Montgomery County, Ohio
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Source:  GNIS

Cemetery Name




Arlington Cemetery 395155N 0842547W  
Arnold Cemetery 394954N 0842214W  
Bachman Cemetery 395141N 0842736W  
Bear Creek Cemetery 394458N 0841826W  
Beavertown Cemetery 394153N 0840744W  
Beth Abraham Cemetery 394345N 0841131W  
Bethel Cemetery 395420N 0842159W  
Booher Cemetery 395226N 0841012W  
Brown Run Cemetery 393646N 0842732W  
Calvary Cemetery 394329N 0841216W  
Cassel Cemetery 395338N 0841021W  
Cedar Hill Cemetery 394751N 0842015W  
Centerville Cemetery 393751N 0840914W  
Clayton Cemetery 395152N 0842149W  
Compton Cemetery 395317N 0841046W  
Concord Cemetery 395136N 0841704W  
Cooks Cemetery 394753N 0840938W  
County Infirmary Cemetery 394418N 0841658W  
Creager Cemetery (historical) 394047N 0840943W  
Daniel Miller Cemetery (historical) 394557N 0841437W  
David Cemetery 394044N 0841011W  
Dayton Memorial Park 395055N 0841211W  
Dayton National Cemetery 394447N 0841553W  
Dille Cemetery 394814N 0840720W  
Dohner Cemetery 395456N 0842202W  
Dunker Church Cemetery 394933N 0841715W  
Dutch Cemetery 393805N 0842835W  
Ehrstine Cemetery 394949N 0841729W  
Ellerton Cemetery 394047N 0841837W  
Evergreen Cemetery 394028N 0841531W  
Eversole Cemetery 394534N 0842323W  
Fairview Cemetery 395233N 0841839W  
Farmersville Cemetery 394036N 0842529W  
Farmersville United Brethren Cemetery 394044N 0842545W  
Florence Cemetery 394858N 0841216W  
Forest Hills Cemetery 395513N 0841155W  
Forney Cemetery 394319N 0842022W  
Fort McKinley Cemetery 394751N 0841516W  
Frantz Cemetery 395047N 0842058W  
Friends Cemetery 395122N 0841333W  
Furnas Cemetery 395455N 0841546W  
Gebhart Church Cemetery 393756N 0841521W  
Germantown Cemetery 393735N 0842318W  
Greencastle Cemetery 394405N 0841338W  
Happy Corner Cemetery 395052N 0841826W  
Harshman Cemetery 394646N 0840703W  
Hay Cemetery 394730N 0842155W  
Herr Cemetery 395329N 0841923W  
Highland Memorial Cemetery 393845N 0841825W  
Hill Grove Cemetery 393819N 0841625W  
Himes Cemetery (historical) 394047N 0840939W  
Hisey Cemetery 394104N 0842845W  
Holderman Cemetery 394231N 0841542W  
Holp Cemetery 394204N 0842345W  
House of Jacob Cemetery 394846N 0840852W  
Jewish Cemetery 394428N 0841103W  
Johnson Cemetery 395048N 0841006W  
Kemp Cemetery 394544N 0840710W  
Kreider Cemetery 395029N 0842314W  
Landis Cemetery 394907N 0842352W  
Lower Miami Cemetery 394240N 0841639W  
McNelly Cemetery 394746N 0842246W  
Miamisburg Cemetery 393848N 0841637W  
Minnich Cemetery 395424N 0841911W  
Morgan Cemetery (historical) 394212N 0840625W  
Moyer Cemetery 393958N 0841659W  
Moyer Cemetery 394027N 0841823W  
Mullendore Cemetery      
Munger-Butt Cemetery      
Nicholas Cemetery 394233N 0841942W  
Old Centerville Cemetery 393811N 0840926W  
Old Greencastle Cemetery 394413N 0841252W  
Old Lutheran Cemetery 393738N 0842218W  
Phillipsburg Cemetery 395445N 0842351W  
Phillipsburg Christian Cemetery 395424N 0842408W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 394811N 0842251W  
Polk Grove Cemetery 395303N 0841614W  
Poplar Hill Cemetery 395231N 0841202W  
Pyrmont Cemetery 394857N 0842743W  
Reed Cemetery 395440N 0841108W  
Rehoboth Cemetery 393500N 0841001W  
Riverview Cemetery 394348N 0841127W  
Royal Oaks Memorial Gardens      
Schaeffer Cemetery 393746N 0842737W  
Sears Cemetery 393712N 0840823W  
Shearer Cemetery 395023N 0840717W  
Shiloh Cemetery 394909N 0841413W  
Slifer Cemetery 394158N 0842345W  
Soldier's Home Cemetery      
Stettler Cemetery 393718N 0841830W  
Swank Cemetery 395231N 0842307W  
Swartzel Cemetery 393624N 0842013W  
Trissel Cemetery 394410N 0842207W  
Troxel Cemetery 394018N 0841808W  
Turner Cemetery 394557N 0841744W  
University of Dayton Cemetery 394418N 0841024W  
Warner Cemetery 395328N 0842119W  
Washington Cemetery 393758N 0841223W  
Weaver Cemetery 394239N 0842127W  
West Memory Gardens Cemetery 394112N 0841810W  
Westmont Cemetery 394329N 0841443W  
Willow View Cemetery 394808N 0841055W  
Woodbourne Cemetery 393933N 0841023W  
Woodland Cemetery 394424N 0841018W  
Worman Cemetery 395259N 0842312W  
Zion Cemetery 394137N 0841242W  


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