock Saturday night, he having missed the little boat in the evening.
It appears that Martin started about 11 o'clock for the Telegraph to go home, but the passenger list of that day does not contain his name. It is supposed that he was either accidentally drowned, or there was foul play, and the river made to hide the body. Two hats have been found, one near the wharf-boat, on the bank, the other close to the mouth of Chickamauga creek. Mr. Charles Mack thinks that one of the hats belonged to his brother. He also states that his brother had money on his person. If there has been foul play, money was the inducement. We would like to see this matter ferreted out, and cleared of the mysterious cloud which overhangs it.
The report, current Tuesday evening, that the body had been found in the river at Swan Creek, proved untrue.
["Gallipolis Journal", (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, May 13, 1875 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

Giving up its Dead.
On Wednesday afternoon of last week the body of Mr. Martin Mack, of Middleport, the gentleman of whom we made mention last week as missing, was found afloat in the bend of the river at Clipper Mill. Coroner Cromley was notified, and had the body brought up to the city for inquest. Quite an interest was felt in the examination, since so much rumor was in the air relative to foul play, and a number of persons were present at the inquest. The jury after a full examination of the body of the deceased, returned a verdict of accidental drowning. On his person were no marks of violence, although the left side of his face in the neighborhood of the eye bled somewhat. In his pockets were found $38.86, part in his pocket-book and part in his vest pocket. Revenue cigar stamps, bills of goods bought, and letters were found in his pockets. The body was taken to Middleport for interment.
["Gallipolis Journal", (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, May 20, 1875 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

Elizabeth Martin
Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, aged 78 years, died at Tupper's Plains, Meigs county, March 11th. She was one of the pioneers of that neighborhood. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, March 24, 1870 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Zachariah V. Mauck
Zachariah V. Mauck, son of James and Barbara Mauck, was born in Meigs Co., Oh., Feb. 27, 1852, and died at the residence of his parents in Cheshire, Aug. 29, 1880. His disease was consumption, with which he had been suffering for more than four years.
The deceased had a wide circle of acquaintance for so young a man, and it is felt that a fitting notice of his history will be of interest to many. Having spent five years in business in Gallipolis, he became known to many in all parts of the county, and his death called forth many expressions of sympathy and respect. He seems to have been one of those happy persons, who in making a new acquaintance always gain a steadfast friend, and whose death causes in the heart of every acquaintance a sense of personal bereavement.
His temper was serene and sweet and his quiet fortitude of mind so great that it undoubtedly enabled him for months to hold out against wasting and incurable disease. All that could be done for his recovery had been done. In 1876 he sought the help of the climate of Texas. In 1879 he went to New Orleans, but finding no relief, in a few weeks he went a second time to Texas. There for a time he improved, but a sick companion growing suddenly worse, he waited so closely by his side that his strength gave way, and he came home to have the care of friends while yet it could be given.
He was the last of three sons, the other two having died several years ago, and with sorrow made deeper by these previous bereavements, parents and sisters saw him day by day drawing nearer his end. As he had been the counselor and helper of the family when in health, so now he was their patient and cheerful companion. A few hours before his death he told his mother not to weep for him, as it was all well with him.
Those who knew him best loved him most. At the age of thirteen he joined the Freewill Baptist Church, of which he remained a member until death.
His funeral was preached from the text, "He being dead, yet speaketh," and then a large concourse attended his mortal remains to the cemetery near Cheshire, where they rest among those of kindred and friends.
JNO. M. DAVIS, Rio Grande, Sept. 10th, 1880.
[Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Eva L. Meek

Eva L. Meek, daughter of John and Flora Meek, was born November 23, 1872 near Chester, Ohio. Being united in marriage March 2, 1891 to Charles R. Stout, she became a loving companion and mother of nice children (five daughters, 4 sons), all which have survived her. Early in life she united with the Church and lived a Christian life, being a member of the M.E. Church, near her late home. Bearing her many years of illness with patience, death came July 7, 1936 at her home near Coolville, being at time of death 63 years, 7 months, and 24 days of age. The body goes back to the dust of the earth from whence it came and the spirit back to God who gave it to await Judgement Day. She leaves to mourn their loss- her husband, Charles R. Stout and nine children: Merle of Waverly, Virginia; Clyde of Columbus, OH; Earl of Richwood, OH; Mrs. Florence Gillian of Belpre, OH; Mrs. Nora Lake of Frost, OH; Mrs. Mary White of Hemlock Grove, OH; Mrs. Lula Dugan of Belpre, OH; and Mrs. Perie Shreve of Clarksburg, WV. She also leaves two brothers Milford of Breen, Colorado and Emory of Jacksonville, FL, eleven grandchildren and a host of other relatives.
[July 1936 - Submitted by Jamie Riggle]

