Mercer County, Ohio
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Anderson Cemetery 402608N 0844727W  
Bethel Cemetery      
Botkins Cemetery 402841N 0842847W  
Buck Cemetery 403542N 0843800W  
Burge Cemetery 402910N 0843225W  
Burntwood Cemetery 402942N 0843524W  
Cassella Cemetery 402422N 0843308W  
Catholic Cemetery 402847N 0843131W  
Coats Cemetery 404124N 0844448W  
Coil Cemetery 404032N 0843145W  
Coil Cemetery 404138N 0843240W  
Duck Creek Cemetery 404111N 0844706W  
East Bethel Cemetery 403917N 0844418W  
Ellis Cemetery 402859N 0843306W  
Fairview Cemetery 403630N 0843232W  
Fountain Chapel Cemetery 404009N 0844223W  
Friends Cemetery 403801N 0843848W  
Frisinger Cemetery 404249N 0843502W  
Fryer Cemetery 404130N 0843055W  
Goodwin Cemetery      
Green Mound Cemetery 402444N 0844728W  
Hamilton Bethel Cemetery 403924N 0842906W  
Hamilton Cemetery 403914N 0843142W  
Hankin Cemetery 403802N 0842923W  
Hussey Cemetery 404025N 0842830W  
Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery 403335N 0843433W  
Kessler Cemetery      
Landfair Cemetery 403549N 0844230W  
Liberty Cemetery 403639N 0844724W  
Liberty Cemetery 403801N 0844148W  
Live Oak Cemetery 403252N 0844445W  
Long Cemetery 402758N 0843042W  
Lutheran Cemetery 403216N 0844502W  
Macedon Cemetery 402846N 0844532W  
Maria Stein Convent Cemetery 402453N 0842838W  
Mendon Cemetery 404126N 0843050W  
Mercer Cemetery 403916N 0843456W  
Mercer Memory Gardens 403306N 0843620W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 404216N 0843627W  
Neptune Cemetery 403604N 0842906W  
North Grove Cemetery 403347N 0843422W  
Old Pioneer Cemetery 402439N 0844653W  
Oldtown Cemetery 403256N 0843056W  
Otterbein Cemetery 403920N 0843817W  
Palmer Cemetery 404025N 0843347W  
Petrie Cemetery 403233N 0843504W  
Pisgah Cemetery 402249N 0844653W  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 404342N 0844431W  
Precious Blood Cemetery 402635N 0842922W  
Riverside Cemetery 404151N 0843930W  
Roberts Cemetery 403642N 0843343W  
Roebuck Cemetery 403807N 0843242W  
Roebuck Cemetery 404131N 0843641W  
Saint Aloysious Catholic Cemetery 402609N 0843415W  
Saint Anthony Catholic Cemetery 403031N 0844711W  
Saint Elizabeth Cemetery 402843N 0843700W  
Saint Francis Catholic Cemetery 402334N 0843456W  
Saint Henry Catholic Cemetery 402448N 0843818W  
Saint Johns Catholic Cemetery 402430N 0842822W  
Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery 402539N 0844419W  
Saint Mary Cemetery 402426N 0844701W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 402139N 0843751W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 402713N 0843916W  
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery 4055227N 084.57301W  
Saint Pauls Catholic Cemetery 402201N 0844243W  
Saint Pauls Lutheran Cemetery 403722N 0844450W  
Saint Pauls United Church of Christ Cemetery 403639N 0844447W  
Saint Peters Catholic Cemetery 402704N 0844449W  
Saint Rose Catholic Cemetery 402423N 0843057W  
Saint Sebastian Catholic Cemetery 402637N 0843059W  
Saint Wendelin Catholic Cemetery 402354N 0844127W  
Sherer Cemetery 404036N 0843033W  
Shindeldecker Cemetery 404133N 0843719W  
Skeels Cemetery 403425N 0844701W  
Spring Hill Cemetery 402449N 0844750W  
State Line Cemetery 403140N 0844807W  
Swamp College Cemetery 403214N 0843931W  
Tomlinson Cemetery 404339N 0843304W  
Union Cemetery 403642N 0843603W  
Wabash Cemetery      
Zimerman Cemetery 404255N 0844233W  
Zion Cemetery 403801N 0844653W  


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