U.S. Military Reservations
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Be it enacted, etc,.

SECTION 1. That the consent of the state of Ohio is hereby given in accordance with the seventeenth clause, eighth section, of the first article of the constitution of the United States, to the acquisition of the United States, by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise, of any land in this state required for sites for custom houses, court houses, post offices, arsenals, or other public buildings whatever, or for any other purposes of the government.

SECTION 2. That exclusive jurisdiction in and over any land so acquired by the United States shall be, and the same is hereby, ceded to the United States, for all purposes except the service upon such sites of all civil and criminal process of the courts of this state; but the jurisdiction so ceded shall continue no longer than the said United States shall own such lands.

SECTION 3. The jurisdiction ceded shall not vest until the United States shall have acquired the title to the said lands by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise; and so long as the said lands shall remain property of the United States when acquired as aforesaid, and no longer, the same shall be and continue exempt or exonerated from all state, county, and municipal taxation, assessment or other charges which may be levied or imposed under the authority of the state. (Passed May 6, 1902. Laws of Ohio, 1902, p. 368)

This reservation is situated near Columbus, in Franklin County. It is a burial place of Confederate dead, and contains an area of 2 1/2 acres. The purchase was made under authority of an act of Congress approved February 25, 1879 (20 Stat., 321).

Title.-Deed from William J. Marshal et al., executors etc., dated April 23, 1879, conveying 2 1/2 acres of land. Recorded in volume 141, page 528, etc., of the deed records of Franklin County.

Jurisdiction.-See "General act of cession."


This lot is situated near Cincinnati, on the site formerly known as Camp Dennison, in Hamilton County, and contains an area of 0.628 of an acre.

Title.-Deed from Rebecca E. J. Kugler, dated June 3, 1869, conveying above tract. Recorded in book No. 428, page 297, of the deed records of Hamilton County.

Jurisdiction.-See "General act of cession."

This reservation is situated within the corporate limits of the city of Columbus, in Franklin County, and contains an area of about 70 acres, excluding the lands dedicated for street purposes. See G. O., 92, W. D., May 16, 1906, for metes and bounds.

Title.-Deed from Robert Neil and wife, dated February 17, 1863, conveying 77 acres 3 roods and 8 perches of land. Recorded in volume 76, page 572, etc., of the deed records of Franklin County.

Jurisdiction.-Ceded to the United States by an act of the State legislature, approved March 21, 1863, which reads as follows:

Whereas, The United States have appropriated money for the establishment of a national arsenal at Columbus, in the County of Franklin and state of Ohio, for the deposit and repair of arms and other munitions of war, and for other purposes of a public nature:

SECTION 1. Be it enacted, etc. , That jurisdiction of the lands and their appurtenances, that have been or may be purchased in said County of Franklin for the establishment of the aforesaid arsenal, be and is hereby ceded to the United States of America: Provided, however, That all civil and criminal process issued under the authority of the State of Ohio, or any officer thereof, may be executed on said lands and in the buildings that may be erected thereon, in the same way and manner as if jurisdiction had not been ceded as aforesaid.

SEC. 2. That the lands above described, with their appurtenances and all buildings and other property that may be thereon, shall forever hereafter be exempted from all state, county, and municipal taxation and assessment whatever, so long as the same shall remain the property of the United States of America.

See also "General act of cession."

This reservation is situated at Cleveland, and comprises two lots in the city cemetery.

Title.-Certificate of purchase from the city of Cleveland, dated September 25, 1868, conveying lots 59 and 60, in section 10, in Woodland Cemetery. Certificate No. 1262, signed by C. E. Hill, city, clerk, and recorded in his office, at said city of Cleveland.

Jurisdiction.-See "General act of cession."

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