Monroe County, Ohio
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Aaron Cemetery 395030N 0811736W  
Antioch Cemetery 393953N 0810409W  
Asbery Chapel Cemetery 394728N 0810035W  
Barber Cemetery 394353N 0811054W  
Beardmore Cemetery 394014N 0810802W  
Bethel Cemetery 394938N 0805441W  
Block Cemetery 394937N 0810944W  
Bracken Ridge Cemetery 394629N 0811547W  
Brister Cemetery 394931N 0811545W  
Brownsville Methodist Cemetery 393518N 0810501W  
Brownsville United Presbyterian Cemetery 393524N 0810512W  
Buchanon Presbyterian Cemetery 394604N 0811047W  
Bush Cemetery 395131N 0810812W  
Cain Cemetery 394621N 0805417W  
Calais Cemetery 395056N 0811630W  
Captina Cemetery 395053N 0805744W  
Case Cemetery 394735N 0805324W  
Chapel Hill Cemetery 394834N 0811529W  
Chapel Hill Methodist Cemetery 394413N 0805736W  
Clarington Cemetery 394712N 0805105W  
Conners Ridge Cemetery 394206N 0810940W  
Cooper Cemetery 394758N 0810714W  
County Home Cemetery 394650N 0810652W  
Creighton Ridge Cemetery 393946N 0811537W  
Danford Cemetery 394843N 0811813W  
Dougherty Cemetery 394036N 0810825W  
Drum Cemetery 394204N 0810828W  
East Sunsbury Cemetery 394911N 0810023W  
Eggar Cemetery 394802N 0811001W  
Emma Grove Cemetery 394017N 0805230W  
Fairview Cemetery 394250N 0810604W  
Fletcher Cemetery 394227N 0810236W  
Free Burial Ground 394959N 0811009W  
Friendship Cemetery 394533N 0811319W  
Fuchs Cemetery 394239N 0805716W  
German Cemetery 394836N 0811244W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 393528N 0810509W  
Gillespie Cemetery 394510N 0810325W  
Goudy Cemetery 394501N 0810236W  
Grandview Cemetery 394814N 0805749W  
Graysville Cemetery 394002N 0811027W  
Graysville Christian Church Cemetery 393949N 0811017W  
Greenbrier Cemetery 393826N 0810707W  
Grove Cemetery 394809N 0810306W  
Hannash Cemetery 395048N 0811808W  
Harmon Cemetery 395019N 0810218W  
Hartline Cemetery 394602N 0805648W  
Hartshorn Ridge Cemetery 394217N 0811302W  
Haythorn Cemetery 393753N 0810123W  
Hensel Cemetery 393531N 0810512W  
Henthorn Cemetery 393831N 0811157W  
Hershey Cemetery 394013N 0811422W  
Hines Chapel Cemetery 394132N 0811423W  
Hope Ridge Cemetery 394725N 0810724W  
Hopewell Cemetery 393452N 0811336W  
Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cemetery 394848N 0810457W  
Jericho Methodist Cemetery 393654N 0810631W  
Jerusalem Cemetery 395111N 0810537W  
Knowlton Cemetery 394107N 0811218W  
Kraft Cemetery 394321N 0805758W  
Laings Presbyterian Cemetery 394304N 0810042W  
Lamping Cemetery 393743N 0811118W  
Leiblig Cemetery 394702N 0805946W  
Lentz Cemetery 393857N 0810249W  
Lewisville German Lutheran Cemetery 394545N 0811306W  
Liberty Cemetery 393528N 0811552W  
Locust Grove Cemetery 393641N 0805926W  
Low Gap Cemetery 393627N 0810933W  
Mann Cemetery 393919N 0810900W  
Masterton Cemetery 393644N 0811629W  
McGrary Cemetery 394531N 0810747W  
McIntire Cemetery 394423N 0805702W  
McVay Cemetery 393840N 0811433W  
Mehrley Cemetery 393415N 0810041W  
Merrell Ridge Cemetery 393603N 0811135W  
Middle Church German Lutheran Cemetery 394807N 0811257W  
Miltonsburg Cemetery 394922N 0810947W  
Moffett Methodist Cemetery 394322N 0810552W  
Monahan Cemetery 394453N 0810113W  
Moose Ridge Cemetery 394435N 0810915W  
Mount Carrick Cemetery 394458N 0810313W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 393718N 0811306W  
Mount Moriah Cemetery 393928N 0805655W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 393920N 0805731W  
Mount Sinai Methodist Cemetery 394427N 0805332W  
Mount Union Cemetery 394201N 0805302W  
Mount Vernon Cemetery 394243N 0805148W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 394053N 0805432W  
Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery 394704N 0810248W  
Neptune Cemetery 395133N 0810953W  
New Hannibal Cemetery 394032N 0805217W  
Norris Cemetery 394353N 0810710W  
Oaklawn Cemetery 394559N 0810723W  
Old Case Cemetery 394737N 0805331W  
Old Otts Cemetery 394236N 0810235W  
Ollum Cemetery 394333N 0805147W  
Ozark Cemetery 394927N 0810452W  
Parker Cemetery 393907N 0805834W  
Pioneer Cemetery 394553N 0810702W  
Plainview Cemetery 394041N 0810623W  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 394430N 0805902W  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 393943N 0811226W  
Pontius Cemetery 394558N 0805628W  
Potts Cemetery 394532N 0810954W  
Quaker Cemetery 395028N 0810617W  
Rinard Mills Cemetery 393502N 0810924W  
Rings Mills Cemetery 393642N 0810716W  
Ruble Cemetery 395001N 0805608W  
Rutter Cemetery 394502N 0805500W  
Saint James Lutheran Cemetery 394427N 0805526W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 395036N 0805216W  
Saint Johns Methodist Cemetery 394006N 0805520W  
Saint Johns Roman Catholic Cemetery 395015N 0811031W  
Saint Pauls Evangelical Cemetery 393652N 0810209W  
Saint Sylvester Roman Catholic Cemetery 394523N 0810703W  
Salem-Morton Ridge Cemetery      
Salem Cemetery 394432N 0805445W  
Sardis Cemetery 393733N 0805454W  
Schell Cemetery 395006N 0811010W  
Scott Cemetery 393952N 0811241W  
Sloan Cemetery 394207N 0811148W  
Sloan Cemetery 395134N 0811032W  
Smith Cemetery 393629N 0811200W  
Southerland Methodist Cemetery 394341N 0811609W  
Stafford Cemetery 394246N 0811620W  
Swazey Methodist Cemetery 394558N 0811719W  
Sykes Cemetery 394441N 0805241W  
Unity Baptist Cemetery 393834N 0810302W  
Valley Cemetery 394447N 0810833W  
West Union Cemetery 393938N 0810044W  
Wilson Cemetery 395019N 0811113W  
Wise Cemetery 394631N 0811501W  
Witten Cemetery 393518N 0805832W  
Zesiger Cemetery 394527N 0805425W  
Zion Methodist Cemetery 394736N 0805544W  



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