Jacob Musser

Jacob Musser, Esq., of Rutland, Meigs county, was found dead in his bed. Heart disease.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, April 08, 1875 - Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Mary Nobles

DIED. NOBLES---In Rutland village, July 24th of paralysis, Mrs. Mary Nobles, wife of Ira Nobles, aged 55 years.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: August 5, 1880 - Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel]

Melzer Nye
[From the Middleport News.]
Death of Melzer Nye.
The deceased, Melzer Nye, whose sudden death we are called to mourn, was born in Warren township, Litchfield county, Connecticut, March 11th, A. D. 1785, where his parents continued to reside until he was about five years old, at which time they with family and goods loaded into wagons, drawn by oxen, started westward to find a home at a new settlement then commenced at Marietta, Ohio. They journeyed with teams until reaching the headwaters of the Ohio, where they built a rude boat, and continuing their journey thence by water, and in due course of time landed at Marietta, their destined home. The deceased remained with his father for some five years; about that time he returned to Marietta, where he lived for about five years, learning the silver smith's trade. Having an opportunity about this time, he went out with a party headed by B. Tupper, to survey public land, at or near New Lisbon, Columbiana county, Ohio, after which time he lived and worked with various persons, at or near Putnam, Ohio, until the year A. D. 1810. He was then married to Miss Phebe Sprague, and removed to a farm then owned by him in Fairfield county, (now Perry,) where he continued to reside for three years. November, A. D. 1826, he moved his family and goods in a flat-boat, landing at the mouth of Leading Creek, December of the same year and moved into the house now occupied by his son-in-law, Thomas Fesler, and took possession of the property purchased of the widow and heirs of Hamilton Kerr, where he continued to reside until his death, Nov. 7, A. D. 1873, aged eighty-eight years, seven months, and twenty-seven days. A day or two previous to his death, he went to visit his daughter Mrs. M. S. Titus; on Thursday he drove, in company with her, over to Rutland, meeting and talking with several old acquaintances; returning to her house, he spent a pleasant evening with the family, retired about nine o'clock in the evening, apparently in perfect health. About twelve, feeling unwell, he called his daughter, Mrs. Titus, who assisted him in getting up, when he walked out to the fire; at that time complaining of a pain about the heart. Immediately after sitting down in a chair, he closed his eyes in death. [Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, November 20, 1873 - Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Elizabeth Page
Mrs. Elizabeth Page, relict of Rev. Benjamin Page, and mother of Mr. W. H. B. Page, of Delaware, Ohio, died at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Orin Branch, in this city, yesterday, aged 92 years and upwards. She had been a sufferer for several years from a cancer in her face, which lately had distressed her greatly.---Pomeroy Telegraph.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, July 30, 1874 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Frederick Radford
Mr. Frederick Radford, an old and respected citizen of Chester township, Meigs county, died December 5, of heart disease, at the age of 76 years.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, December 17, 1874 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

William Rice
Mr. William Rice, one of the pioneers of Chester township, Meigs county, died on Friday last, at the ripe age of 76 years.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, September 3, 1874 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

J. D. Riggs
Mr. J. D. Riggs, of Dowington, Meigs county, was found dead in his stable last week. He was 63 years of age.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, December 18, 1873 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Phillip Schreiber
Mr. Phillip Schreiber, an old citizen and one of the prominent business men of Pomeroy, died on the 17th.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: December 24, 1874 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Mary M. Skinner
Mary M. Bing was born in Rutland, Meigs county, Ohio, October 5th, 1834; married Thomas Skinner in Rutland, Meigs county, Ohio, August 31st, 1856; removed to Lincoln county, Kansas, in the autumn of 1866. Mrs. S. was one of the pioneers of the West. A brave woman and good neighbor, a trusty friend, very widely respected, and deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing friends. She has left a husband and five children, four boys and one girl, to mourn her loss. She died in great peace on Monday morning, at 2 o'clock, March 9th, 1874. Funeral at their own house, Tuesday, 10th, attended by a numerous circle of sorrowing friends and neighbors. Funeral discourse by Rev. J. Medcraft, of Lincoln Center, Kansas.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, March 26, 1874 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

