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We'll try and put these in loose alpha order, based on the surname of the first person mentioned in the story

From California.
J. C.
Rathburn, writing to the Meigs Co. Times, from California (Deer Creek Dry Diggings,) under date of May 19th, says:
Giles, Barlett, Stevens, Graham and myself went into partnership. We commenced two weeks ago, and have made $800 to the man clear of expenses. Some days more, some less. Day before yesterday we made $170 to the man---making nearly $900; and we used only one rocker. So you may know that our dirt is very rich. C. Giles washed out $125 in one panfull. This would appear to be a big yarn to Rutland boys, but it is nevertheless true. We wash from 4 to 10 inches of the bottom; it is full of gravel. Our prospect is still favorable for a week or two. By that time I think I will have my pile. My pile is what I can get between now and next fall. ["Gallipolis Journal", (Gallipolis, OH.) Thursday, July 25, 1850 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]


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