Carrie E. Smith
DIED. SMITH---In Middleport, November 16, Carrie E., daughter of L. O. Smith, printer, aged 11 years.
[Newspaper: Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, Date: November 25, 1880 - Submitters Name: Kathy McDaniel]

John Smith

Below we give the names of all Ohioans who have died on the Plains during the summer, as reporter at Fort Laramie. There are many deaths not reported, but it may be a melancholy gratification to friends and relatives to know of a certainty of the fate of those in whom their feelings are enlisted:  John Smith, Pomeroy, Meigs county, Ohio, died 30th May, 1850, 7 miles this side of Fort Kearney, aged 32 years, of cholera, leaving a wife and three children.
[Gallipolis journal (Gallipolis, Ohio), October 17, 1850 - KT, Sub by FoFG]

Randal Stivers
Randal Stivers, one of the early settlers of Meigs county, died at Pomeroy, Thursday, aged 85 years. He had served the county as Sheriff and Representative.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, November 25, 1875 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

John Strong
John Strong, of Columbia township, Meigs county, died of consumption on the 18th ult.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, November 04, 1875 - Sub. by Kathy McDaniel]

Mrs. Swallow
Mrs. Swallow, wife of W. M. Swallow, died at Middleport, last week, after an operation for ovarian tumor.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, January 20, 1876 - Sub by Kathy McDaniel]

Jonathan Tenny
Mr. Jonathan Tenny died very suddenly in Rutland, last week. He had been at work most of the day in apparently good health, and coming into the house late in the afternoon, laid down and immediately expired. He was buried at Kygerville, where he formerly resided.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, December 18, 1873 - Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Marrium Tilton
Mrs. Marrium Tilton was born in New Hampshire, in 1787, and moved with her father to Ohio, in 1800, and was married to Z. Tilton, in 1817, moved to Meigs county in 1837, moved to Gallia county in 1854 and died April 3d, 1870, in her eighty-fourth year. She had been a member of the M. E. Church from her youth up, and lived a Christian life. "We weep not as those who have no hope." JEMIMA SCHILLING.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, April 28, 1870 - Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Joseph Vining
Joseph Vining, for sixty years or more a resident of Meigs county, died in Rutland township, Meigs county, Ohio, on Wednesday of last week, in the 90th year of his age. He had been a licensed preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church for 50 years.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, March 31, 1870 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Elizabeth Welker
DIED. WELKER---At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. George Wallace, in Redford township, Meigs county, on the 25th of July, Mrs. Elizabeth Welker, aged 82 years. Mrs. W. was the mother of six sons who were in the Union army during the late war, all of whom returned home, and four of them, Silas, Samuel, William and Isaac, now live in this county.
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, August 6, 1874 Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]

Rev. John W. Young
Rev. John W. Young, one of the fathers in the Ohio Conference, died Dec. 7, 1879, near Gallipolis, O. He was born July 6, 1802, near Baltimore City, Md. In 1814 the family removed to Meigs co., O. A thirst for mental culture, in his 16th year he went to Charleston, W. Va., where he found better helps for gaining knowledge. When 18 he embraced religion and joined the Church. Because of the interest he manifested in the Church, as well as his own spiritual culture, he was soon called into official relation to the Church. In 1829 he was married to Miss Mary G. Shepard, the daughter of Methodist parents. This union was happily protracted a few days over fifty years. The first year of his married life was spent in Portsmouth, O., and he was here given license to exhort by Rev. I. C. Hunter. The following year he returned to Charleston , W. Va. The conviction that it was his duty to preach had been present with him for several years. At last the pressure was such that he was induced to yield, and at the session of the Ohio Conference, held in Springfield in 1835, he was received on trial. * * * * * * Brother Young's Christian life was a success. He succeeded in rearing and educating a Christian familhy. They revere his memory, and will illustrate the religion of their father. * * * * * * He had fondly hoped to be privileged to greet his conference associates at the session of 1879 in Gallipolis; but in this he was disappointed; his asthmatic troubles prevented him leaving his room. He evinced during the last days of his earthly pilgrimage the resignation of a child of God. Without a struggle or a sigh, when the time of his departure arrived, he passed to the home provided for him. J. M. TRIMBLE
[Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, Oh.) Thursday, February 26, 1880 - Sub. By Kathy McDaniel]


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